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Three Ways Working With Russia Can Make the Middle East Safer

... an array of reasons to cooperate. The stakes here are high, because if Russia and the US opt not to work together, and the ticking time bomb that is the modern Middle East explodes, then the shockwave will undoubtedly be felt across the entire world. Turkey One of the main strategic threats that the US and Russia can cooperate to counter is the destabilising and increasingly assertive Turkey. Turkey has been a rogue player in the region for years. On the one hand, it is a fully-fledged NATO member ...


Talking Turkey With Greece: Turkey and Israel’s Marriage of Convenience

... military, overt and covert. Links between the countries’ external security services, Boss and Mossad, were close. Both countries ignored numerous UN resolutions. The most recent example of the scorned seeking the scorned is, or course, that of Israel and Turkey, who revived a military co-operation agreement in 1996, that goes back to the late Fifties. Again, both states are hardly a paragon of international virtue, supported only consistently by the USA and its strategic acolyte, Britain, but also by ...


Erdogan punches above his weight

... interest rate, doubled gold reserves and began to sell collaterals. Despite Erdogan’s monetary measures, Turkish quarterly Nominal GDP signifies price increase and inflation escalation. One has better find the root cause for the economic stagnation in Turkey, in precise sluggish economic developments have not been effected due to fiscal policy, rather Erdogan’s politically motivated foreign and interior ambitious policies. Erdogan’s imperialistic political ideology to ottomanize the world has had ...


RIAC and HSE Online Seminar «New Regional Dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean?»

... Higher School of Economics are holding an online seminar «New Regional Dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean?». The event will focus on the competitive and inclusive approaches to security in the Eastern Mediterranean, opportunities and limitations for Turkey's foreign policy activization, implications of the new US administration policy regarding the Eastern Mediterranean for the regional dynamics. Andrey Kortunov, Director General, Russian International Affairs Council, and Sergey Karaganov, Dean,...


The Energy Sector, Competition and Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

... Anna Manafova: Is the Eastern Mediterranean a New Competitor for Russia on the European Gas Markets? Transporting the gas to Europe demanded that Cyprus be involved. This once again raised the predictable issue of Cyprus and prompted a response from Turkey (which we believe to be somewhat belated). In the course of time, Israel succeeded in securing the support of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus. The latter two states need to be involved for two reasons: the Aphrodite deposit was discovered off the coast ...


Karabakh—A Delicate Matter

... and cultural monuments—both Christian Armenian and Islamic—would be restored and preserved under Russian protection. These would include the Dadivank and Amaras monasteries. Basel Haj Jasem: Will Moscow Lead a Historic Reconciliation Between Turkey and Armenia? The road to such a peace is certainly not easy, but Moscow understands that decisive steps must be taken to ensure (1) that any peace is lasting peace, (2) that its position as a regional arbiter is preserved, and (3) that a balance ...


There is no 'Russia-Turkey alliance'

Russians can deal with anyone on the basis of Realpolitik "There is no alliance between Russia and Turkey," Trenin told EUobserver. And Putin's ambition for ties with Erdoğan was limited to regional "Realpolitik", Trenin indicated. "Putin is keen on preserving a peaceful relationship with Turkey, a rising regional power, cooperating ...


Will Moscow Lead a Historic Reconciliation Between Turkey and Armenia?

... Azerbaijan, as well as the enclave of the Azerbaijani Nakhchivan region through the territory of Armenia. Nonetheless, this part of the agreement, in particular, remains incomplete, with the continued closure of the land borders between Armenia and Turkey. Michael Lambert: Russia and the Judgment of Solomon in Nagorno-Karabakh Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of Armenia, believes that abolishing the ban on transport links will completely change the logic of development in the region. In an interview ...


Syrian Idlib: What’s Next?

The situation in the province today and Russia’s role in settling conflicts In October 2020, as the media reported Russia’s Aerospace forces resuming their strikes against the local armed opposition, Turkey relocating its observation posts, and Syrian militants fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, the global community once again turned its attention to the events in Idlib. It is important to consider possible development scenarios in the light of both Idlib’s ...


Turkish and Russian Approaches to Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

... chessboard for international actors and has gained importance as a result of recently discovered natural gas resources The Eastern Mediterranean has been an important intersection of trade paths for thousands of years. The sea, which bordered The Coasts of Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, and the Levant, witnessed the rise of the first civilizations from the first look and witnessed the birth and fall of dozens of civilizations. From the built-in life, people have been looking for resources to live their lives. These ...


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