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Russia and Pakistan in the Middle East: Approaches to Security in the Gulf

... directly from the region’s close geographic proximity to both Russia and Pakistan which in itself pre-dates the modern international system. These ties, when approached via a possible multilateral framework (such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), for instance), have immense potential in helping mediate existing tensions within the region. Both Russia and Pakistan, by drawing on their own bilateral relations with the Middle East’s major powers, can thus play a key role in arbitrating existing disputes and tensions, such as the ongoing rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia to help bring about greater ...


India and the SCO: A Vision for Expanding New Delhi’s Engagement

... particularly if the organisation morphs into an anti-U.S. grouping, yet the opportunity could be to leverage better ties with each big power to improve ties with others in this illustrative quadrilateral. Notably, India has improved its links will all SCO members, with the exception of Pakistan, in the last two years. This highlights the potential to reset great power relations with both Russia and China, with cooperation and not confrontation being the pivot of regional strategic orientation. Notably, the Wuhan spirit of cooperative ...


BRICS, SCO and Kashmir Terrorism

... declarations raises certain questions: To what degree is BRICS suitable as a platform for discussing anti-terrorist initiatives? And can breakthroughs in this area be achieved within BRICS? Dattesh Parulekar: BRICS Should Avoid Becoming an anti-US Group SCO and BRICS When India and Pakistan were admitted to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in June 2017, it seemed it would replace BRICS as the principal platform for discussing regional security issues. The SCO has several major advantages over BRICS in that regard: first,...


Bonus for the “Big Eight” in Qingdao: Some Thoughts on the SCO Summit

... Strategy until 2025 was an important political component of the summit, a matter of momentous importance for both the SCO itself and for its positioning on the world stage in its new and expanded composition. This was due to significant deepening of the SCO’s geopolitical dimension following the accession of India and Pakistan last year, whose leaders first took part in the organization’s activities at the Qingdao summit. As a result of the expansion, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation has become the world’s largest association, the global nature of which Russian ...


SCO: The Cornerstone Rejected by the Builders of a New Eurasia?

... scenarios for the further development of the SCO to be implemented. However, the expansion of the organization that followed two years later changed its prospects significantly, narrowing the once-ample scope of opportunities. By embracing India and Pakistan, the SCO passed an important point of no return in its institutional development. It is not about the expansion per se. Had the SCO accepted Mongolia, Turkmenistan and Belarus – or even Vietnam or a post-UN sanctions North Korea – as full members, for ...


Reflecting on Greater Eurasia and Its Role in the World

... officially financed Indian IDSA, wrote that “India joining the SCO has largely a symbolic meaning.” He adds that “there is lack of clarity about what it means for India in terms of any specific function and benefits.” China agreed to let India (and Pakistan) join the SCO because China itself now largely sees the SCO in symbolic terms. China, for a number of years, tried to get Russia to agree on a greater economic focus within the SCO. But Russia refused, and instead continued to push its idea of — in the words ...


SCO’s Council of Heads of Government (CHG) Summit: An analysis of Pakistan’s Representation

... connectivity through various means.During his comprehensive speech, PM Abbasi not only covered various spheres of SCO’s objectives but also elevated the position of Pakistan by expounding the future direction. Taking into account the whole mandate of SCO, he showed Pakistan’s resolve to make significant contributions to the mandate. Above all, terrorism, which is considered an imminent threat by all states alike and damaged Pakistan the most, was also abhorred and discouraged to be identified with any specific ...


Pakistan and Central Asian Republics

... exchanges of scholars, cultural representatives, and government officials to develop better mutual understanding and people-to-people contact. People-to-people contact is an effective instrument for the establishment of mutual relations. For that matter, Pakistan may offer scholarships to Central Asian students and professionals in expert fields.Islamabad must utilise regional and international forums such as SCO and ECO in order to gain trust and enhance economic and political cooperation. Each Central Asian republic should be given equal importance by Islamabad in terms of the development of friendly ties while addressing a multitude of irritants and challenges....


Pakistan’s SCO membership: success with liabilities

... propose different initiatives for Pakistan that will help it play critical regional and global role. Pakistan can advance itself in club by utilising those initiatives that may serve the region in terms of peace and prosperity. Expanding the role of SCO, Pakistan and member states may also work for peace in Afghanistan. In short, by securing the membership, Pakistan ascribed itself with greater responsibilities and it must be looking forward to fulfil these responsibilities with dedication, commitment ...


70th Anniversary of Russia-India Relations: New Horizons of Privileged Partnership: Report. Foreword from the Indian Side

... biggest power in Asia in every respect — the Indian economy is slated to surpass that of Japan in size by 2030 according to some projections — should be a much more integral part of Russia’s Asian strategy. The belief in some Russian quarters that Pakistan can be a participant in major SCO or BRICS infrastructure and other projects within the framework of the India-Russia strategic relationship is unlikely to find a positive echo in Indian thinking, given India’s seven decades of experience with Pakistan’s endemic hostility. Russia’s ...


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