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Public Opinion, Lobbies and Sanctions

The downing of the Malaysian airplane MH17 in July 2014 marked a clear turning point in the context of the Ukrainian crisis. The EU leaders put aside their divisions and adopted a resolute approach on Russia for the first time. Russia’s partial isolation, the sanctions’ escalation ...


Why Russia Was Right to Veto the Malaysian Boeing Tribunal

(In)Dependent Judiciary? A special tribunal on the Malaysian Boeing would be a step down the evolution ladder of international law. Today, ad hoc tribunals are obsolete and ineffective in the face of the permanent International Criminal Court in The Hague. By blocking the resolution, Russia might save international criminal justice from erosion and fragmentation. The initiative should not be raised in the United Nations Security Council again, but instead submitted to the ICC. One year after the...


Silence in the Air on Eastern Ukraine

... are also very few Western reporters in eastern Ukraine, which is viewed (correctly) as a highly dangerous environment. With Russia's hand behind the rebels, as well as Moscow's complicity in the downing four weeks ago of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 firmly imprinted in the Western readers' and viewers' minds, the media can safely move to other issues. Yet, the toll of human suffering in Eastern Ukraine continues to rise. To about 1,500, in terms of the lives lost—which compares to Gaza,...


Vladimir Putin faces dilemma over Ukraine of empire or nation-state

... direction will she develop further? Both paths are potentially risky and painful. Both ideas seem outdated in the 21st century, but Russia's model of development depends on them, since no other visions of the future are available yet. The tragedy of Flight MH17 puts the question squarely. If the blame is placed on the pro-Russian insurgents, which is effectively already happening, then the West's support for Kiev – likely including military backing – will grow sharply. And the Russian leadership ...


MH17, part of larger Ukraine crisis, likely to be politicized

The downing of MH17 marks the latest peak in tensions between Russia, on the one hand, and the US and its allies, on the other. Mainstream US and European media are already treating Russia as a pariah state, and are demanding crippling sanctions against it, along with ...


The Downing of MH17 – A Perspecitve of Intrigue or the “HALO Effect”?

As a Malaysian and global citizen, when I watched TV on the morning after that MH17 crashed, I was shocked, horrified and deeply upset - so many innocent people dead, and two Malaysian Airlines planes gone in 4 month. Why was this happening? Malaysian Airlines had a very good track-record for safety, reliability and good service....


We really need to know the truth, no matter what the truth is

... down Malaysia flight MH 17 , and Putin's failure to insist that the crash area be secured and international investigators be given unfettered access. EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: Back to our top story now: the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 which has so enraged the international community. But Russians are getting an entirely different version of events, including one allegation that it was a Ukrainian military aircraft which blew the Malaysian plane out of the sky. Joining us now from ...


Ukraine and the aftermath of the downing of flight MH17

President Barack Obama, in his televised address on Friday, called for a careful investigation into the downing of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane over eastern Ukraine. He left little doubt, however, as to whom he and the US government considered responsible. The Malaysian plane was hit by an air defence missile, he said, fired from the territory held by rebels backed and armed by Russia....


Malaysia and Ukraine

The downing of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane on Thursday over Eastern Ukraine catapults the crisis there onto the global plane. Nationals of several countries, more than half of them Dutch, are among the victims. The UN Security Council will meet in New York. An international investigation ...


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