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Replace Murderous Sanctions With Economic Reconstruction, Putin Gives A Lesson In Statecraft

... that no one will think about crossing the ‘red line’ with regard to Russia. We ourselves will determine in each specific case where it will be drawn.”NATO expansion provoking war with Russia. Image is adapted from Patrickneil's "History of NATO expansion" based on glentamara via Wikimedia Commons. Original here        Sanctions Everywhere As Putin emphasized in his speech, the use of sanctions as a means of conducting regime change and imposing the "rules-based order" has become the de jure policy of the Trans-Atlantic alliance. In the last years, the U.S....


Recommendations for American Policy and Priorities Towards Russia

... have the combined leverage to influence a pathway to peace and stability. Doing so will also be good for American businesses, hundreds of which have lost revenue and investments as an unintended consequence of sanctions. More importantly, abolishing sanctions will put America's foreign policy back on track, back to exercising consistency, promoting human life, and being a much-need force for good in the world. Halt NATO’s Eastward Expansion Igor Ivanov: The World after START Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States has had ample opportunity to foster a partnership with Russia that would be beneficial for both countries. Unfortunately, past administrations ...


International Security Implications of the US-Russia Contention Over the Nord Stream 2

... consequence, the whole area is getting locked in a highly conflictual conjuncture aggravated by already existing regional security challenges, such as the demise of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the ongoing military buildup on the NATO’s Eastern flank. Thirdly, the recurrent difficulties in involving Europeans into sustainable and smooth economic partnership in the gas sector, as well as the American sanctions which could eventually apply to any additional lines to the Russia-sponsored pipelines in Europe, incentivize Russia to reconsider the geometry of its energy export routes. The deliveries of Siberian gas to China in the amount exceeding 1 trillion ...


US Sanctions Against Turkey: Zero Escalation

... Chair. A similar joint resolution was proposed by Democratic Senator Robert Menendez. Turkey’s unprovoked invasion is described in a resolution proposed by Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. At the same time, Congressmen offered several proposals for sanctions against Turkey. In particular, Senator Lindsey Graham proposed Bill S. 2644, which would impose severe restrictions on the Turkish military-industrial complex, personal sanctions against members of the Turkish government, the punishment of Turkey for the S-400 deal using the provisions ...


Reducing Risks and Cutting Costs: The Art of Confrontation Management

... expeditiously react to even minor changes in the behavior of the side against which sanctions are applied. The five-year war of sanctions between the West and Russia demonstrates the need to create a more nuanced, more calibrated set of economic incentives ... ... regime, along with the collapse of conventional arms control in the European continent. It would be great to see a reinvigorated NATO-Russia Council, but unfortunately one cannot take for granted any significant progress being made within the NRC. Therefore,...


Searching for a new foundation for German-Russian relations

... mutual benefits, and the personal relationship between leaders. Russia’s leaders did not understand that Merkel’s support for sanctions and clear defence of the sovereignty of Ukraine not only reflected her personal views but also that German decision ... ... field that can be dangerous for the security in Europe. Here it needs more German and other European member states leadership in NATO to minimize these risks. What are the preconditions for a new relationship? As long as Russia’s leadership has no interest ...


What Сan Britain Do in Response to Russian Nerve Attack?

..., NATO is not an institution that can make fast decisions even in a challenging environment. The odds are that the immediate NATO reaction will be mostly rhetorical. Joint statement British action : Britain could call on the support of its closest allies ... ... the Russian Ambassador in London would be a very strong signal – even the US so far has chosen not to go that far. Financial sanctions British action : Individuals linked to the Kremlin could be hit with financial sanctions including the withdrawal of ...


Russia's Forbearance in the Turkish Crisis Should Be Applauded — And Reciprocated

.... Just a few days before Tuesday's Turkish attack, Western leaders meeting in (of all places) Ankara reaffirmed their commitment to economic sanctions on Russia. In light of the attack – and Russia's response – the United States and its NATO allies should reconsider this decision. Western economic sanctions on Russia should be discontinued. They never should have been imposed in the first place. As Russia has worked to deescalate the emerging Turkish crisis, the United States should work to deescalate the long-standing Ukraine crisis. Largely unacknowledged ...


Russia-West rivalry over Ukraine is higher priority than security

... ceasefire deal and peace plan in Minsk, the ongoing sanctions war may minimize or even seriously hamper the odds of resolving the conflict. With this in mind, Russia Direct discussed with Carnegie Moscow Center Director Dmitri Trenin the new wave of sanctions, the recent NATO summit and Russia’s response to the West’s stance. Russia Direct: What effect will the new wave of sanctions achieve: Will it persuade the Kremlin to change its course or will it hamper the recent attempts to resolve the Ukrainian standoff ...


Throwing Russia off balance is ultimate aim

... financing, and their products will be less competitive as compared with imports from the European Union, which gets you know how many billions in subsidies. We can only dream about such subsidies. And there is one more moment. The countries that imposed sanctions, and these are mostly NATO member countries, are increasingly often maintaining that Russia is not their partner any longer, but an adversary. And we must realize how to treat these statements. How much sense does it make that food security of a state, supply of food to the ...


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