Regional and Multilaterial Cooperation

The project aims to expand the positive relations between Russia and the Euro-Atlantic community, defuse existing tensions and identify new areas of cooperation that meet the interests of all participating states.
Aim of the project — analysis of the key problems in Russia-EU relations, possible ways of their resolution, the assessment of Russia-EU relations in political, economic and humanitarian areas, and elaboration of recommendations for their normalization and development; setting up a permanent network of Russian and EU think tanks within the framework of…
The project is designed to assess Russia’s interests in the Asia-Pacific, develop proposals for Russia’s efficient integration in the region, and yield a solution to the comprehensive issue of the development of Siberia and the Far East.
The aim of the project — elaboration of suggestions and recommendations by the international High-level Working Group for the building of Greater Europe until 2030.
Project goals: analyze the interests of the Middle East states in intra-regional cooperation and in cooperation with Russia and other global players; forecast medium- and long-term trends in the development of international relations system in the Middle East, and elaborate recommendations for government agencies and other organizations.
Aim of the project — to elaborate proposals for development of international cooperation in the Arctic, considering the priorities of the Arctic Council, in collaboration with research centers based in the countries of the Arctic region as well as in extra-regional countries.
Project goals: analyze the interests of Russia, the countries of the Middle East and the EU, Asian countries and the USA in the countries of the African continent; determine strategic approaches of Russia's foreign partners to cooperation with African countries; perform mid- and long-term forecasting of trends in the development of international relations…
Project goal: to analyze and develop recommendations on topical issues of foreign and security policy in the countries of the Mediterranean region and neighboring countries.
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