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This project is intended to improve the assessment and forecasting of security threats to Russia’s critical communications facilities and infrastructure.
Project goals: develop practical recommendations to improve the mechanisms of internationalization of Russian science and education.
The Russian International Affairs Council continued its work with the Russian Science Foundation (RSF), organizing and supporting international expert evaluations of scientific and technical programs and projects submitted to the RSF for consideration.
Assessment of political risks and obstacles to nuclear infrastructure construction projects in particular states, as well as other activities related to the peaceful use of atomic energy.
Aim of the project — сritical analysis of the existing forecasting practices and methods of forecasting and creating scenarios of the international environment dynamics. Elaboration of the short-term prognosis of the international environment based on RIAC’s projects and programmes. Designing methodology for the long-term prognosis, taking into account…
The RIAC sanctions work involves preparing analytical materials, monitoring legislations of initiating and target countries, and keeping an eye on restrictive measures implemented, creating databases, working with the expert community in Russia and abroad, and developing educational programs.
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