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Two Worlds of Russia’s Foreign Policy

... of free movement of individuals and goods— all this, unthinkable only recently, amounts to a de facto blockade. Ivan Timofeev: A State as Civilisation and Political Theory Yet, the Western effort to completely isolate Russia has fallen far short. China and India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Iran and the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and South Africa, along with many others, have refused to join the U.S.-led sanctions coalition—no matter how some of them vote at the UN General Assembly. Moreover,...


On a New Global Order and its Nuclear Dimension

... the United States and the USSR, started. This order was maintained by their mutual nuclear deterrence in a politically and ideologically pided world. As a result of the efforts or with the help of the Soviet Union, in the countries of Eastern Europe, China and several other states, Communists parties came to power, and the global socialist system emerged. In the rest of the world, where the sole political, ideological, military and economic leadership of the United States was established, market relations ...


Voting Practices of Sub-Saharan States of Africa at the UN General Assembly: Latest Trends and Underlying Strategies

Working Paper No. 74 / 2023 Working Paper No. 74 / 2023 The working paper seeks to analyze constitutive voting patterns of Sub-Saharan states of Africa at the UN General Assembly. The methodology proposed in this paper offers an opportunity to explore this issue topic-wise as well as in a broader sense. The paper considers a number of indicators that help assess the involvement of the continent’s different countries in the voting processes, builds on the various types of strategic behavior in the...


RIAC and CICIR Discuss Current Trends in Russian-Chinese Relations

On May 24, 2023, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted a closed meeting of the Council's leadership and experts with representatives of China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) On May 24, 2023, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted a closed meeting of the Council's leadership and experts with representatives of China Institute of Contemporary International ...


Russia and Central Asia: A Great Peaceful Game

... ethnic composition, the Central Asian region cannot serve as a jumping-off point for the formation of states or their unions that would pose a danger to neighbouring powers. Here, first and foremost, we are talking about the interests of Russia and China, connected with the region by long common borders on both sides, where ethnically and religiously related people often live. Theoretically, the Central Asian countries could be considered by the West as an excellent territorial base for launching ...


The World May Become Interconnected

... are more than 150 countries that have joined the Belt and Road Initiative in the form of Memorandums of Understanding, and it is obviously totally voluntary. The countries that choose to do it, and the collaboration that occurs, for example, between China and these individual nations that are part of the Belt and Road Initiative, is voluntary. And China does not attempt to impose conditionalities about internal policies in those countries, but simply bases it on the idea of developing these kinds ...


What Is So Special about Beijing-Moscow Security Cooperation?

... in this role and predictably got a very warm reception in Moscow. Li had a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This trip attracted a lot of international attention, especially since it took place less than a month after a historic Russia-China summit in March of this year. Most of the Western media focused on the alleged China's supplies of the military hardware to Russia. Just a couple of days before Li 's trip to Moscow, a leaked US government document suggested that China had approved ...


BRICS-Plus: the New Force in Global Governance

... cooperation among the regional integration arrangements in which BRICS countries are members 1 . Some of Russia’s prominent scholars have noted both the possibilities as well as the challenges of implementing such a format, 2 as well as the leading role of China in the bloc in realizing its key initiatives. 3 Another strand of research has focused on the relationship between BRICS and G20 in the context of the evolving transformation of global governance. 4 Still, other theoretical studies have evaluated ...


Does Russia Have ‘Black Knights’?

... the countries that joined it against Great Britain. Earlier in the 18th century, France itself supplied weapons to the American rebels, bypassing the British blockade. During the Cold War, US sanctions often led to assistance from the Soviet Union. China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and many others received it in large volumes. After the end of the Cold War, the “black knights” seemed to have faded into the shadows. Not a single power directly challenged the United States and did not seek at ...


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