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Impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict on BRI projects in Central & Eastern European countries

... treatment of its Muslim Uighur minority, describing it as a ‘crime against humanity’ and ‘genocide.’ With the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the dynamics of the whole European region have changed. As the CEE countries are situated in the vicinity of Ukraine, their governments perceive NATO, and by extension the US, as a key security guarantor. By providing support to Ukraine against Russia, the US has consolidated its position in the region. It has rallied the European governments to stay united against foreign forces, including Russia ...


Russia Envoy Says Biden Sanctions Backfire, Hurting U.S. Economy and Power

... warned that the sweeping sanctions campaign pursued by President Joe Biden and his allies has backfired, instead hurting the U.S.' economy and international prestige during a dangerous period of global instability. Moscow's ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, told Newsweek that "the situation in Ukraine is critically tense" nearly four months since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a war against the neighboring nation in the wake of failed security talks between the Kremlin and the West. Today, Antonov warned, "More and more ...


Ukraine’s losses are China’s gains

... Russian nuclear deterrent, making even a limited Western intervention unthinkable. China will be the main beneficiary of the Ukraine crisis. But this is not reflected in China’s political rhetoric which has been carefully calculated to avoid any major ... ... maintains that the territorial integrity and security interests of all parties need to be respected. China also maintains that NATO enlargement is partially responsible for the crisis. On the economic front, China has seized the major strategic opportunities ...


No Matter How Ukrainian Crisis Ends, China’s Arms Giants are Always Winners?

... April, the U.S. had stated that it will send an additional 800 million U.S. dollars in weapons, ammunition and other security assistance to Ukraine. The European Union recently announced that it would buy and deliver 450 million U.S. dollars of arms to Ukraine. According to rough estimates, the U.S. and NATO have sent 17,000 anti-tank weapons and 2,000 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, for instance.Source: Unsplash  So, arms industry across the globe is looking at the Russia-Ukraine conflict as the golden opportunity rather than a crisis. Chinese arms ...


Three Scenarios for the End of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

From personnel to propaganda and from strategy to statecraft, the two competing post-Soviet models are being put to the test. The outcome will have repercussions that go far beyond Europe The military confrontation between Russia and Ukraine is not an ethnic conflict: ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians are fighting on both sides of the frontline. And radical nationalism is not the main motivation for Ukrainian resistance—contrary to many of Moscow’s statements. Neither is it ...


Threading the Needle: Turkey’s East-West Balancing Act

... that Turkey is completely in the Western camp when it comes to the issue of Ukraine. Despite the arms shipments to Ukraine, Turkey still positions itself as an independent foreign policy actor in this situation. Turkey has separated itself from other NATO members as the only member state that has not placed economic sanctions on Russia. Turkey also is not providing military aid to Ukraine, hence their clarification that the drone shipments are sales, not aid. Moreover, Turkey has an ongoing high-level dialogue with Russia on issues such as the evacuation of cities and has expressed its willingness to mediate. Turkey has also hosted ...


We are at war with the West. The European security order is illegitimate

... 25 years people like myself have said that NATO expansion would lead to war. Putin said several times that if it came to Ukraine becoming a member of NATO, there would be no Ukraine anymore. In Bucharest in 2008 there was a plan of quick accession of Ukraine and Georgia to NATO. It was blocked by the efforts of Germany and France, but since that time Ukraine has been integrated into NATO. It was pumped up by weaponry and its troops were trained by NATO, their army getting stronger and stronger day by day. In addition we ...


War of European Integration

... for development — Russia itself, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Timofei Bordachev. Even if for Russia the events in Ukraine constitute a special military operation aimed at placing this territory in a state which does not pose a threat to its ... ... would probably be an oversimplification to believe that the European Union has now turned into an “economic department of NATO”, performing only auxiliary functions in relation to the bloc, which is the central instrument of US policy in the western ...


Russia cannot afford to lose, so we need a kind of a victory

A former adviser to the Kremlin explains how Russia views the *** in Ukraine, fears over Nato and China, and the fate of liberalism. A former presidential adviser to both Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, Sergey Karaganov is honorary chair of the Moscow think tank the Council for Foreign and Defence Policy. He is associated with a number ...


Russia-NATO International Expert Dialogue Meeting on Settlement of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

... the USA, and European NATO member-states On March 24, 2022, a regular online international expert dialog on Russia-NATO relations took place, bringing together experts, former diplomats and military, public leaders from Russia, the USA, and European NATO member-states. The organizers of the dialog on the Russian side included RAS Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies and RAS Institute of Europe. The meeting focused on the possible parameters of an agreement on the settlement of Russia-Ukraine conflict: the non-aligned status of Ukraine, the peculiarities of the Ukrainian model of sovereignty, the mechanisms for providing Ukraine with multilateral security guarantees, and the future of the armed forces of Ukraine. The discussion was ...


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