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Will Russia Reinforce Iraq's Air Defenses?

... Iraqi airspace to facilitate the Israeli attacks. They said that Iraq should “steer toward Russia and China in order to provide the international protection [for Iraq].” Ruslan Mamedov: Russia Consolidating Its Position in Iraq Amid Anti-Iran Sanctions While the largest parliamentary factions, such as al-Fatah, blamed the US-led anti-terrorist coalition, Iraq’s prime minister, president and parliamentary speaker backed up the PMU during a meeting with its leaders. The above-mentioned factors ...


Are Sanctions Conducive to Korean Settlement?

... for the members of these “blocks”, it often happens not for reasons of principle, but as part of diplomatic maneuvering and deterrence. This is especially clear when discussing the promotion of the diplomatic process in relation to the DPRK and on sanctions issues. The United States seeks to increase pressure on the DPRK, considering it the only way to force Pyongyang to act for the benefit of Washington. China and Russia are counteracting, considering it necessary to mitigate the UN sanctions ...


R6 — the Case for a New Global Currency Basket

It is the time for a more inclusive global financial structure Sanctions and Sacrifice of Generations Ivan Timofeev: US Withdrawal From the JCPOA and Anti-Iranian Sanctions: Pros and Cons I have lived through sanctions. I know their aroma of depravity, their unipolar projections of might, and their arbitrary fright ...


Short Letter vs. Long Telegram: US Ambassador Huntsman Departs Moscow

... INF Treaty and the prospect of further loss of arms control mechanisms. And yet, Russia and the United States have avoided drawing the iron curtain. The most important issues continue to be discussed at the expert level. Businesses have suffered from sanctions and economic difficulties in Russia, but there has not been a precipitous decline in commercial relations. Direct personal interaction between Russians and Americans remains robust, although it was affected by a shortage of personnel in consular ...


Exploring the Implications of the Second Round of ‘Chemical Sanctions

The measures hardly pose any serious threat to Russia On August 1, US President Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13883 “Administration of Proliferation Sanctions and Amendment of Executive Order 12851.” Media outside Russia were quick to label the move as a second round of sanctions against Russia over the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Skripal case. What is this all about, specifically, and ...


Sherman Amendment: Tilting at Windmills?

The next round of sanctions may disrupt the dialogue on arms control, which is of interest to the United States The adoption of an amendment to the defense budget for 2020 by the US House of Representatives provoked a public outcry in Russia. The amendment, introduced ...


The Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Aden

... 13, this time near the Iranian coast, two more tankers flying the flags of the Marshall Islands and Panama were attacked. The incidents occurred against the backdrop of another exacerbation in U.S.–Iran relations and the United States imposing more sanctions on Tehran. Nobody has claimed responsibility for either of the incidents. As is often the case today, it has not been possible to identify the perpetrators, and military experts are still debating the weapons used in each attack. Without any ...


China’s Energy Policy: Flexible, but Unshakeable

China’s flexible energy policy and the US sanctions against Iran and Venezuela In the last few years, China’s energy policy has changed radically owing to both the changed priorities in domestic policy and sharp bifurcations in the international situation. As the growth pace of the national ...


The Tanker Incident in Gibraltar: Non-Obvious Legitimacy

... Gibraltar have extended the detention of the tanker for two weeks, increasing the chances that the crisis will develop further. Ivan Timofeev: Tanker Incidents: Who Blinks First? The reason for the detention of the tanker was its alleged violation of EU sanctions against Syria. In numerous media publications, this allegation is presented as self-evident. Meanwhile, the reference to EU sanctions raises serious questions. Indeed, Brussels has imposed broad-based economic restrictions on Bashar Assad’s ...


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  1. Korean Peninsula Crisis Has no Military Solution. How Can It Be Solved?
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