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Bengal Lights for the Belt and Road Initiative: Specifics of Bangladesh Policy

... with Beijing, New Delhi and Washington concurrently. However, amidst the ongoing tectonic shifts in the global political system and economy, excessive diversification of relations is likely to harm their efficiency. Ports open for all Zhao Huasheng: China-Russian Strategic Partnership: From Continental to Marine The internal political crises in Pakistan and Myanmar have somewhat halted China’s joint initiatives with these nations, including the improvement of transport infrastructure—motorways,...


Letter on China’s latest COVID-19 Policy

China has taken the initiative to refine its COVID-19 response measures Over the past three years, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc around the globe and posed enormous challenges to all countries including China. The Communist Party of China ...


China and Europe: What Was It? The Rise and Crumbling of the ‘16+1’ Format

... European regions. In particular, the possibilities of creating formats according to the “X + 1” model with the countries of Northern, Southern, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) were considered. The “star” of the “16+1” format as a mechanism for China’s cooperation with the CEE countries rose rapidly: in 2012, 11 EU countries joined it (Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania) plus five Balkan states. Greece joined in 2018–2019—given ...


The Chinese View of the World: Is a Non-Zero-Sum Game Possible?

The hope for a new type of international relations based on mutual benefit, unfortunately, is unlikely to materialise in the foreseeable future The People's Republic of China has appointed a new foreign minister. Qin Gang, a career diplomat who went through all the key stages of the PRC’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has become the head of the Foreign Ministry. His predecessor Wang Yi was appointed head of the Office ...


Andrew Korybko To Anita Inder Singh: Your Perception of The Ukrainian Conflict Is Flawed

... to grain from Russia, primarily to wheat…We must work together to resolve these problems so that sanctions are lifted on food products, in particular, grain, and fertiliser.” At the end of the paragraph that I just critiqued, she then describes China as Russia’s “strategic iron partner”, which I contest after what U.S. President Joe Biden drew attention to in September. He told CBS that “Thus far, there’s no indication [that China has] put forward weapons or other things that Russia ...


The Distributed World

... prospects for it morphing into something that is aligned with new times. Simply changing the “operator” as it happened in earlier centuries (for example, the United States taking over from Britain) will not help today. It just will not work. In theory, China should be the next nation at the helm, but there are several concurrent obstacles to that ever happening. First, the current leader is emphatically against giving up its top spot to Beijing, and the entire system under its control (primarily finance ...


Context and Practice of International Politics: Experience in 2022 and Expectations from 2023

... the international order should be. The practice of world politics is determined by the still-colossal resources of the United States and Western Europe, on the one hand, and by the obvious insufficiency of the forces that are their main opponents - China and Russia - insufficient for a real fight. As a result, if the objective factors in the development of international politics and the world economy speak in favour of the inevitable retreat of the former leaders to new positions, then the subjective ...


2022: End of the End of History

... system. The Soviet bloc dissolved itself. A significant part of it quickly integrated into NATO and the European Union. Other major world players began to organically integrate into the Western-centric world system long before the end of the Cold War. China retained a high level of sovereignty in terms of its internal structure, but quickly integrated into the capitalist economy, actively trading with the US, the EU and the rest of the world. At the same time, Beijing avoided promoting the socialist ...


Russian-Chinese Strategic Cooperation to Ensure Security in Afghanistan Following U.S. Withdrawal

... August 2021. This report highlights Moscow and Beijing’s interests in supporting stability in Afghanistan, as well as the means of ensuring and protecting it. The authors analyze in detail the opportunities and challenges that arise for Russia and China when cooperating in this region, as well as the impact of the U.S. and other external factors on Afghanistan. Authors: From Russia: Andrey Kortunov, Ph.D. in History (Head); Andrey Kazantsev, Doctor of Political Science; Mikhail Konarovsky, Ph....


Economic Corridor “China — Mongolia — Russia”: Infrastructure in Focus

... and to facilitate the import of necessary products, with a number of significant favorable factors at play. With logistical flows redirected, Russia’s interest in the opportunities of east-bound transport routes, including transit via Mongolia to China and on to other destinations in Asia, has dramatically increased. Alongside with the crucial infrastructure—the functional Trans-Mongolian Railway [ 1 ]—other potential transit links could be in high demand. Enhancing cross-border infrastructure ...


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    U.S. wants to deter Russia’s military and political activity  
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