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A Hazardous Game – The Strait of Malacca

... prolonged strategy of “multiplying its foreign linkages and reducing dependence upon any one partner”; whilst also varying supply routes via land and sea (Blank, 1991: 649-51; 2010). I have explored some of these partners in my older post (e.g. Central Asia or Russia; see: China Post), but extent of success via diversification depends on a heap of reasons. A lot will be down to future growth in demand, amount of oil needed to make $1000 of GDP (currently falling, which is positive), stability in other states, domestic output and so on. Still, China is calculated and will not abandon things to luck. In the 10th five-year plan (2001-2005) it has instigated an ambitious ...


Wary Bear and Shrewd Dragon

... Mitrova highlights (in reference to Simon Pirani's recent work), Central Asia has completely moved towards the Chinese market and we ought to blame the squabbling between the EU and Russia over gas matters, as whilst these were ongoing the gas/oil potential of Central Asia was lured towards China. As we are currently seeing the infrastructure is being reversed away from Europe to Asia, yet again underlining that EU's actions were once again detrimental to its energy security with an additional cost ...


European Energy Woes

... applied. In this post issues like energy weaponry (enormous logical fallacy in my opinion), market reforms, looming contract litigation, energy security, shale revolution and domestic challenges will be discussed. In this post I am joined by the Head of Oil and Gas at the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Tatiana Mitrova. This is the first of two posts from this special series, so keep tuned, please feel free to comment and enjoy! Personal Note: My regular readers ...


Wild World – Dr. Adrian Pabst Interview

... “security” in exchange for market outlets and inexpensive imports. Indeed, Russia sells military equipment and buys up central Asian energy to export it to the West, while it also imports cheap labour to compensate for its declining population. ... ... economic and security community. Thank You Dr. Pabst Igor Ossipov M.A. University of Kent & Higher School of Economics, Oil/Diesel Broker and RIAC Blogger.



... framework to my last posts with direct links to all the sources, for easy access, as this is a blog and it doesn't require academic rigour. Please see the following link for the Energy Policy journal article on which this post builds upon: "Oil & Natural Gas in Russia's Eastern Energy Strategy: Dream or Reality. Also, please feel free to comment or leave a like, its always more productive to engage in a discussion! Route 2030: Dream or Reality? The rising politicization of Euro-Russian ...


Oil and Gas Digest

... 'how good was my sandwich', but rather form it into a serious research and database tool. I also realised that I could share further, thus I am introducing my First RIAC Monthly Digest. My aim here is to recap, analyse, and offer links to top: Oil&Gas News, Pictures & Videos, from experts and institutions I follow. Also, please feel free to leave a comment below! March's Top News: - Xi Jinping... From Russia With Love: Xi Jinping visit to Russia was highly symbolic, as is the ...


Central Asia: Energy Meadow – Dr. Rico Isaacs Interview

... (oil and gas) to meet domestic demand as well as its contractual obligations it has already signed, particularly with the E.U., without having to raise prices domestically which causes political problems. This is why Russia wants to maintain access to Central Asian oil and gas, because it is a way for it to uphold its contractual obligations and to meet domestic demand at a certain fixed price. So this is how economics and politics interrelate. Future wise, it has been evident for a long time and I think the Russian ...


«Global & Russian Energy Outlook 2035» ERIRAS

... the Russian Foreign Policy: Opportunities and Threats» at the HSE, I was introduced to this insightful publication «Energy Outlook Until 2035». Today I wish to share its findings and conclusions with anyone who is interested in the oil and gas industry. Before commencing, I just want to give all the appropriate credits and the report link. Please Feel Free to Comment to Discuss! The report is a co-effort by the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the ...


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