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The Middle East: Impact of Afghanistan and Ukraine Crises on Key Regional Trends

Report No. 85 / 2023 Report No. 85 / 2023 The Taliban’s (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation) rise to power in Afghanistan in August 2021 and the conflict in Ukraine have both had an impact on regional trends in the Middle East. This report sheds light on the transformation ...


Russian-Chinese Strategic Cooperation to Ensure Security in Afghanistan Following U.S. Withdrawal

Report No. 80/2022 Report No. 80/2022 The report by RIAC and Peking University’s Institute for International and Strategic Studies on Russian-Chinese cooperation in ensuring security in Afghanistan provides a general assessment of the security situation in the country following the withdrawal of U.S. forces in August 2021. This report highlights Moscow and Beijing’s interests in supporting stability in Afghanistan, as well as the means of ensuring and protecting it. The authors analyze in detail...


Changes in Afghanistan: Regional and International Implications

Afghanistan is an issue on which China, Russia and the US can find common language The Taliban’s return to power has fundamentally changed the political environment of Afghanistan, both internally and externally. The internal leading forces inside Afghanistan have turned to be the Taliban instead of the political forces represented by ...


Kabul: Old Problems are New Challenges

The international community may benefit from Russia’s experience in promoting domestic consensus in Afghanistan It has been some three months since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, precipitously and without large-scale bloodshed. This came as a complete surprise for the global community—but for the Taliban just as well, although this was what they had long been striving for. Perhaps, this could ...


Afghanistan and Regional Security Problems

The value of any potential deal with the Taliban is apparently not entirely clear to Russia, China or any of the Central Asian countries The value of any potential deal with the Taliban is apparently not entirely clear to Russia, China or any of the Central Asian countries. As a rule, they ...


Afghanistan may face famine because of anti-Taliban sanctions

... the expert, statistics from recent years show that annual assistance to Afghanistan amounts to about five billion US dollars, but this sum is not enough to satisfy the needs of the country’s population Afghanistan may face a food crisis under the Taliban (outlawed in Russia) rule because this movement is under sanctions of both individual states and the United Nations, Andrei Kortunov, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council, told TASS on Monday. "A food crisis and famine ...


Afghanistan in the Grip of Sanctions

Restrictive measures against the Taliban now affect the country as a whole The fall of the Afghan government amid the withdrawal of American troops and the capture of most of Afghanistan by the Taliban raised a number of questions regarding international and unilateral sanctions. Since ...


Turkish Geopolitics and the Kabul Airport Saga

Having overcome the formerly heated rejections by the Taliban of its proposed role at the airport, Turkey portends the closer integration of Afghanistan into its familiar geopolitical agendas The Taliban’s ultimate agreement to a prominent Turkish security presence at Afghanistan’s only airport completes ...


The Fall of Kabul and the Balance of Power in Greater Eurasia

... short-term or strategic ones. The coming to power of a radical religious movement in Afghanistan in the mid-1990s prompted an attempt by the United States to consolidate its ability to determine the development of world politics. Then any actions of the Taliban on the sovereign territory of Afghanistan became a legitimate reason for international attention and, most often, condemnation. The military intervention of Western countries in Afghanistan received almost the same support as the international ...


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