Project: Devising Mechanisms and Tools for Russia’s Science Diplomacy

Science Diplomacy has traditionally played a major role when it comes to the projection of soft power and influence by nations. While the concept of Science Diplomacy has only recently entered discourse, its practices have been effectively employed for a long time.

At present, Science Diplomacy bears increasing relevance, especially amid a number of new global challenges, geopolitical shifts and heightened tensions in international relations. Science Diplomacy is rather complex and ambiguous, both in theoretical tenets and in practical application.

The project seeks to account for a wide variety of Science Diplomacy tools, exploring the possibilities of their application and identifying the range of actors involved in this process, while taking into account the various modes of interaction between such actors through the lens of different approaches to what Science Diplomacy stands for.

The central objective of the project is to study Russian and foreign experience of using various Science Diplomacy tools to formulate proposals and recommendations for advancing Science Diplomacy in Russia in the context of today.

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Project Manager

Elena Karpinskaya

RIAC Director of Programs

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