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The World after START

... change, with the fight against terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking, illegal migration, etc., taking priority. In this climate, the international community was extremely critical of India and Pakistan when it emerged that they had developed their own nuclear weapons. Still, no one thought to take any steps to prevent them from doing so. The only way to explain this is that the development of nuclear weapons in these countries, while a direct violation of the non-proliferation regime, is perceived ...


Is Non-Nuclear Deterrence Possible?

... quantitative growth in the field of modern, advanced weapons and military equipment. Meanwhile, for diplomats, the presence of such a concept in the “military lexicon” allows it to be used as an argument against the insinuation that the threshold for using nuclear weapons is lower, and that its role in Russian military thought is not as important as it once was. Based on the comments made publicly by leading Ministry of Defence officials, and of the General Staff in particular, we can ascertain that “non-nuclear ...


Expert Opinions on Russia’s Basic Nuclear Deterrence Principles

June 2020 will go down in the history of Russia’s approaches to nuclear deterrence and nuclear weapons in general June 2020 will go down in the history of Russia’s approaches to nuclear deterrence and nuclear weapons in general. This is largely connected with the unprecedented release of the document Basic Principles of State Policy ...


The British Nuclear Trident

... while Mk refers to reentry bodies) and directly mentioned cooperation with the UK. This came as news to the British expert community, especially since the UK’s Ministry of Defence is mandated to notify the Parliament about any plans to develop new nuclear weapons. Giving credit where it is due, a relevant public statement was made very promptly. Alexander Yermakov: Is France’s Nuclear Shield Big Enough to Cover All of Europe? Certainly, debates around the term “new” when it comes to nuclear ...


Is France’s Nuclear Shield Big Enough to Cover All of Europe?

... reminding his fellow countrymen that the world is still full of threats and that, despite the commitment to nuclear disarmament (someday, like other powers), it was vital to “keep the powder dry.” The President reiterated the promise to not use nuclear weapons against those countries that had signed and honoured the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). According to Hollande, the French Strategic Nuclear Forces contribute to the pan-European security, yet remain ‘sovereign:’ Paris will ...


Hypersonic Weapons and Arms Control

New weapons can have both stabilizing and destabilizing effects Development of new technologies and weaponization of those is a feature of human history. Today we face new threats, but new weapons can have both stabilizing and destabilizing effects. Hypersonic missiles is one of the most popular topics, but the quality of the debate can and must be improved. Why all the ‘hyperhype’? Over the last few years, there has been quite an effort to educate the public about the hypersonic weapons. Some...


Can Moscow and London Find a Way forward on the NPT?

The European Leadership Network Report The European Leadership Network Report The UK and Russia hold pivotal roles within the Non-Proliferation Treaty regime and share a common interest in its preservation and longevity. This report offers a set of recommendations on how the UK and Russia could display leadership, create opportunities, and positively shape the 2020 Review Conference and advance the NPT agenda beyond RevCon. The recommendations in this report are the result of the European Leadership...


Not-so-Nuclear War

... stability and flexibility to its regional (not strategic!) nuclear deterrence. The idea is that the number of such missiles will be limited, because they are intended for fairly specific purposes. The U.S. military had long sought permission for low-yield nuclear weapons from the White House, arguing that the president was only limited to high-yield weapons as a last resort and that “interim” response options would come handy in certain scenarios. These were eventually termed “tailored” nuclear ...


Marc Finaud: The Prohibition of Intermediate-Range Missiles Is Still Needed in Europe

... is now also a Swiss citizen. List of publications at GCSP website . How do you assess the threat of nuclear terrorism? What forms of nuclear terrorism would you highlight? Marc Finaud Nuclear terrorism, defined as the detonation of one or several nuclear weapons by a terrorist or a terrorist group, is generally considered as a low-probability but high-impact risk. However, the use by terrorists of a radiological dispersal device (or “dirty bomb” - as if nuclear ones were “clean”) to spread ...


How to Address the Russian Post-INF Initiatives

The best possible next step for European countries would be to try to reach out, formally or informally, to Russia to clarify the technical parameters of the proposed moratorium The Russian moratorium proposal On 2 nd February 2019, when the United States announced that it intended to withdraw from the INF Treaty on 2 nd August, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with ministers Shoigu and Lavrov to discuss the possible weapons that might be developed in response, and framed a ‘formula’...


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