Research Project

The project aims at developing proposals that could help Russia and France in formulating a new agenda for their bilateral relations.
The aim of the Project is to analyze the bilateral relations between Russia and Georgia at the present stage, i.e. studying the dynamics of political dialogue and economic cooperation between the two countries.
The project focuses on reviewing the current agenda of Russia-Italy relations in both political and economic spheres as well as on providing recommendations for promoting cooperation in science, education and culture and reinforcing the dialogue between the civil societies.
The initiative aims at developing concrete proposals for developing Russian-Greek cooperation in the short- and medium-term perspectives.
In 2014 RIAC became the co-founder of the Valdai International Discussion Club. As part of the preparations for the Club’s annual meeting and its ongoing discussions the Council conducts its own research into issues concerning the creation of a world order and the role of Russia in this process.
The project aims to provide a systemic review of Russian foreign policy resources in Central and Eastern Europe, including the development of a strategic position, methods and instruments for use in attaining Russia’s long-term and medium-term goals in the region.
Aim of the project — to elaborate recommendations for the development of Russia–Germany bilateral relations considering the changes taking place in the international arena, common challenges and interests. (Recommendations are interdisciplinary; representatives of the expert community, former and current government officials, business representatives…
Aim of the project — to analyze key global and regional migration trends; evaluate the risks for Russia and its international partners, elaborate proposals for relevant government departments as well as organisations dedicated to the development of international cooperation on the issue of migration.
Aim of the project — the study of political and economic dynamics in the countries of Central Asia: Kazachstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan with the consideration of Russia’s regional interests as well as those of her allies and partners.
The initiative aims at developing concrete proposals for developing Russia-Vietnam cooperation in the short- and medium-term perspectives.
The goal of the project is to review the current state of relations between Russia and Mexico and to work out recommendations for strengthening the bilateral cooperation.
The project is aimed at analyzing Russia’s current state, opportunities, risks, and prospects of participating in the international scientific and technical cooperation system, at drawing up medium- and long-term recommendations, and at bringing this issue to the attention of government bodies, the business world and scientific research organizations.
Project is aimed at the study of the region that includes Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Baltic countries, and Transcaucasia. Analysis of the internal political status quo in the countries of the region in question, their external political activity, their relations with Russia and other international actors. Territorial disputes in the region, Russia’s policy…
The project focuses on Russia’s strategic priorities in the region and the role of the state in the economy, politics and security of East Asia. The key topics are the strengthening of trade and investment cooperation with the countries of East Asia as well as Russia’s participation in the regional organisations and integration processes in the region…
Aims of the project — elaboration of effective mode of cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) and expert communities from the EEU Member States as well as external think tanks.
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