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Russia — India Energy Cooperation: RIAC and MCCI Roundtable

On September 30, 2022 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) together with the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a roundtable Russia – India Energy Cooperation under New Geopolitical Conditions. The event was closed from the public On September 30, 2022 ...


Sanctions Is a Long-Term Challenge—but It Does Not Preclude India and Russia from Developing a New Bilateral Paradigm

... Deepening India-Russia business engagement is one, and the SCO as a constructive and accommodating force is another. K.A. Dhananjay from Gateway House spoke to Timofeev who visited Mumbai recently. Gateway House (GH) : How does the intensity of Western sanctions on Russia impact the country’s future outlook? Ivan Timofeev: Is It Possible to Lift Sanctions Against Russia? — No Ivan Timofeev (IT) : The impact of Western sanctions against Russia is quite huge and we should not dismiss the long-term damage. A number ...


Price Cap on Russian Oil: The Mechanism and Its Consequences

... military operation in Ukraine in February 2022. Their primary aim was to deal the largest possible economic damage to force Moscow to revise its policy and to undermine its resources provision. Since energy exports are extremely important for funding the Russian economy, sanctions against its oil and gas sector were more than just predictable. However, the United States, the EU and other initiators had to act cautiously, because Russia is a major player on the global market. US restrictions on the export of Iranian oil ...


Sanctions Storm’: Recovery After the Disaster

What to do? After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, a “sanctions storm” hit Russia; more sanctions were imposed against Russia in a few months than against Iran in decades. But a catastrophe did not take place, and the stage of stabilization came. Indeed, almost all the weapons in the sanctions arsenal were used one after another: commodities ...


Ivan Timofeev Speaks at Mumbai Conference about Sanctions

... organized by Elara Capital investment bank. The Indian analytical center Gateway House, RIAC long-term partner, took an active part in organizing the conference. On September 5, Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director of Programs, RIAC member, spoke at the session on sanctions as a new tool of warfare. The meeting was also attended by Mikael Wigell, Research Director at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, and David Rasquinha, former Managing Director of the Export-Import Bank of India. On the sidelines ...


Russian Oil and NPPs Re-Commissioned: Japan’s Revised Energy Strategy

... compared to the first six months of 2021) purchased from Russia, LNG is far less vulnerable to this trend, and its sales to Japan at year-end 2022 are most likely to demonstrate a moderate increase compared to 2021. Curiously, even though Japan joined anti-Russian sanctions, in monetary terms, Russian exports of mineral raw materials and other natural resources to Japan grew by 45% compared to the same period of the previous year (January–July 2021) because of an appreciable increase in global prices. In July ...


Visa Sanctions — A Sign of Strength? No

The door will close, but the window will remain open for a time being Visa sanctions against Russia have become a hot news topic and subject of discussion within the EU. A group of countries has taken shape, which, one way or another, shares Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s idea of completely closing off Russian access of to the EU. ...


Does Tajikistan Have a Choice Amid Anti-Russian Sanctions?

... discussed at length domestically, it never translated into a real project (unlike in the case of Uzbekistan that became an observer at the EAEU). Until recently, Tajikistan was the only country in the CIS where such a scenario was a possibility. However, sanctions pressure on Russia and Belarus, the two leaders of the Eurasian integration, is most likely to take discussions of the integration scenario outside of Tajikistan’s official discourse, and the country’s authorities will focus on bolstering its bilateral ties with ...


Legal and Political Aspects of EU’s Possible Visa Sanctions Against Russian Nationals

... COVID restrictions, resumed issuing all types of visas to Russians already after February 24, 2022. Since the EU has a common visa space, unilateral restrictions on visas imposed by some states will not facilitate the desired effect of the EU’s anti-Russian sanctions. Therefore, by the end of summer, proponents of greater sanctions pressure on Russia were seen discussing an EU-wide ban on issuing Schengen visas to Russian nationals. Predictably, Moscow took a very negative view of this idea, while the European ...


Is It Possible to Lift Sanctions Against Russia? — No

... a peace agreement. There will be no return to "pre-February normality". Instead of remembering a lost past, we will have to focus on creating a new future in which Western sanctions remain a constant variable. Why is the lifting of Western sanctions on Russia extremely unlikely? There are several reasons. Ivan Timofeev: The Policy of Sanctions and the Golden Horde Legacy The first reason is the complexity of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. It has every chance of being prolonged for a long ...


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