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Sanctions Activity of the US and the EU in Regard to Russia: Consequences for Arctic Projects

... sanctions pressure on Russia. In 2014, the US and the European Union (EU) introduced restrictive measures against the Russian Federation, which are actively associated with a notion of sanctions in the foreign doctrine [ 1 ]. Ivan Panichkin: Arctic Oil and Gas Resource Development: Current Situation and Prospects? However, it should be noted that the prevailing point of view in the Russian legal doctrine is that the notions of sanctions and unilateral restrictive measures should not be confused. The ...


South Asian Gas Market: It’s Time to Mount an Offensive

The Specifics and Challenges of LNG Trade in the Region The fight for energy flows in South Asia has intensified to such a degree of late that it can be compared with the competition in the European market. Just like in Europe, gas contracts in the region reflect the strategic visions of the key geopolitical and regional players with regard to Southeast Asia’s development prospects. The Persian Gulf countries have historically been the main suppliers of energy resources to ...


The Fight for Nord Stream 2: The Interests of all the Players Involved

Who Will Benefit from the Construction of the Pipeline, and Who Will Not News about the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline can be heard almost every day, like reports from the front lines. In reality, the project is one of the primary areas in Russia’s fight against the United States. Washington has been critical of major Russian infrastructure projects in ...


Trio in Tehran

... additional sources of income as a transit country. Moreover, Armenia as the main rival of Azerbaijan pretends to play a similar role, though with obviously less success. Perhaps the main innovation of the trilateral negotiations was the project to create a gas corridor from Russia to Iran through the territory of Azerbaijan. It is difficult to call this result a breakthrough, but the successful implementation of the new project combined with the launch of the North-South transportation corridor might increase ...


Analysis: The King's Visit to Moscow is a Major Turning Point in Middle-East Politics

... reasons Saudi Arabia did not join the Astana initiative is that Iran is a founder. The Saudis does not fear a Russian influence in Syria, but they rather fear an Iranian one. Plus, Russians and Saudis have a lot to discuss and cooperate such as Oil and Gas markets, they have to deal openly at some point. It is in none favour to go into a confrontation in Syria or the Middle-East. As a result, the Saudis had started to view the Russian role in the Middle-East as stability guaranteer. The Saudis also ...


Viktor Katona's Lecture “Not only Oil: The Hydrocarbon Market in the Era of Change”

... the hydrocarbon market, which stands among the most important topics of contemporary economic discourse, with a focus on Russia’s position and development. On June 26, 2017 Viktor Katona , Oil Supply Specialist at the largest Hungarian oil and gas company MOL Group and Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) expert, held a lecture titled “Not Only Oil: The Hydrocarbon Market in the Era of Change” at the Library on Argunovskaya. V. Katona discussed the hydrocarbon market, which stands ...


Will the Pearl Reveal Itself: What is in Store for the Iranian Oil & Gas Industry?

... biggest refineries being the buyers (before, these refineries relied on Russian crude). Poland did not rule out the possibility of striking a long-term oil deal with Iran. In February 2017, news broke about Iranian crude sale to Belarus. Despite its huge gas reserves, Iran has never been a major gas exporter. Iran’s gas industry is primarily focused on the ever-growing local market. The gas is also essential for oil production, as 17% of the produced natural gas is pumped into the oilfields in order ...


Sanctions vs. Cheap Oil: What is More Dreadful for Russia’s Fuel & Energy Complex?

The new sanctions might become a significant problem for Russia’s energy projects New sanctions will be most severe in terms of the Russian economy and its oil and gas sector in particular. Russia-U.S. relations remain one of the key foreign policy issues. Events in Ukraine and Syria draw the attention of the international community from time to time, but they tend to be perceived as factors that impact the relations ...


The Phoenix: Prospects of Egypt’s Oil and Gas Sector

In less than two years, the hydrocarbon sector of Egypt passed two symbolic milestones. In 2014, the used-to-be-gas-exporter first became a net importer of natural gas. At that time, there was little prospect for Egypt’s oil & gas exporting potential. However, the discovery of the supergiant gas field Zohr in August 2015 and the events that followed reversed ...


State and Prospects of Russia–Turkey Energy Relations

... Turkey’s domestic demand for energy resources rose by 7 per cent [1] . This is in stark contrast to EU countries, where the general demand for energy resources has gone down. Up until 2014, the country saw a steady rise in the consumption of coal, natural gas and petroleum products; however, that trend was broken in 2015: coal and natural gas consumption decreased, while the demand for liquid hydrocarbon fuels continued to grow. In addition, energy consumption has continued to expand, although growth slowed ...


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