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A stone that has to get out of age

Things change a lot. Permanence of the statuesque is beyond possibility. At least, Sindh is changing; if not Pakistan. Much has been discussed about the fall and gradually decline of Pakistan; however we have to watch calculatedly the every step of its decline. At least three new major scenarios and one old scenario have recently developed: i. Sindh Government ...


Beijing-Islamabad: Continued “All-Weather” Dialogue

On February 12, 2015 Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi paid a two-day visit to Islamabad . On the first day, he met with Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan's National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz, spoke at a press conference, and held talks with President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussein. On the second day, he held a detailed discussion with Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. Pakistan ...


Peshawar: Pakistani “Beslan”

... their attacks, terrorists are achieving their goal of spreading this feeling of impotence At about 10 o’clock in the morning local time on 16 December 2014, terrorists sieged a school in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial capital of Peshawar in Pakistan. At half past six that evening all four school buildings were cleared. More than 140 people were killed in the attack, most of them children, and another hundred or so were injured. About 500 people may have been present in the school at the ...


Countering the Shaitans

... someone who is determined to die from accomplishing his (or her) evil mission? No amount of passive protection can prevent this. Active protection means taking the fight to them, taking them out at their roots. Such terrorism as is currently practiced in Pakistan is impossible to perpetrate without foreign funding and logistical support. Foreign sponsors must be exposed. Interdicting the logistics behind terrorist hideouts, money, ammunition, supplies, uniforms, vehicles, and safe mobility through the ...


SAARC: Referee for India and Pakistan or Rival for ASEAN?

... Nepal’s capital Kathmandu hosted the 18th SAARC Summit. After three years without a meeting, this was a landmark event in the political environment in South Asia. However, traditional differences between the two regional leaders – India and Pakistan – nearly torpedoed the Summit. Should this multilateral organization be analyzed from the perspective of the complex India-Pakistan relations, or should it be considered a solid platform for solving economic problems in the region? Vyacheslav ...


Cautiousness in Afghanistan-Pakistan Partnership

In a recent meeting between President Asraf Ghani and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Afghanistan and Pakistan have reached over an understanding on the security cooperation, capacity building and mutual trade. This unexpected development exclusively includes the training of Afghan National Army by Pakistan Army. In so many manners, this out of blue development ...


Kashmir: A Volcano That’s About to Erupt?

Conflict in the mountains The meeting between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan that was scheduled for 25 August 2014 in Islamabad has been postponed at the request of New Delhi because of the situation around Kashmir. So far there is no new date for the consultations. The Kashmir problem may become aggravated again under ...


RIAC Launches Cooperation with Karachi Council on Foreign Relations

... International Affairs Council signed a cooperation agreement with the Karachi Council on Foreign Relations. The two think tanks are about to hold joint international conferences, roundtables and workshops, and lectures by visiting scholars in Russian and Pakistani universities, as well as to exchange research papers. RIAC is also planning to open a Pakistani blog on its website. Cooperation agreement between the Karachi Council on Foreign Relations and the Russian International Affairs Council


India-Pakistan Dialogue Modi-fied

... Narendra Modi of the nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made it clear on his very first day in office that he was willing to improve relations with Islamabad, something that would take a lot of political will given the long-standing tensions in India-Pakistan relations. In April 2014, people across India were anxiously awaiting general election results for Lok Sabha, the lower house of the country’s Parliament. This was the peak of the five-year political cycle, and was momentous in all respects,...


The role of foreign aid for development: US assistance to Pakistan and South Korea

Very similar starting points despite today’s differences Today, South Korea’s GDP per capita is more than 11 times higher than Pakistan’s. And the difference in human development is even stronger, as South Korea has extremely good scores for example in life expectancy and education and Pakistan’s scores are even low for its income level. Nonetheless, until the middle ...


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