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Waiting for the Intra-Afghan Dialogue to Begin

... do it. The thing is, if we do not see any real steps made in the intra-Afghan process, then the Americans will find it increasingly difficult to put on a happy face. This is what makes the joint call of the special representatives of Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan for foreign troops in Afghanistan to “withdraw in an orderly and responsible manner to ensure a smooth transition” published on May 18, 2020, particularly relevant. Both the government of Afghanistan and U.S. officials have made it clear ...


The Efficiency of German Contribution in the Afghan Peace Process

... Government, were excluded from the process, which opened Pandora’s Box. Moreover, the national interests and apprehensions of the regional countries were not taken serious, which in turn caused destabilization and gloominess in Afghanistan. Consequently, Pakistan and Iran who have been pursuing strategic depth in Afghanistan began to regroup, fund, train and outfit the Afghan government antagonists, which unfortunately incited a proxy war in the country. Source: The Second Bonn Conference Germany ...


Indian Elections 2019: Towards New Economic and Political Goals

... significant pillar, alternatively framing and shaping the potential contours of a futuristic Afghanistan, and in concert with Pakistan, which can bring certainly material, if not game-changing influence to bear, on ultimate transpiring. Hence, it’s a ... ... in the face of deepening ties with Washington. Russia was no less central to ironing out the creases that led to the P5+1 — Iran arrangement of the JCPOA, in that it had a protagonist-cum-superintendence role to dispose of, in the accord’s sequential ...


Prospects for Russia–China Cooperation in the Middle East

... and China may both be interested in gaining continental access to the Middle East using the territories and infrastructure of Iran and Iraq in order to strengthen their influence in the Arab Mashreq sub-region, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq.... ... with regional countries, becoming a key trading partner for them. What is more, the massive and strategically important China–Pakistan Economic Corridor leads right into the Middle East. All this notwithstanding, the United States remains the major external ...


South Asian Gas Market: It’s Time to Mount an Offensive

... weakening of ties with Russia, India’s political alignment with the United States will become irreversible. In this situation, Russian diplomats and energy sector representatives need to exert maximum efforts to bring together the interests of Russia, Iran, Pakistan and India with respect to joint gas projects. The establishment of a partnership in the gas sector, with Russia as the guarantor, would help improve the relationship between these four countries and reduce tensions in the region. Once Pakistan ...


RIAC at Strategic Vision Institute Conference in Pakistan on Security Issues in the Middle East

... Fauzia Nasreen, advisor at the Institute of Information Technology COMSATS; and Zulfiqar Khan, Head of the Department of Strategic and Nuclear Studies at the National Defence University; were the key speakers at the event. Mehdi Honardoost, Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan, was the honorary speaker of the third session. The session was moderated by Syed Muhammad Owais, former Secretary of Defence Production Ministry and Pakistan Board Member. The speakers of the third session included: Arif Kamal, former Ambassador ...


The United States of America needs to reiterate its global-police role

... Obama’s eight years of foreign and security policy that weakened US status as a global power, failure by the Trump administration to stand up for its interests and those of its allies reflects badly on the US, particularly regarding North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. A gap between words and deeds showing unwillingness, lack of determination, and lack of seriousness will further weaken the United States. The attempts by previous administrations to postpone dealing with security challenges prove that over ...


The Islamic State in Afghanistan: a Real Threat to the Region?

... Qom and Tehran. It should be noted that the new level of mediation by Iran has become an important factor for the increased involvement of Afghans in the fight against the Islamic State in the territory of Syria and Iraq, as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys great prestige and has at its disposal an arsenal of tools to project its influence in neighboring regions. In recent years, Tehran has acquired a reputation as an implacable and most persistent enemy of IS in the Islamic world. Paradoxically,...


Disappointment in Tashkent: Iran and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

... materialized. China had previously announced its support for Iran’s membership when President Xi Jinping visited the county in January, but in the run up to the summit this support evaporated. Beijing reportedly wanted to focus on the accession of Pakistan and India before turning to Iran. Other SCO countries did not even acknowledge discussing Iranian membership in their official statements. A summary of the summit’s proceedings released by the office of Uzbekistan’s president merely mentions that Foreign Minister Zarif ...


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