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This Distant Damascus

... compounded by even more serious economic difficulties. The conflict is encouraging the expanding informal economy to play a major role in Syria due to high levels of corruption. The country's civilian infrastructure has not yet been restored, and the sanctions imposed on Damascus by the United States and the EU in particular are hampering economic recovery. Until 2022, a number of Russian companies were reasonably worried about doing business in Syria because of the risk of Western sanctions. However,...


Marriage of Sanctions Convenience: Russia Rethinking the EAEU Role

The Eurasian Economic Union is turning into an important tool for Russia to increase resistance to sanctions, reducing technological and financial dependence and fostering foreign trade with friendly nations Russia commences its presidency in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) in 2023. The very fact of any state presiding in an integration association ...


Georgia in a New World: Between Russia and the West

... the global changes. However, this was the case with Georgia. While the country is obviously harboring ambitions of a Euro-Atlantic integration, with its political forces competing for love of the West, Tbilisi has nevertheless rejected the option of a sanctions war with Russia. Georgia stunned everyone already on February 25, when Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, after calling upon the international community to do whatever it takes to stop the fighting, announced that Tbilisi would not join the ...


Sanctions on the Anniversary of the Special Operation in Ukraine

The further escalation of sanctions against Russia is inevitable On the anniversary of the start of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine (SMO), a group of Western countries imposed new massive economic sanctions against Russia. The introduction of new sanctions was announced ...


Syria: Humanitarian Crisis and Disaster

... between Syria and Turkey, which was the lowest figure since 2014 . The UN explained it by citing uncertainty regarding the renewal of Resolution 2585 in July 2022. Deliveries of humanitarian aid across the line of contact Ruslan Mamedov: U.S. and EU Sanctions against Syria One of the conditions for extending the operation of the Bab al-Hawa checkpoint was to increase the supply of humanitarian aid to the north-western regions of Syria through the line of contact (that is, from the territory controlled ...


What to Expect from the EU Special Envoy on Sanctions?

Even before February 2022, Brussels intended to significantly increase its capacity in the field of economic restrictions. The appointment of a special representative on sanctions is one of the indicators of such an increase The European Union bureaucracy has established a new position: the International Special Envoy for the Implementation of EU Sanctions. This post will be held by David O’Sullivan, who previously ...


Does Syria’s Road Back to the Arab Family Go Through the UAE?

... not ed the UAE’s “long game on Syria”, possibly as a counter to its regional rival Iran, while others have already speculated about al-Assad’s attempts to find an alternative to the sanctioned Russia. Why the UAE? Ruslan Mamedov: U.S. and EU Sanctions against Syria Currently, the United Arab Emirates is the only Arab Gulf nation to have been visited by President Assad during the Syrian conflict (in March 2022), with both countries witnessing the largest number of reciprocal visits on a high ...


Unprecedented Sanctions? By No Means

We can talk about the relative novelty of the sanctions in terms of the number and intensity of the measures applied. However, for a number of qualitative characteristics, they contain patterns that have been well studied in the past The “sanctions tsunami” against Russia is rightly considered ...


Oil Price Threshold: Action and Reaction

The experience of US law enforcement practice shows that there will be violations of the sanctions regime, and US regulators have developed mechanisms for detecting them The introduction of a price threshold for Russian oil has been discussed for several months. The idea was announced back in early September in a statement by the finance ...


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