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Russia in the MENA Region amid the Ukrainian Crisis

... the West and a large part of the Israeli society to provide more support to Ukraine and to distance itself from Moscow. [ 6 ] This could result in Russian-Israeli relations becoming more bumpy and less predictable in future. Ilya Vedeneyev: Syria–Turkey Relations: A Road to Normalization Nonetheless, any deterioration of this relationship has its limitations, as Russia and Israel need each other—both in the MENA region and globally. The Russian-speaking diaspora in Israel is substantial, and ...


RIAC, IRAS, FPI and NBM Hold a Round Table “Cooperation between Russia, Iran, Turkey and Syria in the Context of the Regional Dynamics”

The goal of the round table was to discuss the dynamics of quadrilateral cooperation in the context of regional trends in the Middle East. The meeting was attended by leading experts from Russia, Iran, Turkey and Syria On October 18, 2023, a closed round table “Cooperation between Russia, Iran, Turkey and Syria in the Context of Regional Dynamics” was held. Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in cooperation with Institute for Iran & Eurasia ...


Statehood in the Middle East: In Search of New Models

... various areas. The messianic plans of the Biden administration to create an “alliance of democracies” in the Middle East seem unfeasible, too. Understanding this would make it much easier for Russia and the major regional players – Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia – to make their constructive contribution to the solution of global problems.


Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict: Last Chapter or More to Come?

... between three options: direct control from the center, self-determination of the autonomy and the integrity of the AzSSR. As a result, the intra-state conflict turned into an interstate confrontation involving various external actors (Russia, Iran, Turkey, the U.S. and the European Union). However, the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict had its own logic and dynamics. And it would be wrong to consider it only as one of the factors (albeit an important one) of the Soviet collapse. The appeal as of February ...


Syria–Turkey Relations: A Road to Normalization

... noting that the country became the greatest reseller of Russian gold in 2022. Russia’s gold exports to the Emirates in 2022 totaled 75.7 tons or $4.3 billion. Another important factor shaping the Middle East’s approach to international relations is Turkey’s foreign policy. Particularly important, is Turkey’s position on Syria prior to the presidential elections in May 2023, and the new aspects it has now acquired following the victory of incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Judging by the ...


Turkey – Pakistan Relations

Abstract Pakistan and Turkey are neighboring nations, with only Iran separating the two states. These two countries share a long history, steaming from Pakistan’s very establishment, when Indian Muslims were spiritually and morally supported by the Ottoman Empire’s caliph....


Erdogan has won, what can the world, and Russia, expect from him now?

The veteran leader knows Moscow well, and the Kremlin understands his agenda. But how will it play out this time? Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in the Turkish presidential election is supposed to mean there will be continuity in Ankara’s foreign policy. However, in this case, it applies not so much to the content as to the approach that will be taken: most probably constant manoeuvring in search of opportunities. As a result, those preferences can change quite dramatically as circumstances transform...


Does Russia Have ‘Black Knights’?

... mutual settlements. Indian business is also very cautious in dealing with Russian counterparties. The Indian market is important for Russia, but India itself, like China, can hardly be considered a “black knight” yet. The same can be said about Turkey. Trade volumes have showт significant growth. Turkey has become an important hub for the supply of goods to Russia by companies that have left the country, as well as for the re-export of Russian goods. Turkish banks experimented with the MIR ...


Syrian President’s Visit to Russia Amid the Changing Regional Environment

..., economy, etc.), which is indicative of the numerous issues on the Russian-Syrian agenda. Besides, the arrival of the Syrian president and his delegation coincided with technical talks between the deputy foreign ministers of Iran, Russia, Syria and Turkey, which were to have taken place on March 15-16 and were intended to pave the way for a meeting of the foreign ministers. The talks have been postponed for “a technical reason.”. Coincidentally or intentionally, Assad’s visit also concurred ...


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