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Public Opinion, Lobbies and Sanctions

... Russia’s veto for setting up a UN backed tribunal prosecuting the responsible and the alternatives explored by the five aggrieved parties (Australia and The Netherland mostly), I would take the occasion to reflect upon the political forces that the MH17’s tragedy has unleashed. Particularly, why was such fatal accident needed by the EU leaders to impose serious measures on Russia for its involvement in Ukraine? Why weren’t stronger sanctions eventually imposed previously? Political economy consideration evaluating the influence that public opinion and interest groups have in conditioning politicians –who enact ...


Why Russia Was Right to Veto the Malaysian Boeing Tribunal

... tribunal on the Malaysian Boeing would be a step down the evolution ladder of international law. Today, ad hoc tribunals are obsolete and ineffective in the face of the permanent International Criminal Court in The Hague. By blocking the resolution, Russia might save international criminal justice from erosion and fragmentation. The initiative should not be raised in the United Nations Security Council again, but instead submitted to the ICC. One year after the MH-17 downing, Malaysia introduced ...


Vladimir Putin faces dilemma over Ukraine of empire or nation-state

... direction will she develop further? Both paths are potentially risky and painful. Both ideas seem outdated in the 21st century, but Russia's model of development depends on them, since no other visions of the future are available yet. The tragedy of Flight MH17 puts the question squarely. If the blame is placed on the pro-Russian insurgents, which is effectively already happening, then the West's support for Kiev – likely including military backing – will grow sharply. And the Russian leadership will face a difficult dilemma – either to increase support ...


The Downing of MH17 – A Perspecitve of Intrigue or the “HALO Effect”?

As a Malaysian and global citizen, when I watched TV on the morning after that MH17 crashed, I was shocked, horrified and deeply upset - so many innocent people dead, and two Malaysian Airlines planes gone ... ... down, I was furious. Who could have done this? I watched CNN International and BBC World News and they were the first to blame Russian Separatist and the Russian Federation. Bloomberg News, Sky TV, Australian News, Singaporean News all followed with the ...


We really need to know the truth, no matter what the truth is

... International Affairs Council. Good evening or good day to you and thanks very much for joining us. ANDREY KORTUNOV, DIRECTOR GENERAL, RIAC: You're welcome. EMMA ALBERICI: As far as the international community is concerned, the only explanation for the crash of MH17 is that it was shot down by pro-Russian separatists using Russian equipment. Is that a view shared by many in Russia? ANDREY KORTUNOV: I'm afraid not. I think that if you take the official line here in Moscow it is that Russia, first of all, did not supply the secessionist forces in ...


Malaysia and Ukraine

... dangerous period of the Cold War after the Cuban missile crisis. The coming UNSC debate is likely to be emotional, and acrimonious. The US Congress may press President Obama to ramp up the sanctions which he had only announced less than 24 hours before the MH17 tragedy. The daylight between the United States and the EU approaches to anti-Russian sanctions may narrow. Russia's outreach to Asia beyond China may be compromised. This will put Moscow in a difficult spot, and prompt a reaction on its part. The only sensible step now would be to stop the fighting in Ukraine immediately and begin ...


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  1. Korean Peninsula Crisis Has no Military Solution. How Can It Be Solved?
    Demilitarization of the region based on Russia-China "Dual Freeze" proposal  
     36 (35%)
    Restoring multilateral negotiation process without any preliminary conditions  
     27 (26%)
    While the situation benefits Kim Jong-un's and Trump's domestic agenda, there will be no solution  
     22 (21%)
    Armed conflict still cannot be avoided  
     12 (12%)
    Stonger deterrence on behalf of the U.S. through modernization of military infrastructure in the region  
     4 (4%)
    Toughening economic sanctions against North Korea  
     2 (2%)
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