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Sanctions and Financial Crime: Together or Apart?

... challenges that are put forth by the Americans are relevant for our country. Xu Wenhong: The SWIFT System: A Focus on the U.S.–Russia Financial Confrontation Today, the United States occupies a leading position in the global financial system. The American ... ... infrastructure for the whole world. But there are also problems. The first is the use of financial leadership for political purposes. The USA is the largest initiator of economic sanctions. Unlike any other country, the United States can afford to effectively impose sanctions regimes beyond its borders, ...


Addressing Unresolved Challenges in U.S.-Russia Relations

... Both sides think that time is on their side. Any attempted “reset” therefore is unlikely until these views change. As U.S.-Russia relations will remain competitive and, at times, confrontational for the foreseeable future, the risk of Washington and ... ... group identified the strategic competition in the Western Balkans, the future of the nuclear non- proliferation regime, and sanctions as areas that could significantly impact U.S.-Russia relations in the future, but where Washington and Moscow lack clarity ...


What Opportunities are Opening up for Russia against the Backdrop of the Tech War between the U.S. and China?

... thoughtfully and astutely in terms of our diplomacy while being careful not to become too dependent on anyone or take sides While it may be a little early to talk about the emergence of a bipolar era in the tech world, the question of what policy Russia should follow against the backdrop of the confrontation between the two undisputed tech leaders (the United States and China) is more pressing than ever. Vassily Kashin of the Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) ...


Russia’s Position on the US–Iran Confrontation. Watching from the Sidelines

... involved in this conflict of two powers The escalation of tensions between Iran and the USA in January 2020 has once again raised the question of what positions will the influential... ... remained politically committed to the “Nuclear Deal”. Nevertheless, in obedience to US sanctions, E3 showed their inability to oppose the United States or lobby for a solution... ... transportation and naval escort to tankers, which has a negative impact on the market. Russia: watching from the sidelines Andrey Kortunov: The Astana Model: Methods and Ambitions...


International Security Implications of the US-Russia Contention Over the Nord Stream 2

... Embargo to Ostpolitik: The Political Economy of West German-Soviet Relations, 1955–1980 . — Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2003. 344 p. Zakonoproekt o sankciyah protiv sudov-truboukladchikov proekta gazoprovoda Severny potok-2. [Draft bill on sanctions against pipe laying vessels for the Nord Stream-2 project] . — O. Bakhtina. Neftegaz.RU, 01.06.2019 (in Russian). 1 . As Roberto Cantoni notes, those were not the only USA-proposed blockades aimed at hindering Soviet industrial projects: "…In 1946, a penicillin plant program launched by the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration to build up the capacity of the pharmaceutical industry in Eastern ...


The SWIFT System: A Focus on the U.S.–Russia Financial Confrontation

The more frequently the U.S. launches SWIFT-linked sanctions, the harder other countries will work on developing alternatives The SWIFT ... ... Europe imposed sanctions across multiple sectors, including financial sanctions against Russia. The goal of such an extreme measure was to cut off the Russian banks from the... ... SWIFT system so as to reduce the Russian customers’ concerns and need to change their usage habits. This system was put into use in 2015, and by 2018, there were 403 Russian...


Russia-2019: A Summing Up of the Economic Track-Record

Russia is approaching the end of 2019 with a set of important achievements that should form the basis for continued resilience ... ... credit growth going forward. The external backdrop in 2019 may be categorized as being broadly favourable, given the reduced sanctions pressure, the relatively comfortable level of oil prices (partly on the back of the OPEC+ measures) and increasing inflows ...


Sanctions Against Russia: DASKA Takes Heat from State Department Lawyers

The big question is whether congresspeople should spend their political capital on promoting a bill that needs so many amendments at a time when Russia as a topic for discussion has lost much of its former appeal The DASKA (Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act) bill has once again come under scrutiny. It was approved by the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. In theory, the sanctions bill “from hell” could be effectively enacted in the future. In reality, there are a number of major obstacles to this, among them, the executive branch’s objections regarding the viability of imposing more restrictions. They carry risks ...


Sanctioning the Pipelines: Implications for Russia, the EU and the U.S.

The key question is, would these sanctions really work and would Europeans abide by the U.S. restrictions? Russian energy export pipelines have been a potential target for U.S. sanctions for a long time. In 2017, Congress provided the U.S. President with the power to determine and sanction those who economically support such projects. This norm is a part of ...


A Bumper Year for OFAC

... was the US Department of the Treasury’s truly monumental efforts to collect fines from foreign businesses for breaching US sanctions. Such fines have long become an irritating risk. Although big fines worth several hundred million or even several billion ... ... tending to turn down a deal even if it sits perfectly well with the US legislation on sanctions. This policy has already hit some Russian companies and their foreign partners. Ivan Timofeev: Europe Under Fire from US Secondary Sanctions The most conspicuous ...


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