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The United States of America needs to reiterate its global-police role

... global-police to protect American interests. In places throughout the world, a vacuum is quickly filled by elements working against American interests. Under the previous administration, the vacuum was exploited by Iran, the Islamic State, Turkey, North Korea, Pakistan and Russia. The Iranian regime is working fervently to expand its influence in South-Central Asia and middle-east. It can claim several achievements, due to the weakness of the previous American administration, as shown by the nuclear agreement....


SCO’s Council of Heads of Government (CHG) Summit: An analysis of Pakistan’s Representation

16th meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's (SCO) Council of the Heads of Government (CHG) was held from November 30, 2017 to December 1, 2017 at Sochi, Russia. Since Pakistan and India were accepted as full member of SCO in its 17th summit held in June 2017, this is the first meeting of the SCO member-states’ heads of government in which Pakistan is participating as a full member-state. The meeting was intended ...


Pakistan and Central Asian Republics

... have acquired the extensive geo-political and geo-economic importance in the region. CARs include five republics of the former Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. All republics are land-locked and energy-rich.Pakistan and CARs share various religious and cultural commonalities. However, Islamabad has not cultivated close ties so far. Margins in mutual cooperation still exist. Even though Pakistan desires close political and economic linkage with the Central ...


Is nuclear blackmailing going to be a new normal?

... dissuades the strongest military power US (having all instruments of military deterrence) to take any military action. It is also using its nuclear capability claims, to threaten Japan and South Korea and blackmail the US to talk without preconditions. Pakistan Pakistan has also been using this Nuclear Blackmailing/Dissuasion Theory against India for quite some time. It acquired nuclear and missile capability from some country/countries, which must have violated NPT at that time, and the world community ...


Pakistan’s SCO membership: success with liabilities

A few months ago, Pakistan successfully managed to secure the membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) which is, undoubtedly, a significant accomplishment for the country. Credit must be given to the drivers of Pakistan’s foreign policy and owes to the multitude ...


NSG conundrum and Strategic Stability in South Asia

... NSG despite the fact that NPT was not ratified by India. Firm proponents of NSG believe that Inclusion of non-signatory states may kill the very objective of the formation of this group. India is operating to secure the membership of that group so is Pakistan. Realism-the most dominated school of thought-implies that every state seeks to safeguards its interests. However, realists should not sell idealism as placebo while adopting the realism as operating paradigm. This especially refers to US which ...


Strategic Vision Institute President Visits RIAC

On October 19, 2017, Russian International Affairs Council hosted a meeting with Dr.Zafar Iqbal Cheema, President of Strategic Vision Institute (Pakistan). On October 19, 2017, Russian International Affairs Council hosted a meeting with Dr.Zafar Iqbal Cheema, President of Strategic Vision Institute (Pakistan). The sides discussed the wide range of bilateral Russia-Pakistan relations, including ...


70th Anniversary of Russia-India Relations: New Horizons of Privileged Partnership: Report. Foreword from the Indian Side

... scientific and technological, diasporic and other ties, including military exercises. Yet, the impression in India is that we have to make an effort to convince Russia that our rising engagement with the US is not at its expense. Russia’s overtures to Pakistan, especially in the military field, are construed in India as linked to our growing connection with the US. The evolution of Russia’s approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan/Taliban’s role in the search for a solution, and, in particular, statements ...


Great Central Asia, America’s counter measure to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

... president Trump effort to pass a joint declaration in order to condemn North Korea’s recent ICBM test. Newly, the Pentagon alleged China and there was also a pop up in the main stream media indicating that China has stationed several thousand troops in Pakistan most probably at the Gwadar Port, in order to establish counter balance for America’s strategic partner India and America itself. Gwadar Port is a warm-water, deep-sea port situated on the Arabian Sea at Gwadar in Baluchistan the socalled province ...


Indo-U.S. Axis and Major Powers

... exercises substantial leverage over Moscow’s foreign policy.    China and Russia have exercised pragmatism in dealing with Indo-U.S. Axis and made India member of SCO in perhaps a hope that India may revert to its so-called policy of non-alignment.Pakistan believes that the simultaneous inclusion of Pakistan and India in SCO would help in bringing the two countries on the same table and in reducing the trust deficit between them. However, there is a misperception that because of the so-called Indo-U....


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