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How US “Caesar Act” Will Affect the Situation in Syria and Moscow’s Policy

... war, among the factors affecting the crisis of the Syrian economy, the COVID-19, the socio-economic problems of neighboring Lebanon, whose financial infrastructure Damascus uses as an outlet to the world market, discord in the elite, as well as new sanctions are named. Alexey Khlebnikov: The Future of Humanitarian Aid Delivery to Syria: What is Russia’s Rationale? With the signing of the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act” or the “Caesar Act” by the US-President, the American policy ...


China Replacing Russia as the Boogeyman in the U.S. Presidential Campaign: Implications for Russia-China Relations

... the dissemination of false information. After the election, a judicial investigation was launched, ending with no evidence of the collusion. Ivan Timofeev: US Administration v. China Despite that fact, in 2017 and 2018, the U.S. imposed economic sanctions against Russian entities. This led to the further aggravation of already sour ties undermined by the Ukrainian crisis in 2014. As an act of reprisal for Moscow’s alleged meddling into the conflict, U.S. Congress initiated new economic sanctions....


The Impact of Sanctions on Human Rights

... organizations being raised for the first time in June of that year. On June 11, 2020, President of the United States Donald Trump signed the Executive Order on Blocking Property of Certain Persons Associated with the International Criminal Court. How do sanctions affect international law and respect for human rights? And what impact will the U.S. sanctions have on the development of international law? Elena Dovgan answers all these questions and more. Elena Dovgan Good afternoon, Elena! Tell us, please,...


Britain Learns to Apply Sanctions

One of the notable events in July was the imposition by Britain of restrictions on a number of Russian and foreign officials in the area of human rights. This was London’s first independent programme of sanctions after Brexit. The Russian Foreign Ministry justifiably perceived these sanctions as an unfriendly act and interference in domestic affairs. Russia has reserved the right to respond. At the same time, the media uproar around this event seems ...


The Importance of Ending the Arms Embargo: What Is Iran's Plan?

Iran's experience in circumventing sanctions and advancing its military plans under pressure shows that it can fix the problem Lifting or extending the UN arms embargo on Iran, which according to SC Resolution 2231 is supposed to be ended in October 2020, has led to a new confrontation ...


Recommendations for American Policy and Priorities Towards Russia

... the world more peaceful and prosperous. Stability : Safeguarding the global market's balance and promoting peace should be the United States' second-highest priority. The United States should stop pursuing regime change and waging economic warfare via sanctions, destabilizing otherwise stable countries, and causing immense suffering in the process. Even from the vantage point of "America First," the United States rarely benefits from destabilization in other countries. American businesses ...


Post-COVID-19 Sanctions Policies

Are We in for Epidemics of Sanctions? The COVID-19 pandemic has given hope for international consolidation in the face of a common threat. Alleviating numerous sanctions and economic restrictions could be one step towards unification. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres [ ...


Deripaska v. Mnuchin and Gacki: Political Implications

The problem of sanctions cannot be eliminated without fundamental changes to the global financial system A lawsuit is being heard by a district court in the United States, with Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska suing the US Treasury Department to lift the sanctions ...


US Administration v. China

... new competition of large players Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic, an escalation of US claims against the People’s Republic of China has become a familiar news background. A series of bills has appeared in the US Congress, imposing sanctions against Chinese officials and organisations, whom the Americans are holding responsible for censoring medical information and untimely measures to counter the virus. At the same time, US demands are also growing louder in connection with alleged ...


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