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The EU Badly Needs Gas Talks

... deeply involved in gas negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in contrast to 2006 and 2009, when the Europeans deliberately avoided any kind of participation in such processes. But nowadays they appear to be seriously worried about their own continuous gas supply during winter. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich Yuri Borovsky: Can Russia–EU–Ukraine Negotiations on Gas Be Saved? The deeper they get involved in the details of the Russia-Ukraine dialogue, the clearer they perceive Kiev's attitudes and negotiating ...


Can Russia–EU–Ukraine Negotiations on Gas Be Saved?

... basis. Everything that has been achieved by Moscow and Brussels since 2000 as part of the Energy Dialogue has now essentially been frozen. The previous regular cooperation between the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine has ceased. How great is the damage caused by the halting of Russian gas supplies? The damage caused by the halting of Russian gas supplies will be significant for all sides. Around 70 billion cubic metres of gas per year is currently transported to countries in Western and Eastern Europe via Ukraine. In the short term,...


European Commission candidates’s foreign policies: Schulz softer, Verhofstadt harder on Ukraine

... the energy issue and the economic partnership with Russia, vital for his country and many others like Italy, currently lead by democratic prime minister and Schulz-backing Matteo Renzi. “Tough sanctions mean we should tell our citizens: higher gas prices, higher energy prices, and no investments of european companies in Russia. But we should also look for diplomatic solutions which always start with one thing, to look at the shared and common interests” he said. Germany is indeed the world’s first ...


Future Maps of Syrian Transport Corridors

... are chiefly Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Slovenia, Greece, Slovakia, and Germany are dependent on Russian gas imports to a lesser, although still significanct, extent (60-37 percent). Europe's desire to reduce its dependence on Russian gas by 2020 via energy savings, the development of alternative energy resources and supply diversification could see the volume of Russian gas imports fall by 45 billion cubic meters per year ( Qatar, the United States and Canada are also ...


Energy Outlook 2035 - BP

... Ruehl points out industrialization has always been about the “cyclical effect of energy usage”, as first countries use cheap dirty coal when they are not developed, then they shift to oil that stimulates demand and then finally to cleaner gas and green energy as they are no longer worried about expensive energy prices nor do their economies use that much energy to produce final goods due to efficiency. To gage the gravity of this development, for the fist time ever in history of mankind, there will ...


The Arctic Frontier - Armed with Cooperation

... struck the black gold, or more specifically gas, as this region is mostly a gas sphere. In contrast, the US, Canada and Norway have been doing so for ~20 years with success. Russia has only surveyed the Far East a little and is yet to find the critical gas hydrates. Secondly, as waters warm it may open up some industries like energy and shipping, but affect others like fishing. In warmer waters the fish will swim out more from the shores and out of the 200 nautical miles control. It might be startling for some, but Japanese and Korean vessels fish as far as the Barents Sea!...


A Hazardous Game – The Strait of Malacca

... recall in 2005 CNOOC tried to buy USA’s Unocal, but it failed spectacularly, as liberal mottos proved not as free as they sounds. Yergin (2011: 204-205) described the attempt well by saying that it was like – throwing a lit match into a gas filled room on top of Capitol Hill, as it instantly flamed a debate over energy security. So to put it crudely China is not allowed to buy firms so that it can import high-end technologies to better its domestic production (even if a firm like Unocal accounts for a mere 1% of the US output), nor can land adjacent Central Asia ...


Who Governs Global Oil Prices?

... legislation holds in the US, like the Dodd-Frank Act. If we look at the statistics for manipulators, its frankly shocking. Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) highlight that from 2008 there were no changes within expenses of exploration or production ... ... relatively recently let in another industry into the global casino with little gambling limits and about to invite its friend (gas). P.S. while writing this post I was considering doing a mirror post for oil's alternative, natural gas, ...


Oil and Gas Markets to 2025 - LUKoil

... it will reach 105 mb/d. Even though this is a substantial rise from already record breaking figures of about 90 mb/d, oil’s overall share in global energy utilization will actually fall as housing and power generation will substitute to cleaner energy like gas. Moreover, any reductions in total consumption are predicted to be evolutionary (e.g. better engines/tires) in contrast to radical revolutionary changes (e.g. new sources of fuel) as technology is near its peak and it will now slowly tidy up the small ...


Wary Bear and Shrewd Dragon

... its only natural room to manoeuvre seems northwards. Even if the world does not tremble, Russia fears that at the least Eurasia will shake. As promised, this is the second post in this special series and once again I am joined by the Head of Oil and Gas at the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Tatiana Mitrova. We discuss: sinicisation, geopolitical mistrust, energy deals, the Central Asian Ace & more! Please, feel free to comment & enjoy! Personal Note: This is the second ...


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