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Can Moscow and London Find a Way forward on the NPT?

The European Leadership Network Report The European Leadership Network Report The UK and Russia hold pivotal roles within the Non-Proliferation Treaty regime and share a common interest in its preservation and longevity. This report offers a set of recommendations on how the UK and Russia could display leadership, create opportunities, and positively shape the 2020 Review Conference and advance the NPT agenda beyond RevCon. The recommendations in this report are the result of the European Leadership...


Not-so-Nuclear War

... stability and flexibility to its regional (not strategic!) nuclear deterrence. The idea is that the number of such missiles will be limited, because they are intended for fairly specific purposes. The U.S. military had long sought permission for low-yield nuclear weapons from the White House, arguing that the president was only limited to high-yield weapons as a last resort and that “interim” response options would come handy in certain scenarios. These were eventually termed “tailored” nuclear ...


Marc Finaud: The Prohibition of Intermediate-Range Missiles Is Still Needed in Europe

... is now also a Swiss citizen. List of publications at GCSP website . How do you assess the threat of nuclear terrorism? What forms of nuclear terrorism would you highlight? Marc Finaud Nuclear terrorism, defined as the detonation of one or several nuclear weapons by a terrorist or a terrorist group, is generally considered as a low-probability but high-impact risk. However, the use by terrorists of a radiological dispersal device (or “dirty bomb” - as if nuclear ones were “clean”) to spread ...


How to Address the Russian Post-INF Initiatives

The best possible next step for European countries would be to try to reach out, formally or informally, to Russia to clarify the technical parameters of the proposed moratorium The Russian moratorium proposal On 2 nd February 2019, when the United States announced that it intended to withdraw from the INF Treaty on 2 nd August, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with ministers Shoigu and Lavrov to discuss the possible weapons that might be developed in response, and framed a ‘formula’...


Aleksey Arbatov: Talks on a Future START Should Have Been Launched Yesterday

... respect to prolong the Treaty, but this is no guarantee in the current situation. As regards weapons systems threatening strategic stability, what do you think is their hierarchy now? How significant is the effect of anti-missile systems, long-range non-nuclear weapons, anti-satellite weapons? Regarding anti-missile defence, its effect is certainly greater than it was 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago. The Treaty was concluded in 1972, nearly 50 years ago. It remained in force for 30 years, and anti-missile systems ...


The Second or Third Nuclear Age, Hermann Kahn´s escalation ladder and chess

... as they have been influenced by advances in the cognitive sciences, to include prospect theory. Their paper also includes an analysis of the implications for U.S. interests, with an emphasis on preserving the seventy-one-year tradition of non-use of nuclear weapons (since their only use in 1945), also known as the “nuclear taboo.” The existing and prospective challenges posed by the Second Nuclear Age, as reflected in these scenarios, are sobering. If the United States seeks to preserve the nuclear ...


Richard Weitz: Even If New START Is Extended, Strategic Arms Control Will Die Unless China Is Involved in New Treaties

... better. The problem with the New START Treaty is that it limits just Russia and the U.S., though Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine are technically included as they inherited some of the Soviet arsenals. In the past, the Russian government said that other (nuclear weapons states) should participate in these treaties. The New START Treaty, like its earlier versions, focuses on long-range nuclear arm missiles and bombers. A new type of strategic arms control treaty could limit additional types of weapons,...


RIAC and ELN Discuss Forms of Russia-UK Dialogue on Nuclear Safety Issues

... Russia and the United Kingdom discussed possible forms of dialog between Russia and the United Kingdom on nuclear issues in the group of nuclear powers in the context of the 2020 NPT Conference. Dmitry Stefanovich, RIAC Expert, an independent expert in nuclear weapons and non-proliferation, spoke at a seminar session and presented RIAC research and analytical materials on nuclear issues. Based on the results of the workshop, in early 2020 a report with recommendations for the ministries and departments ...


A New Era of Arms Control: Myths, Realities and Options

... This ideology—like any other—is based on an agglomeration of different myths about the past, present, and future of strategic relations between the nuclear powers. One of them (which may be called “nuclear revanchism”) is that following major nuclear weapons reductions during the last thirty years, their use would no longer be a worldwide catastrophe, so a nuclear war can now be waged and won. Moreover, it is claimed that the limited and selective use of nuclear weapons through integrated ...


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