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Ukraine and NATO: Course Correction

Moscow has long since come to terms with Kyiv’s pro-Western turn Following an October meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Brussels, Ukraine expressed its desire to be included in the “Partnership Interoperability Initiative” (PII)[1]. This statement was not met with any active response from the Russian government — as Moscow has long since ...


The British Nuclear Trident

... infrastructure built in a very short order. The Concept The UK’s nuclear doctrine guarantees unacceptable damage to any aggressor and there is no doubt that the UK has the requisite capabilities. Nuclear weapons can be used independently or as part of NATO’s nuclear forces. Since 1994, it has been assumed that Tridents are de-targeted. Yet, retention of a certain ambiguity regarding, for instance, the first nuclear strike is considered rather useful in order to bolster deterrence. The order to ...


Stay Home and Prepare for Occupation

The title is self-explanatory—Russia is an aggressive state that has to be deterred Almost a year ago, the RAND Corporation published the report " Deterring Russian Aggression in the Baltic States Through Resilience ". The title is self-explanatory—Russia is ...


A South American NATO?

... consultative value, was born under the tutelary deities of Brazil and Venezuela in 2008, and its purpose was – in addition to the exchange of information and consultations in the defence field – to create joint commands [ 10 ], on the model of what NATO is in Western Europe. Not surprisingly, this project has also been named South American NATO . “The Brazilian initiative and the [...] creation of this South American Defense Council cannot be released from the proposal made by President Chavez ...


To Sequestrate, or Not to Sequestrate. The Impact of Covid-19 on Military Budgets

... already begun to reduce military spending during the ongoing crisis, for example, the Czech Republic envisages postponing the purchase of military equipment worth CZK 2.9 billion (about USD 120 million). Defense budget corrections are expected in other NATO countries as well. At the same time, Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg encouraged the member states not just to maintain but even increase their military spending. Potential effects of the current crisis on the stability and prospects of ...


Is France’s Nuclear Shield Big Enough to Cover All of Europe?

... signed and honoured the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). According to Hollande, the French Strategic Nuclear Forces contribute to the pan-European security, yet remain ‘sovereign:’ Paris will neither, as a matter of principle, be part of the NATO Nuclear Planning Group nor will it participate in the NATO’s Nuclear Sharing [ 1 ]. Notwithstanding European solidarity and the special nuclear cooperation that France enjoys with the United Kingdom, Hollande stressed that, “our [France’s] ...


Russia and China in the Arctic: Cooperation, Competition, and Consequences

... increasing rivalry between the United States and China. The U.S. government views Russia’s activity in the Arctic and China’s newfound presence in the region as a threat to the West. 1 Russia, in turn, has expressed concern about the growing U.S. and NATO military activity in Europe’s North and the adjacent seas. There is a sense of new Sino-American bipolarity in the air. The perception of Russia as China’s junior partner and potentially its tributary state is quite popular in the West. According ...


How the US Hybrid War on Russia Induces and Constrains Eurasian Integration

... gas and oil and access to capital and technology. Moreover, while the size of the Russian economy is at best 1/5 of the US economy, Russia’s military budget is only 1/10 of the US military budget, and 1/15 of the total military expenditure of the NATO countries. While the expenditure figures do not reflect military capabilities proportionately, they do suggest that Russia may not be a highly capable security provider for smaller states in a large-scale conflict with NATO. Despite the obvious limitations ...


Neutrality for the Black Sea Region Countries: Abstraction, Unattainable Goal or Effective Model?

... ideal. The sides differ on a multitude of issues, from the status of Crimea and the prospects for the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict to the territorial integrity of Georgia . At the same time, Turkey (which has the second-largest army in NATO in terms of manpower) does not blindly follow Washington’s lead on all matters. Especially when it comes to the “internationalization” of the Black Sea, which the United States, of course, sees as the strengthening of its positions. Moscow ...


12 Essential Steps in a Conceptual Dead End

... nuances determine the content of the relations between the two sides. Twelve Steps Toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region. Twelve Steps Toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region Put bluntly, these nuances are NATO and the European Union. Together, they form the Euro-Atlantic community, which unites most of the planet’s economically developed military powers. This contradiction was barely noticeable during the initial post-Soviet years when Russia was still ...


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