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This project is intended to improve the assessment and forecasting of security threats to Russia’s critical communications facilities and infrastructure.
In 2014 RIAC became the co-founder of the Valdai International Discussion Club. As part of the preparations for the Club’s annual meeting and its ongoing discussions the Council conducts its own research into issues concerning the creation of a world order and the role of Russia in this process.
Aim of the project — to analyze key global and regional migration trends; evaluate the risks for Russia and its international partners, elaborate proposals for relevant government departments as well as organisations dedicated to the development of international cooperation on the issue of migration.
The project is aimed at analyzing Russia’s current state, opportunities, risks, and prospects of participating in the international scientific and technical cooperation system, at drawing up medium- and long-term recommendations, and at bringing this issue to the attention of government bodies, the business world and scientific research organizations.
Aim of the project — сritical analysis of the existing forecasting practices and methods of forecasting and creating scenarios of the international environment dynamics. Elaboration of the short-term prognosis of the international environment based on RIAC’s projects and programmes. Designing methodology for the long-term prognosis, taking into account…
Aim of the project: Joint evaluation on the dialogue on cybersecurity by Russian and American experts. Analysis of overlapping interests and disagreements. To elaborate proposals for relevant government departments, involving business as well as as non-profit sector representatives in the dialogue.
Aims of the project — evaluation of risks associated with the nuclear threat and forecasting the changes in strategic stability; elaboration of recommendations for reducing nuclear threats by the international expert group.
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