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Escape from Responsibility: the U.S. Is Looking for a Way Out of Afghanistan

... country, including the structures of Eric Prince. The United States President's national security adviser, John Bolton, is also open to such an approach . The international dimension of the conflict In the context of ongoing negotiations between the Taliban and the United States, the vigilance of all parties involved in the Afghan conflict is growing. The attitude to the situation of Russia and China is particularly important. In a climate of the armed conflict between India and Pakistan, the effectiveness of the SCO is questioned. China remains committed to providing resources for the state reconstruction, as it was agreed between all parties . At the same time, Beijing is not interested in creating of “safe haven” for ...


Pakistan Will Appreciate Russia Playing a More Active Role in the Region

... Counter-Terrorism Authority of Pakistan RIAC Expert Tatyana Kanunnikova talks with Kh Khalid Farooq, expert in terrorism and former Head of National Counter-Terrorism Authority of Pakistan ( NACTA ), about improving the situation in Afghanistan, negotiations with Taliban, and the areas for Russia and Pakistan can cooperate in. On Feb 5–6, the Taliban political envoys met with Afghan political leaders in Moscow to discuss the peace process. The event was organized by the Afghan diaspora but representatives from Pakistan took part in this meeting ...


The Islamic State in Afghanistan: a Real Threat to the Region?

... Saad Yuri Barmin: Unislamic Ideology of the Islamic State Most of the Taliban warlords who swore allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2014-2015 were members of the Pakistani branch of the Taliban, namely the Taliban Movement of Pakistan (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, TTP). Nevertheless, the composition of IS supporters in the region is not confined only to Pakistani Pashtuns, who make up a significant part of the TTP members. The death of Mullah Omar and the premature death of his successor Mohammed Mansour ...


Where will the new Taliban leader lead his people?

... expressed support for the negotiation process taking place in Qatar. We can add to this the fact that Mullah Omar resisted the Taliban’s subjugation to Al-Qaeda and frequently disagreed with Osama bin Laden. Pragmatists oppose the so-called “Pakistan Taliban”, which continues to take a tough stance in its policies and seeks to overthrow the current Afghan regime of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. The struggle between the two sides will continue, contributing further to the split within the organization,...


Peshawar: Pakistani “Beslan”

... Pakistani armed forces, the terrorists were not planning on taking any hostages; their objective was to kill as many people as possible. Media reports confirm this, with more than 100 people being executed within the first two hours of the siege. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (Taliban Movement of Pakistan, TTP) have claimed responsibility for the attack. According to a TTP representative, the attackers were instructed to kill the older pupils. The reality, however, was that they killed indiscriminately. The school ...


Countering the Shaitans

... someone who is determined to die from accomplishing his (or her) evil mission? No amount of passive protection can prevent this. Active protection means taking the fight to them, taking them out at their roots. Such terrorism as is currently practiced in Pakistan is impossible to perpetrate without foreign funding and logistical support. Foreign sponsors must be exposed. Interdicting the logistics behind terrorist hideouts, money, ammunition, supplies, uniforms, vehicles, and safe mobility through the ...


Pakistan: Sharif Unlikely to Right the Sinking Ship

... and the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would give militants even more breathing room. The question is what they would do with it – lay down their arms, or expand their operations. The answer is that, while the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan emerged in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after 9/11 to wage against NATO forces in Afghanistan, they are not going to lay down their arms and submit to the authority of Pakistan’s government just because ...


NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan: problems and risks

... being easily disrupted, as it happened recently when the Taliban suddenly refused to continue the dialogue with the U.S. The Taliban does not seek to make decisions acceptable to Hamid Karzai and his Western partners, since the time is on their side. ... ... have to do is to outplay NATO in a battle of political attrition. Besides, these talks need to include one more participant – Pakistan, on whose efforts the outcome of the talks would largely depend. By the autumn 2011 already sour relations between the ...


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