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Viktor Katona's Lecture “Not only Oil: The Hydrocarbon Market in the Era of Change”

V. Katona discussed the hydrocarbon market, which stands among the most important topics of contemporary economic discourse, with a focus on Russia’s position and development. On June 26, 2017 Viktor Katona , Oil Supply Specialist at the largest Hungarian oil and gas company MOL Group and Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) expert, held a lecture titled “Not Only Oil: The Hydrocarbon Market in the Era of Change” at the Library on Argunovskaya. V. Katona discussed the hydrocarbon market, which stands ...


Sanctions vs. Cheap Oil: What is More Dreadful for Russia’s Fuel & Energy Complex?

... in ( 2016 it dropped to USD 43 per barrel. One can say with certainty that even without such restrictions imposed against the Russian oil and gas sector, many of the projects from the sectoral list were going to be frozen in 2014-2016 for being unprofitable, for example, drilling in the East-Prinovozemelsky field in the Kara Sea (Rosneft and ExxonMobil project) and feasibility assessment of the Domanic deposits commercial development with Rosneft’s license ...


The Phoenix: Prospects of Egypt’s Oil and Gas Sector

... exporting infrastructure, and consequently, cheap resource production costs. It is possible that Russian companies would have expressed more interest in Egyptian projects, had the oil and gas prices been higher and the profits been greater. However, Russian companies have begun supplying oil and gas to Egypt. Rosneft and Gazprom signed contracts to supply LNG there. Rosneft’s LNG cargos of are delivered in accordance with a two-year contract , as well as bought on the spot market. It is worth noting that despite new gas discoveries, exporting natural ...


Oil and Gas Markets to 2025 - LUKoil

... kind for LUKoil, allowing one to peek at the global energy landscape via the lens of a Russian oil major. As usual, I also add extra weblinks and interesting info. Hence,... ... it ranks 11th. It is quite a remarkable rank considering that it is directly below Rosneft and near to 5th placed Gazprom. It shows that gigantomania is not key to success... ... Future" (Link to Full Book). LUKoil Report Link: "Global trends in oil & gas markets to 2025" Oil Prices are Up, Up, and Away! From today till 2025...



... and gas proven reserves, but these regions are extremely underdeveloped making casing, extraction and transport difficult. Key gas fields, like Kovykta, are isolated by taiga or encircled by canyons – these are not Gazprom friendly areas due to a ... ... 10 year dispute amid TNK-BP, Interros, Gazprom and other stakeholders, but a light at the end of the tunnel seems nearer as Russian politicians have stepped into to resolve some of the issues. Also, TNK-BP acquisition by Rosneft naturally resolves some of the long-lasting disputes. As the below map illustrates the extent of underdevelopment is quite ...


Oil and Gas Digest

... Surely this must mean that the deals are serious and will be carried out. Also, it has been reported that Russo-Sino pipelines could be extended to India increasing Russia's regional reach (See: RussiaIndiaReport). Overall, it will be key that Russia agrees a good price for its gas, as my previous blog's discussed, as it cannot end up in a situation whereby it subsidies China. - All Aboard Rosneft! TNK-BP Done Deal: The deal between Rosneft, BP and AAR Consortium, for the acquisition of TNK-BP by the former party was completed on 21 March (See: RT). Speculation over the possible acquisition were ongoing for a very long time - with many ...


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