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Deripaska v. Mnuchin and Gacki: Political Implications

... Secretary Steven Mnuchin and OFAC Director Andrea Gacki as defendants and challenged the OFAC (US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control) decision of April 6, 2018 that put Oleg Deripaska on the so-called SDN list — the list of designated persons. Sanctions Against Russia: A Look Into 2020. RIAC Report? The Treasury and the OFAC are the most important institutions in the American sanctions policy. According to US law, the ‘designated’ individuals and legal entities cannot enter into economic transactions with ...


The Coronavirus and Conflicts in the Middle East

... With the start of the coronavirus outbreak, Russia launched humanitarian deliveries to Syria, bringing in face masks, coronavirus testing systems, and other medications and medical equipment. Food aid has been no less important for Syrians. In April, Russian grain, which had previously been in short supply on the market, was delivered to the port of Tartus. Although the European Union expressed its support for the UN Secretary General’s appeal to lift the sanctions off several states, including Syria, so that the needed medical and humanitarian aid could be provided, in practice, Europe’s contribution is doubtful. First, EU member states have no consensus on Syria and, second, European companies are,...


Sanctions Against Russia: A Look Into 2020

... sanctions on Iran, which increases the danger of secondary sanctions for international businesses, including Russian companies. — The United States may very well crank up sanctions against China in 2020, although not exponentially. The effect of such sanctions on Russia will be limited. — Our base scenario for 2020 envisions further stabilization of sanction risks for Russia. Even though the current sanctions are detrimental to the Russian economy and individual companies, it is unlikely that they will escalate....


Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's Open Letter

... American citizens jailed abroad (…/ ). They are promising to impose sanctions against “guilty governments”, should their compatriots die due to the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the situation with ...…/asset…/D2wHaWMCU6Od/content/id/4094236… ). The Minister urged to consider the possibility of return to the home country for all the Russian citizens incarcerated in the U.S. In addition, I personally addressed to Attorney-General W.Barr and head of the Federal ...


Russia Doubles Down on Iraq Despite COVID-19

... requests had been received yet. In his interview, he said, “Recent developments have undoubtedly attracted more interest in Russia’s air and missile defense systems, particularly S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. Yet it is premature to get to specifics.... ....” It also remains to be seen whether the two sides will cut a deal that entails different regional risks and could invite US sanctions. Besides, implementation would require a stable government in Baghdad. As snap parliamentary elections are possible ...


The Price of Sanctions is Human Lives

... as a result of a U.S.-led embargo for years now. Venezuela and a number of other countries have yet to feel the full force of the COVID-19 pandemic, but doctors and the population will likewise be hit hard. The most stable situation right now is in Russia, where the safety margin is greater, and sanctions are not yet that extensive. The principal danger lies in the sanctions blockade of Crimea. However, Moscow has sufficient resources to offset the sanctions against the peninsula. In the meantime, the United States and the European Union, the ...


Sanctions and Financial Crime: Together or Apart?

In a worst-case scenario, the Americans’ excessive use of sanctions and other measures for political purposes will make anarchy an attractive means to preserve sovereignty The American federal law PL 115-44 (CAATSA) is well-known in Russia. It is associated with the codification of a large array of sanctions and other measures related to the Ukrainian crisis, the situation in Syria, Russian influence in Europe and Eurasia, etc. The part of the law which resonates the most is that which specifies provisions against “Russian oligarchs”. At one ...


Addressing Unresolved Challenges in U.S.-Russia Relations

... two sides to reach agreement on other issues. It is particularly affected by secondary sanctions and by the willingness of the European Union (a much more important economic partner) to go along with the United States. The biggest difficulty with U.S.-Russia sanctions policy stems from the fact that the sanctions are muddled and strategically incoherent, with unclear goals and off-ramps, because they were instituted in response to different issues and became calcified. Sanctions legislation was designed primarily ...


FRI Round Table on Sanctions against Russia: Risk Structure and Countermeasures

... round table, Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director of Programs, made a presentation of the report on sanctions against Russia: approaches to analysis and risk structure for the economy, in which he touched upon the problems of risk assessment and the impact of sanctions on Russia's economy. Then Yury Kuznetsov, Leading Researcher at FRI Center for Financial Policy, presented a report on financial transfer mechanism of sanctions and the possibilities to counter it, which outlined the existing mechanisms for the transfer ...


What Opportunities are Opening up for Russia against the Backdrop of the Tech War between the U.S. and China?

... thoughtfully and astutely in terms of our diplomacy while being careful not to become too dependent on anyone or take sides While it may be a little early to talk about the emergence of a bipolar era in the tech world, the question of what policy Russia should follow against the backdrop of the confrontation between the two undisputed tech leaders (the United States and China) is more pressing than ever. Vassily Kashin of the Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) ...


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