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‘Being in Order’ Also Means Being in the World Order

Fyodor Lukyanov: Understanding the Chinese view is the key to being able to look differently at one’s place in the world and what kind of the world is preferable to us Russia and China have a truly unique role in the international arena, which makes their relations a huge and very complex topic. Neither country accepts subordination to anyone or to each other. China is unable to be a junior partner, and the same goes for Russia....


How SCO Contributes to Security in Eurasia

... Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on the SCO to take the region’s security into its own hands. Since its creation in 2001, the SCO has grown from a narrow regional bloc designed to ensure security along the perimeter of the post-Soviet states and China (the terrorist attacks on the U.S. in 2001 only accelerated this integration) to a structure that claims to be a comprehensive guarantor of Eurasian security. The framework was later joined by Iran, as well as by India and Pakistan, even if they ...


RIC Trilateral Cooperation Needs Enhancement

Can Moscow make a meaningful contribution to an improvement in China-India relations? Obviously, the future of Eurasia largely depends on China and India. These two nations demonstrate remarkable resilience in their economic, technological, political, cultural and spiritual growth and maturation. Undoubtedly, their ...


China in the Gulf: Tried Its Best, You Know the Rest

Beijing is rather reluctant to get deeply involved in intra-regional politics in the Middle East, as this could provoke new tensions with the U.S. The current escalation in the Middle East has been described by many as a test of influence for China. For example, the media repeatedly suggested that the United States asked China to put pressure on Iran during the latest rounds of escalation, especially after the Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. Yet, if compared to Qatari,...


CASS Delegation Visit to RIAC

... discussed the prospects for expanding cooperation between the think tanks, as well as topical issues of Russian-Chinese relations and global agenda. The meeting took place ahead of the 9 th International Conference of RIAC and CASS "Russia and China: Cooperation in a New Era".


How important is China for Russia?

Andrey Kortunov, Academic Director from Russian International Affairs Council spoke to CGTN Europe on Putin’s visit to China. Andrey Kortunov, Academic Director from Russian International Affairs Council spoke to CGTN Europe on Putin’s visit to China.


Six Reasons for Vladimir Putin to Go to China

The trip is likely to be quite special and important In mid-May Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will fly to China on an official state visit. A sceptic would say that this visit is not really a big deal: the Russian leader and his Chinese counterpart, Chairman Xi Jinping had bilateral meetings at least forty times since 2013, when Xi was first elected as Chairman ...


U.S. Recent Plans in National Air Defense: The East Asia Dimension

... Almost 17 years ago, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointed out that the intensive deployment of the theater missile defense system in the Asia Pacific calls global strategic stability into question, because it could be used against Russia and China. In 2018, the head of Russian diplomacy insistently urged Japan to enter into a dialogue about the U.S. plans to create a global missile defense system to prevent violation of Russia’s interests, in accordance with the principle of indivisible ...


China in the Mashriq: New Best Friend

Beijing offers an alternative to past approaches for the Mashriq states, which have spent many years grappling with internal and external challenges On November 30, 2023, the Chinese Foreign Ministry published five points of China’s position on resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Namely, China called for stopping hostilities, protecting civilians, providing them with humanitarian aid, expanding international diplomatic coordination, along with seeking a common political ...


‘‘Third Decade of the 21st Century Promises to Be Very Turbulent’’: On a New Global Order and Its Nuclear Dimension

... political camps, particularly the United States and the USSR, started. This order was maintained by their mutual nuclear deterrence in a politically and ideologically divided world. As a result of the efforts of the Soviet Union, in East European countries, China and several other states Communist parties came to power, and global socialist system emerged. In the rest of the world, under political, ideological, military and economic leadership of the United States market relations were being developed, military ...


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