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India and the SCO: A Vision for Expanding New Delhi’s Engagement

... every possible effort to not only strengthen regional cooperation but also utilise SCO summit meetings to cement bilateral engagements with SCO member states. Nevertheless, the challenges that need to be navigated, including the new equation of growing Russia-China-Pakistan triangular convergence of interests, remain on the horizon. This has seen even Russia — India’s traditional partner — adopt a more nuanced position on New Delhi’s key strategic concerns. With the stakes being high, deft diplomacy in an ...


India in the Era of Cyber Wars

....S. are India’s key adversaries in cyberspace. Pakistan’s capabilities for waging cyberwar are fairly limited: as a rule, Pakistani secret services either hack the websites of Indian agencies and companies connected with the government (such operations ... ... Ocean region; on the other hand, U.S. secret services continue to conduct cyber ops that threaten India’s national security. Russia is one of the few great powers that has interests in the region and does not attack India in cyberspace. This is due primarily ...


Indian Elections 2019: Towards New Economic and Political Goals

... premium on its ties with Russia, from the standpoint of Moscow emerging, though by no means on parity, but as a critical-mass bulwark to an overbearing Washington, in multiple sub-regional areas, from the AFPAK theatre to the Middle Eastern vector. The Russia-China axis constitutes a significant pillar, alternatively framing and shaping the potential contours of a futuristic Afghanistan, and in concert with Pakistan, which can bring certainly material, if not game-changing influence to bear, on ultimate transpiring. Hence, it’s a no-brainer that Modi’s New Delhi, which has prioritized its Central Asian foray and recognizes Russian facilitation towards ...


Meeting with President of Strategic Vision Institute (Pakistan)

On April 23, 2019, Dr.Zafar Iqbal Cheema, President of Strategic Vision, Pakistani research institute, visited Russian International Affairs Council. On April 23, 2019, Dr.Zafar Iqbal Cheema, President of Strategic Vision, Pakistani research institute, visited Russian International Affairs Council. The following issues were discussed in the course of the meeting: ...


Escape from Responsibility: the U.S. Is Looking for a Way Out of Afghanistan

... will receive an allowance from the federal government in the amount of 2.5 thousand dollars. ($7.5 billion in total). The adoption of the law by Congress is questionable, but it could be supported by both Republicans and Democrats. Kh Khalid Farooq: Pakistan Will Appreciate Russia Playing a More Active Role in the Region One of the most popular members of Congress Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez expressed her opinion about the Iraqi campaign relating to the use of American armed forces abroad: “all of Congress was wrong ...


Pakistan Will Appreciate Russia Playing a More Active Role in the Region

... decided in principle to reduce its active participation there. If appropriate security measures are not taken in the transitional period, the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan is going to have an impact on regional states neighbouring Afghanistan like Pakistan, Russia, China and Iran, etc. To achieve a better outcome, broader critical issues have to be addressed and satisfactory guarantees obtained. Posting of the UN-led peacekeeping force is one of the options. Moreover, many other issues like appropriate change ...


Prospects for Russia–China Cooperation in the Middle East

... development of diplomatic contacts and ensuring security in the Middle East. China, in turn, aims to develop economic ties with regional countries, becoming a key trading partner for them. What is more, the massive and strategically important China–Pakistan Economic Corridor leads right into the Middle East. All this notwithstanding, the United States remains the major external player in the region, where it has a robust military presence. Coordinated actions between Russia and China could have a positive effect on regional stability, with Moscow, Beijing and the countries of the Middle East carrying out joint projects while at the same time guaranteeing security. 1 . Cit. ex: Middle East Makes U.S. Nervous: How China ...


South Asian Gas Market: It’s Time to Mount an Offensive

... its gas exports from the influence of the United States and its regional opponents is pushing the country towards rapprochement with Russia. The two countries seemingly doomed to fight in the hydrocarbon market are in fact becoming strategic allies. Russia Pakistan, which has long been a loyal ally of the United States, has been drifting towards China over the past decade and may expect Beijing’s support in its stance against Washington. Russia recognizes the vulnerability of relying too heavily on Western ...


Bonus for the “Big Eight” in Qingdao: Some Thoughts on the SCO Summit

... a matter of momentous importance for both the SCO itself and for its positioning on the world stage in its new and expanded composition. This was due to significant deepening of the SCO’s geopolitical dimension following the accession of India and Pakistan last year, whose leaders first took part in the organization’s activities at the Qingdao summit. As a result of the expansion, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation has become the world’s largest association, the global nature of which Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to in an interview with the China Media Group on June 6, 2018. Against this background, the detailed Declaration adopted at the summit emphasized that the “Eight” had acquired a new dynamic and quality of ...


SCO: The Cornerstone Rejected by the Builders of a New Eurasia?

... being touted by the media and official figures of the participating countries as one of the most important international events of the year. All the more so because it will mark the first time that the six member states (China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan anthd Uzbekistan) are joined by India and Pakistan. Journalists and analysts were quick to point out that the participants account for a sizeable share of world’s population, territory, natural resources and economic potential. The impressive figures suggest that the SCO will inevitably become ...


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