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Is Imran Khan Anti-American Or Pro-Pakistani?

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is among the world’s most talked-about politicians in the present day. He described his removal from office in early April through the opposition’s successful no-confidence motion against him as being a U.S.-orchestrated ...


Imran Becomes ‘Joker’ in Putin’s Operation in Ukraine

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, used Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, as a temporary scapegoat to deflect attention as he was about to launch what the Kremlin calls a “special operation” in Ukraine. The long-planned, two-day visit to Moscow of Islamabad’s head of government marked ...


The ‘Thousand Grains of Sand’ To Acquire Ukrainian Military Technology

... since 2007. Kharkiv has significant relevance for China, as it is home to Ukrainian enterprises dealing with defence technology including tank engines and other hardware. Besides, China supplies Ukrainian T-80UD engines to its ‘all-weather’ friend Pakistan, which are then used in Pakistani manufactured Al-Khalid-series tanks. Moreover, Sino-Pakistani VT-1A tanks use 6TD-2 engines also produced by the Kharkiv-based enterprise. However, some experts doubt whether Bejing alone is responsible for the ...


The New Cold War’s Evolving Strategic Dynamics in South Asia

... dynamics to the region, India’s attempt to multi-align between its traditional Russian partner and its new American one, and Afghanistan’s impending humanitarian crisis following the US’ withdrawal from the country a few months ago. China’s CPEC in Pakistan is an apolitical project that inadvertently triggered a security dilemma with India. India in turn doubled down on its commitment to the US-led Quad in an attempt to contain China. This complicated India’s traditional relations with Russia....


Russian and Pakistani Experts Compare Notes on the Situation in Afghanistan

On November 25, 2021, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) together with the Strategic Vision Institute (SVI, Pakistan) held a closed webinar “Current Turmoil in Afghanistan: Russia-Pakistan Potential Role” On November 25, 2021, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) together with the Strategic Vision Institute (SVI, Pakistan) held a closed webinar ...


Pakistan’s Opportunities

Pakistan’s ancient history of being a civilization at the crossroads is again opening and serving Pakistan a plethora of new opportunities Devastated Pakistan In 1971, Pakistan suffered a devastating defeat. East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) had rebelled ...


Russia and the Afghanistan conundrum

... affairs. Ethnic Tajiks make up more than a quarter of Afghanistan's population, but members of the Taliban predominantly belong to the biggest ethnic group, the Pashtuns. The other major voice that could be heard during those tensed days was that of Pakistan, which urged Tajikistan and the Taliban to back away from the conflict brewing on the border. In the aftermath of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan has tried to reinvigorate its grip on the fragile country. According to some reports,...


India — Pakistan and Russia — Ukraine: What if We Compare the Two?

... their neighborhoods, which complicates the stances Moscow and New Delhi take on the international stage all the more, diverting attention and resources as well as preventing them from settling into the global international community firm and steady. Pakistan has been a thorn in India’s side for a long time, while Ukraine has recently played a similar role for Russia. How far can we draw parallels between the India–Pakistan and Russia–Ukraine stand-offs? Are there any reasonable grounds to talk ...


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