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Where is the Reality in Canada’s Morality Politics: An Appeal for a Thaw in Russian-Canadian Relations

... Sitting down with Russia is question of pragmatism, not appeasement. What is best for Canada globally is best for Canadians at home – especially those living in the North. This does not mean that Canada needs to cease its support of Ukraine, roll back sanctions, or stop denouncing Russian aggression. It means that Canada – alongside Russia – needs to find unique solutions for the more pressing and difficult questions. This implies not just talking, but also listening. Going forward, Canada will ...


Asia Under Fire of US Sanctions

Containing China has become an agenda in its own right for the United States, increasing the risk of sanctions and China’s retaliation Introduction For quite a long time Asia occupied a special place in international sanctions policy. Most of the restrictive measures were aimed against North Korea. The international community represented by the UN ...


Russia-India Strategic Partnership: Crisis of Understanding?

... signing the Declaration on Strategic Partnership, and ten years later evolved into a “Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership”. 2018 Outcomes in Brief RIAC and Gateway House Policy Brief “Russia – India Cooperation against the Background of Sanctions: Adverse Effects and New Opportunities” Since 2000, the leaders of both nations meet each other annually at Russia-India summits to assess the progress in bilateral cooperation and demonstrate the durability of their partnership. The 19 th ...


BRICS Strategic Partnership for Global Stability, Shared Security and Innovative Growth

... Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty was a rather dangerous step. Structural imbalances in the world economy are yet to be overcome. A serious threat to global economic growth is posed by such unfair competition practices as unilateral economic sanctions, trade wars and flagrant abuse of the US dollar status as the world reserve currency. The international community is yet to find effective responses to a whole number of critical challenges of our time – from terrorism to climate change. It ...


US Sanctions Against Turkey: Zero Escalation

... with respect to Turkey The US withdrawal of military support for the Syrian Kurds and the subsequent operation of the Turkish army have exacerbated relations between Ankara and Washington. As one of the deterrence measures, the US authorities imposed sanctions against three Turkish ministers and two ministries by including them in the Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List (SDN List). On the one hand, the measure looked rather painless for the Turkish economy. On the other hand, it ...


RIAC–CSIS Expert Meeting on the Prospects for Development of Russia-U.S. Relations

... Russia-the U.S. relations. The meeting was part of a long-term bilateral project conducted jointly by RIAC and CSIS since 2015. The discussion focused on the situation in the Western Balkans, challenges of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, U.S. sanctions against Russia, prospects for Russia-the U.S. relations after the presidential elections in the USA in November 2020. Russian side at the meeting was represented by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, as well as experts Maxim Samorukov and ...


Rethinking Sanctions Efficiency

Evidence from 205 Cases of the U.S. Government Enforcement Actions against Business Problem Statement The question of whether economic sanctions are effective as a foreign policy tool has for a long time been central for the students of sanctions policy. Scholars have been rather skeptical about the utility of sanctions. Early research by Hufbauer et al. (1990) identified that only one-third ...


Reducing Risks and Cutting Costs: The Art of Confrontation Management

... Commission feared that any serious discussion could jeopardize the very fragile European consensus on Russia and would reveal profound disagreements within the EU on how it should treat Russia. Though in Brussels they consider their ability to maintain EU sanctions against Russia a major manifestation of the EU’s integrity, it is hard to deny that sanctions cannot be a substitute for a strategy, as it has never followed the declaratory “five principles.” Mark Entin, Ekaterina Entina: Testing by ...


JCPOA: Forward Into the Past

... the country’s economic prosperity. Donald Trump, on the contrary, views the Iran deal as a giant misstep by the Obama Administration. In his opinion, his predecessor both missed the opportunity to curb Iran’s policies in the region and helped lift sanctions from a state that the United States has recognized as the principal global sponsor of terrorism. Consequently, after many promises, the United States withdrew unilaterally from the JCPOA in 2018 and then resumed the regime of harsh sanctions ...


Will Russia Reinforce Iraq's Air Defenses?

... Iraqi airspace to facilitate the Israeli attacks. They said that Iraq should “steer toward Russia and China in order to provide the international protection [for Iraq].” Ruslan Mamedov: Russia Consolidating Its Position in Iraq Amid Anti-Iran Sanctions While the largest parliamentary factions, such as al-Fatah, blamed the US-led anti-terrorist coalition, Iraq’s prime minister, president and parliamentary speaker backed up the PMU during a meeting with its leaders. The above-mentioned factors ...


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