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Russia's Eastern Policy: Old Restrictions and New Conditions

... European states, the curtailment of investment, and a serious slowdown in international trade. Under these conditions, Russia really needs to develop ties with Asia, where only one state — Japan — occupies positions similar to the United States and its NATO allies. In 2022-2023, the scale of trade and economic relations between Russia and Asian countries has increased significantly, and Vladivostok has become one of the main “gates” of Russian goods to world markets. Moreover, in the context of ...


Michael von der Schulenburg: Yet Peace, not War, Should Be the EU’s Main Concern

.... It is unclear, Mr. von der Schulenburg suggests, what positive outcome can be achieved through an escalation, and it is certain that it will not bring peace to Europe. The conflict has evolved into what he believes is a struggle between Russia and NATO, with nuclear weapons becoming a critical factor in military planning. It is impossible to predict the limitations of such a “decisive battle,” beyond which a nuclear escalation might occur. In persisting with all-out warfare, European leaders,...


Why Russia cannot ‘sober up the West’ by using a nuclear bomb

... thermonuclear. Thus, it may turn out that the only way to avoid such a situation is to have a nuclear episode as a preventive measure, but just a local one. It is reasonable to ask here why an atomic attack on another nuclear-armed state or bloc [in this case NATO] would not quickly escalate into the same thermonuclear all-out war, i.e. an exchange of fire between Russia and the US? The whole system of relations in the nuclear sphere, as the theorists of deterrence point out, is based primarily on psychology,...


Is Poor Greece a NATO Charity?

... have left the country; the unemployment rate is high; and social services have been seriously eroded. Source: Reuters But Greece is now also a politico-military slave, barely responsible for its foreign policy, which is dictated by an Anglo-Saxon-led NATO. Not since the German appointed collaborationist government of 1941–1943 has there been such a wide gap between the people and their alleged leaders. Yet despite this, Greece has sent weapons to the Ukraine, and continues to do so. When the Ukrainian ...


The sun rises in the East: A plea for identity, nations and international understanding

... complementarity, which must be the guiding concept in the future. When the old departs and a new world order has not yet been established, the unstable “interim period” is unfortunately often associated with destruction, war and suffering. As it is now… A NATO war in Europe War is raging again in the middle of Europe. Who would have thought it would be reality again? Suddenly, NATO’s eastern flank is being rearmed and even expanded through the inclusion of new member states, as Finland and Sweden wait ...


Blinken Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong About Everything in Helsinki

There is no way Ukraine and NATO can “win” the military confrontation against Russia, and the best-case scenario they can project is tying down Russia in an endless conflict In welcoming Finland to NATO during a visit to Helsinki on June 2, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken ...


On a New Global Order and its Nuclear Dimension

... nuclear powers, and in the most sensitive geopolitical region of one of them. Until now, I considered such a dangerous development of the situation extremely unlikely, but today it is a reality fraught with a direct military clash between Russia and NATO. But the main thing is that the scenario you are asking about is not a matter of choice. The inability of the United States to achieve Russia’s defeat in Ukraine may create an incentive for one of the American allies to acquire nuclear weapons....


“Securitization of the Arctic” post Finland’s Accession to NATO

The world really needs to question is the very fundamental requirement and existence of “NATO” itself On 4 April 2023, Finland formally became the 31st country of the NATO security alliance. Western scholars argue that Finland’s joining has further strengthened the Western collective alliance that would enable a greater security framework ...


The Nordic Сountries: More Militarism and Confrontation Where Creativity, Security and Peace Were Eminently Possible

... What used to be called the Nordic balance—having different security profiles, taking each other’s basic interests into account but not forming a Nordic alliance with uniform policies—has been incrementally demolished in consequence of the U.S./NATO provocative expansion since 1990 that broke all the well-documented promises made at the time by the West’s leaders to Mikhail Gorbachev about not expanding NATO one inch eastwards if he accepted a re-unified Germany in NATO. The NATO-Russia deadlock ...


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