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Beyond the Vanishing Poles: The Pitfalls of Traditional Approaches to Understanding in International Politics

... This discussion unfolded with the active support of Europe, whose leaders until the end of the 2000s hoped to consolidate their association in order to rank among the leading participants in international life, equal in strength to the United States, China or Russia. In fact, it was Europe, its politicians and observers, that made the greatest contribution to the expansion of interpretations of what allows us to talk about a participant in international life as an independent pole. This gave them a little....


From the Middle East to Ukraine. A Milestone

... strategic costs of the conflict, despite its tactical advantages, have turned out to be even greater. The geographic proximity of the conflict and the more significant security risks in the event of an intentional or unintentional military clash with Russia play a role here. China, on the contrary, is strengthening its position. Beijing received the peace of its long borders in the north, a large Russian market, and a dispersal of American resources. It cannot be ruled out that in such conditions the United States and its ...


Past the Point of No Return

... Ancien Régime, but the reality is that its days are now numbered. Ivan Timofeev: Political Philosophy: An Attribute of a Superpower It was essential that in Beijing Chairman Xi and President Putin did not limit themselves do discussing the bilateral China-Russia agenda, no matter how important this agenda appears to be. On top of talking about trade, investments, R&D, education, hydrocarbons and agriculture, they two leaders also focused on more strategic issues related to the disintegration of the old ...


RIAC and CITIC Foundation for Reform and Development Studies Meeting

... Chairman of the Foundation, Ex-Chairman of CITIC Group, visited the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). During the meeting with Council leadership, participants discussed the prospects for cooperation between the Foundation and RIAC, as well as Russia-China relations in the changing world order. The parties expressed interest in the development of joint research projects.


The Lost Peace. How the West Failed to Prevent a Second Cold War

... power competition 1989 heralded a unique prospect for an enduring global peace, as harsh ideological divisions and conflicts began to be resolved. Now, three decades on, that peace has been lost. With war in Ukraine and increasing tensions between China, Russia, and the West, great power politics once again dominates the world stage. But could it have been different? Richard Sakwa shows how the years before the first mass invasion of Ukraine represented a hiatus in conflict rather than a lasting accord ...


RIAC at International Forum «RussiaChina: Business in a Multipolar World»

On September 28, 2023, Higher School of Economics hosted an annual international forum “RussiaChina: Business in a Multipolar World On September 28, 2023, Higher School of Economics hosted an annual international forum “RussiaChina: Business in a Multipolar World”. Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director General, spoke at the plenary session on ...


Syria–Turkey Relations: A Road to Normalization

... have been conducted away from public view, US attempts to contact its key regional adversary appears far from accidental. The move could have been prompted by changes in Iran’s relations with other countries, especially its evolving cooperation with China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. If any agreement has been reached (which is currently too early to judge), it would only boost Iran’s position in the region. The mere fact that the US is holding such talks indicates that it recognizes that regional changes ...


From Brasília to Beijing: Lula's Diplomatic Voyage Marks Brazil's Resurgence on the Global Arena

... among developing countries in solving global problems. Moreover, Lula's visit is seen as Brazil's return to the international stage as a major player as it seeks to strengthen organizations such as BRICS and mediate peace dialogue between Ukraine and Russia. Reuters Lula's "active non-alignment" strategy with China In April this year, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva visited China. After Jair Bolsonaro's low-key foreign policy Lula's trip to China was perceived by the Brazilian press as a symbol of the return of the South American giant to the world stage....


RIAC and China Economic and Social Council meeting

During the meeting with Council leadership, participants discussed the prospects for cooperation between CESC and RIAC and other Russian think-tanks and academic institutions, as well as Russia-China relations in the global context On September 18, 2023, a delegation of China Economic and Social Council (CESC), headed by Zhang Qingli, Chairman of the CESC, Vice Chairman of the All-China Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative ...


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