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The Russians Love Their Children Too

... irritation Kiev’s sabotage of the Minsk Agreements and the clear connivance of these actions by Berlin and Paris, Moscow cannot fail to notice what Vladimir Putin described as “the beginning of military reclamation of the Ukrainian territory” by NATO countries. That is, while Ukraine is not de jure in NATO and is unlikely to become a de facto full-fledged NATO member in the foreseeable future, the deployment of the alliance’s military infrastructure in Ukraine has already begun, which possibly ...


Russian Foreign Policy: Shifting Gears

Diplomacy is de facto paralyzed in Russia’s relations with Ukraine, NATO, the European Union’s leading powers such as Germany and France, and with the United States as far as Ukraine is concerned Not long ago, a popular Russian joke went: “Those who do not want to listen to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will have ...


Greece’s American Naïveté: Beware Americans Bearing Gifts

... Kapodistrias, de Gaulle or Putin to even begin to re-establish the balance. Common religious and historical ties are not enough.’Source: Reuters In line with the above and given recent developments, it now looks as though Greece is going all-out to be NATO’s anti-Russian Eastern Mediterranean cheerleader. The Truman Doctrine and the Greek junta’s pro-American foreign policy (1967 to 1974), have now returned with a vengeance. Behind this policy lie both Greece’s atavistic fear of a Turkish aggression ...


Russia and the EU Bear a Special Responsibility for the Security of Our Common European Continent

... while in 2100 it is expected to fall to 9,9%. It’s also important to take into account new trend of military planning. 5. We see scenarios when Europeans are intimidated with wild stories of a combined Sino-Russian threat. The strengthening of EU-NATO link puts at risk the neutral status of all the non-aligned non-NATO EU Member-States as well as keeps lowering the EU’s autonomy in military decision-making. The EU-NATO “military mobility” project, for instance, is intended to expedite relocation ...


The Revival of the Georgian Armaments and Defense Industry

... Military Scientific-Technical Center (DELTA), a governmental entity, was established in response to a growing awareness of Russia’s return to the international arena combined with a desire for autonomy from expensive foreign suppliers. From Soviet to NATO standards In the aftermath of the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Georgian economy collapsed, and the promising markets for tea, wine and spirits, mineral water, and military equipment went down with it. With the emergence of the new Russia, independent ...


The Turkish Gambit

... be a turning point. Ironically, as far as we can tell, it accidentally resulted from a series of concurrent, though unrelated events. Turkey’s armed forces are rather large and well-armed. The Turkish army is often claimed to be second largest in NATO after that of the United States; while this is true for overall numbers, it may not necessarily be so in terms of combat capabilities. The country is making quite a few efforts to advance the national military-industrial complex, increasingly striving ...


The Road Leading Nowhere

Lack of dialogue between Russia and NATO is fraught with risks that are too high for all the parties. These problems can surely be covered up and left to fester beneath the surface. For how long, though? A few days ago, Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General, announced the expulsion ...


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