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NATO’s Cypriot Trick

When the Soviet Union collapsed and the Warsaw Pact died, there was much speculation that NATO would consider itself redundant and either disappear or at least transmogrify into a less aggressive body.Source: sarav.netFailing that, Moscow at least felt assured that NATO would not include Germany, let alone expand eastwards. Even the NATO Review,...


A Tentative Step Back From the Abyss Reflects Sober Assessment of the Danger of Nuclear War

... shrill tone from the Biden team preceding his meeting with Russian President Putin on June 16, it seemed realistic that both sides were lowering expectations in pre-summit pronouncements. In the days before the summit, Biden met with G7 leaders and NATO officials to create an impression of a united front against the "threats" posed by Russia and China. His spokesmen repeatedly painted a picture of an "Alliance of Democratic States" prepared to confront "autocratic regimes",...


Advancing Strategic Stability in the Euro-Atlantic Region, 2021 and Beyond

..., with participants who reflect the diversity of the Euro-Atlantic region from the United States, Canada, Russia, and 15 European countries. Six Principles for Advancing Strategic Stability For decades, strategic stability between the United States, NATO, and the Soviet Union/Russia included a mutual recognition of vital interests, redlines, and the means to reduce the risks of accident or miscalculation leading to conflict, especially conflict escalating to the use of nuclear weapons. Today, however,...


Political Strategies in a Multi-Polar World. Where is European Union in All This Story?

... must, as this should redefine its goals and instruments to achieve them. 4. The European Union is weak on the international arena because it doesn’t have its own army. So, in terms of security, the EU depends on a relatively complicated relation with NATO, given that there are NATO member states which are not members of the European Union, such as Turkey, and EU states that are not NATO members, such as Finland or Cyprus. Moreover, as a coincidence (in which I don’t believe), the states from the ...


The Turkish Konrul: How Ankara Uses the Turkic Council to Re-Engage in Central Asia

... softer version of Islam that nevertheless shares the same religious beliefs. Opportunities and challenges of the Turkic Council Although it has ambitions, the Council remains a complementary alliance and cannot substitute for security organizations (NATO for Turkey and the CSTO for the Central Asian states). Moreover, while it strengthens economic partnerships, China remains the main actor in Central Asia, and it is not possible for the Council to become an alternative to establishing commercial ...


SWOT matrix of the Five Eyes in the Worldwide Intelligence Community

... which informed the interest of an agency in changing the existing cooperation format.However, the restriction of the cooperation to a limited number of new partners and the omission of other countries sharing similar interests during the Cold War (e.g. NATO member states) shows that the Five Eyes cooperation considers these five partners combined to be of equal or greater value than the Soviet competitor. Following the collapse of the USSR, and while focusing on the recent evolution of Five Eyes, we ...


UK–Russia Security Dialogue. European Security

... the prospect for a reset of the sort that was pursued between the US and Russia in 2009 seems, at present, dim. Given this environment, the focus of the current dialogue workshop was on how to reduce the chances for open military confrontation between NATO and Russia, especially in Europe, and on maintaining mutual engagement in the spheres where it is absolutely crucial. Andrey Krivorotov, Jennifer Cole, Klaus Dodds: The Coronavirus Pandemic: Global Challenges Requires Global Cooperation The UK’s ...


Replace Murderous Sanctions With Economic Reconstruction, Putin Gives A Lesson In Statecraft

As tensions increase dramatically due to the targeting of Russia, China and other nations which refuse to submit to the unipolar, "rules-based order" enforced by the U.S., U.K. and NATO, President Putin delivered a "stern warning", in his 17th annual State of the Nation address on April 21. While addressing Russian concerns over the state of the economy, his remarks were pointed regarding the strategic crisis stemming ...


Russia-Pakistan Relations: The Way Forward

... mounting tensions in the South China Sea, are significant events which are worth denoting our attention to.The formation of Quad—an alliance between America, Australia, India, and Japan to counter Russia and contain China—and the emergence of an Asian NATO is alarming for all nations who wish to maintain peace. India, a traditional ally of Russia, has joined the American camp and signed a series of defense agreements with the United States, making it India’s major defense partner, which has completely ...


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