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Predicting a Tripolar Nuclear World: Where Does the United States Fit In?

... 2018 during Donald Trump’s presidency. One of the key functions of any publicly available strategic document is to deliver information to other states – both friendly and hostile. Yet only in few areas does this matter as much as in the field of nuclear weapons. NDS-2022, and particularly NPR-2022, contain a significant number of clearly defined U.S. norms and doctrinal guidelines regarding nuclear weapons and strategic stability, with the main target audience being the top political brass of ...


The Nuclear Triad: Alternatives from the Days Gone By and Possible Futures

Working Paper No. 68/2022 Working Paper No. 68/2022 The first atomic bomb was designed almost eight decades ago. Since then, the nuclear factor has become one of the game-changers in international relations. The possession of nuclear weapons has become especially important in modern times, as discussions of the fatal destructiveness the use of atomic weapons for all mankind have reintensified. There is increasing speculation on this topic in the international arena. Nevertheless,...


Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 Over Ukraine?

It is safe to assume that any use of nuclear weapons could quickly lead to an escalation of a local or regional conflict into a global one It is safe to assume that any use of nuclear weapons could quickly lead to an escalation of a local or regional conflict into a global one. As Henry ...


How to Interpret North Korea’s Nuclear Forces Policy Act?

... international recognition in this capacity. The enactment of the bill came as a surprise. This step might have seemed redundant, since the DPRK has already done enough in the legal field to assert the legitimacy of the national nuclear forces. In 2013, the Nuclear Weapons Law (NWL) was passed, and then the nuclear status provision was introduced into the nation’s Constitution, the most important and statutory instrument for any nation. However, there was certain logic in passing that bill by the Northerners....


Nuclear War — a Hypothetical Scenario or a Real Threat? RIAC Urban Breakfast

... IMEMO RAS Center for International Security; and Dmitry Stefanovich, Vatfor Project Co-Founder. Yulia Melnikova, RIAC Program Coordinator, moderated the discussion. The experts discussed issues related to the current system of control and limitation of nuclear weapons. The participants assessed theoretical and practical approaches to considering the likelihood of a nuclear war. Other issues included most pressing challenges between Russia, the United States, and China in the field of nuclear arms limitation ...


Lightning-Speed Deal. Germany to Purchase F-35 for Nuclear Sharing

... Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) approved the sale of F-35A Lightning II multirole combat aircraft to Germany. This came as a climax of quite a protracted and a rather tragicomic story of Germany’s Luftwaffe purchasing a new carrier of nuclear weapons to carry out “NATO nuclear sharing.” Alexander Yermakov: Rifle Hanging on the Wall The Legacy Today’s NATO nuclear sharing is a legacy of the Cold War between the U.S. and the USSR, which has effectively evolved into a policy relic ...


The Ukrainian Crisis and Strategic Stability

... starting on March 26 or whether it was planned from the outset to cease the offensive from the north and to re-deploy troops into the Southeast of Ukraine. In the meantime, Russia’s military operation in Ukraine has affected the state’s approach to nuclear weapons. In his momentous address on February 24, 2022 (one that launched the military operation), President Putin made two remarks directly pertaining to nuclear weapons. First, he said, “As for military affairs, even after the dissolution ...


Special Warheads and the Special Military Operation

The SMO’s Nuclear Dimension Virtually immediately after the start of the special military operation (SMO), large-scale warfighting in Ukraine prompted discussions of nuclear weapons-related threats and even of the expediency of using such weapons. At the same time, such comments and statements are mostly highly unprofessional. This article attempts to substantively examine nuclear escalation scenarios. The purpose ...


Nuclear Future: Underwater and in the Skies

... to the temptation to look “beyond the horizon.” The Air Component: Searching for Ways to Justify its Existence Alexander Yermakov: Nuclear Future: Rethinking the Nuclear Forces in the Days to Come Heavy aircraft served as the first carriers of nuclear weapons, free-falling bombs, and for a long time, they remained the principal carriers. As time went by, bombs were first supplemented and then virtually supplanted by missiles, particularly after today’s long-range cruise missiles (LRCM) appeared ...


Nuclear “Frost” in the Summer of 2022?

... will have no winners, while the Pentagon’s chief Lloyd Austin said on May 11 that Russia’s nuclear capabilities “pose significant challenges.” Today’s persistent discussions of the danger of a nuclear conflict brings to mind the fact that nuclear weapons not only may bring about colossal destruction and massive human casualties, but they also produce catastrophic environmental and climatic consequences. In the late 20 th century, it so happened that I was one of those working on the concept ...


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