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Can the Korean armistice of 1953 become a model for conflict settlement in Ukraine?

... was the case on the Korean Peninsula in 1953. Indeed, both conflicts are apparently very similar and can be defined as “proxy wars.” North Korea and China fought while having the Soviet Union behind them. Ukraine is backed by the United States, NATO, the European Union, and several other countries. However, this is where the similarities end and the major differences begin. First of all, the goals, pursued by the opposing sides in both conflicts are qualitatively different. By attacking the ...


Karabakh in Crisis: Toward a New Road of Life

... the once romanticized desires of Russia came crashing down on a mountain of ill-considered and unfortunate steps by Washington policymakers to assert “victory” over what it considered a “defeated” Cold War adversary. The decision to expand NATO to the east, a move opposed by even some of the most eminent of American foreign policy analysts, turned out to be the most unfortunate decision taken by the US in a series of unfortunate events. It was this background that ultimately set the stage ...


Old Cold War Type Relations Do Not Serve Japan

The future of Japan cannot be based only on its partnerships with the US and NATO, as important as this partnership is for Tokyo. This future also depends on Japan's relations to its Eurasian neighbors The recent international tour of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida turned out to be one of the most remarkable events of ...


Istanbul Terrorist Attack: What Awaits Turkey and its Neighbors?

... at least 50. And in January 2021, a car bombing in the same Afrin region claimed the lives of six civilians and wounded about 25 others. No one has taken responsibility for the attack, but Ankara blamed the YPG for the explosion. Neither Turkey’s NATO allies nor most EU countries, which included the PKK in their terrorist lists, had any doubts about its terrorist component. But Ankara’s partners have been less consistent with the PKK affiliates of the KCK. Washington has chosen the Syrian branch ...


Do We Have a Future?

... replaced by appinions. Aleksey Arbatov: The Ukrainian Crisis and Strategic Stability Tomorrow brings yesterday: we are heading for perpetual war, with the danger of the obliteration of most of humanity. Those of us who remember have only to recall how NATO, instead of disbanding, ignored Russia’s concerns and attempts at serious dialogue, expanded, and then illegally bombed Belgrade, ignoring the UN. That was not enough, as the West then destroyed Iraq (lying, into the bargain) and Libya, and tried ...


Russia-NATO International Expert Dialog Meeting on U.S. Strategy in Nuclear Sphere

On November 15, 2022, a regular online international expert dialog on Russia-NATO relations was held, bringing together experts, former diplomats and military, public leaders from Russia, the USA, and European NATO member-states On November 15, 2022, a regular online international expert dialog on Russia-NATO relations was held,...


G20: Does Multilateralism Have a Chance?

... facilitating compromise in the diplomatic field. Moreover, the beginning of this state of affairs happened much earlier, when the West freely interpreted the resolutions on Yugoslavia. This pushed that country to form separate, much weaker associations, and NATO ensured its further disaggregation by force. The reflections of that fire are still visible, as we know. The American masters only pointed out the need for Pristina to postpone the adoption of restrictive anti-Serb measures, but there is no doubt ...


Putin has proclaimed a new national idea for Russia as it abandons the dream of a Greater Europe

... as universal. This is an about-face not only from Gorbachev’s musings about a common European home, but also from Putin’s own travails in trying to forge a Greater Europe from Lisbon to Vlapostok, and his efforts to find a way for Russia to join NATO. A Greater Europe didn’t happen; a Greater Asia that includes Russia is de facto emerging. As to a Greater Russia, this requires more than a leader’s imagination. The Soviet Union, as the living generations remember it, was very much the product ...


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