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Settling the Syrian Conflict Amid the Ukrainian Crisis: Political Economy Perspective

... resolving the Syrian crisis. Economic reintegration may prove to be a catalyst for the peace process. This working paper presents a political economy model for the settlement of the situation in Syria. The author explores the positions of Russia, Iran and China in Syria and their points of interaction. Possible scenarios for the development of the situation in Syria are analysed in detail, as are the modalities of the impact of the Ukraine crisis on the configuration of external actors of the Syrian conflict....


EU-China Relations and the Future of Multipolarity. What Is Germany’s Choice?

The European-Chinese diagonal in the geometry of world politics is no less important than U.S.-China, Russian-American or Russian-Chinese relations European-Chinese relations have been on pause since the end of 2020. The politicisation of interaction, caused both by objective disproportions in the development of trade and investment partnerships,...


Logistics as a Factor in Russia’s “East Policy”

... towards partners in Asia. Logistics has been transforming alongside this shift. This process may be labeled a “freight pivot to the East.” It became possible because the West’s expectations of Russia’s trade ties being cut failed: Asian partners (China, India and ASEAN in particular) continued to actively trade with Russia. The Russian market was expected to crash, but the Russian economy persevered instead—when the ruble began to grow stronger, it turned out that the population’s demand for ...


A New Western Cohesion and World Order

... Collective West. Is current Western unity incidental or strategic? Is it transient or long-standing? How much do the interests of the major power centers of the Collective West diverge? How likely is this unity to extend to subsequent engagement with China as a major strategic adversary? What are the prospects for a significant number of states in the Global South to join the Western consensus? The author’s analysis aims to outline a possible interdisciplinary discussion that could provide answers ...


China’s 100-year Plan in Ukraine

While Xi Jinping may respect the legitimacy of Russia’s actions to protect its national interests and security in the face of external forces, he has a greater interest in having a bird’s eye view of China’s greatest costs of war During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States competed for global supremacy numerous times by waging proxy wars around the world; Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Angola being the most notable. Today, Russia has ...


Military Aspects of Russia’s Stance in the Arctic

... activities of other nations. Amidst the cessation of investment and technological cooperation with the West, the key transport, energy and infrastructure projects in the Arctic need to be revisited. The emphasis on interaction with Asian partners (primarily China, India, ASEAN and countries of the Middle East) is undoubtedly justified by the logic of forming a workable alternative to Western domination. However, the most important financial, technological and logistical issues are yet to be addressed, to ...


Russia Facing China: Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella?

It is hard to imagine a situation where Vladimir Putin, or even one of his likely successors, would willingly sacrifice the country’s sovereignty and independence, even for the sake of promoting cooperation with China Whenever I read another Western report on the prospects of Russian-Chinese relations, the old children’s fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood involuntary springs to my mind. In this well-known story, a little girl walks through a dense forest ...


The dimensions of BRICS geography

... as a defining and unifying feature of BRICS there is the simple fact that BRICS are among the largest countries by territory in the world. In particular, Russia is the largest country with a landmass of more than 17 million squared kilometers, with China taking the 3rd position, Brazil and India taking the 5th and 7th spot respectively. Furthermore, the top three spots in the world in terms of the number of countries that border the respective economies are taken by BRICS economies — China and ...


Nuclear War — a Hypothetical Scenario or a Real Threat? RIAC Urban Breakfast

... system of control and limitation of nuclear weapons. The participants assessed theoretical and practical approaches to considering the likelihood of a nuclear war. Other issues included most pressing challenges between Russia, the United States, and China in the field of nuclear arms limitation and control. Key talking points: Aleksandr Ermakov The aggravation of the current military and political situation in the world over the past few years notwithstanding, the issue of nuclear weapons would ...


Russia’s Turn to the East: Between Choice and Necessity

... percent of investments in the Far East were of domestic origin. It is possible that precisely because of its limited economy, the “turn to the East” strategy in its concrete expression did not go beyond the establishment of really strong ties with China, together with which Russia has now begun to solve the really important problems of the international order. In all other respects, the “turn to the East” remained a rhetorically important but poorly implemented sphere of activity for the Russian ...


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