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Naval forces of great powers

... Sea” (December 2020) is a document prepared jointly by the three naval services (Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard) as was the case of the previous two strategies in 2007 and in 2015. “Advantage at Sea” focuses on assertive power projection targeting China and Russia, which are leading peer military challengers of the US Naval Forces. The document stresses the importance of assertive, if not outright aggressive, power projection to targeting these countries and covered both blue water and littoral operations....


Sino-Russian Relations Are Still Not an Alliance, but They Are More Than Partnership

... between Russia and China. During the recent visit to China by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the two sides agreed to extend the treaty and enrich it with the essence of a new era. What is the essence of the new era? What is the trajectory of China-Russia relations in face of US hegemony? Global Times reporter Wang Wenwen interviewed Ivan Timofeev, Director of Programs at the Russian International Affairs Council, over these issues. Andrey Kortunov: Growing US Pressure Incentive to Make China-Russia ...


ChinaRussia Bilateral Cooperation in Africa

... report attempts to compare Russia and China’s views on the current state of affairs in African and their prospects moving forward. Experts have tried to juxtapose the strategies pursued by the two countries and assess the opportunities for expanding RussiaChina cooperation on the continent. The positions presented in this report reflect the different experiences of Russia and China in Africa, the unique features of their national political styles, and the asymmetry in the respective resource bases Moscow ...


Emissions Trading Systems: Trajectories for Development

... sufficient scope to create a platform for bringing the standards in national and regional ETS systems into greater conformity, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Yaroslav Lissovolik. Across the continent Eurasia, major constituencies such as the EU, China and Russia are forging ahead with their plans to develop an emissions trading system (ETS). The system works by putting a limit on overall emissions which is reduced each year. Within this limit, companies can buy and sell emission allowances – this ‘cap-and-trade’ ...


Growing US Pressure Incentive to Make China-Russia Ties More Diverse

... the US Democratic administration policy toward Russia and China contains more elements of continuity than elements of change. Unfortunately, this continuity is not something that they would like to observe in Moscow and Beijing. Zhao Huasheng: Should China and Russia Form an Alliance? If someone has hoped that a swift and unconditional extension of the New START agreement might trigger a renewed US-Russian dialogue on strategic stability and arms control, these hopes have gone up in smoke after the US president ...


Serbia’s EU accession: Pipe Dream or Possible Reality?

... be possible without Moscow’s consent. Thus, via Kosovo, Russia has an ace up its sleeve which it can use to bargain with the EU, and while this remains the case, Serbia’s accession into the block is littered with question marks. The influence of China Russia is not the only foreign actor which has influence in Serbia. China has recently taken a large interest, something very much to chagrin of the EU and Russia. It is rapidly increasing its Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Serbia , rising from €2....


Moscow Is Still Central Asia’s Top Security Ally

... safe than sorry. References Hedenskog, J.; Holmquist, E. & Norberg, J. (2019). Security in Central Asia. Russian policy and military posture. FOI - Swedish Defence Research Agency , 1-96. Korolev, A. (2019). On the verge of an alliance: Contemporary China-Russia military cooperation. Asian Security , 15(3), 233-252. Jardine, B., & Lemon, E. (2020). In Russia’s Shadow: China’s Rising Security Presence in Central Asia. Kennan Cable, 52, 351-368. Stent, A. (2019). Putin’s World. Russia against the ...


Sanctions Against Russia: A Look into 2021

Report 65/2021 Report 65/2021 The report analyses the application of foreign sanctions against Russian citizens, companies and economy sectors. It also considers global trends in the use of sanctions and restrictive measures against Russia within individual areas (the “Ukrainian package,” sanctions against pipeline projects, “cyber sanctions,...


EU-Russia Relations: What Went Wrong?

... fifteen to twenty years ago. Back then, it seemed that the EU would become a global player on par with the United States and China and come to unilaterally shape not only Europe but also much of Eurasia. It is now clear that such a goal is unfeasible: ... ... become possible to envision alternative means of organizing the continent’s political-economic space. When it comes to EU-Russia relations, then, the old framework is not just obsolete, it may even prove harmful, as it risks provoking new clashes. ...


RIAC and Carnegie Moscow Center Discussed RussiaChina Ties

... Kuzmina, Program Manager, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). Dmitry Trenin, Director, Carnegie Moscow Center, and RIAC Member, and Alexander Gabuev, Chair, Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program, Carnegie Moscow Center, discussed deepening of the Russia-China partnership, risks of growing dependence on China for Moscow, balanced foreign policy priorities and Europe’s vision. Video (In Russian)


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