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Great Powers and Their Allies: The Experience of Global Confrontation

... are only three states in the world that are of fundamental importance for international politics, it is them that we compare in relation to the phenomenon of allied relations. The United States, of course, is far ahead of its opponents — Russia and China. Over the past decades, America has been able to establish formal allied relations with more than ¼ of the world’s countries. This system of alliances allows the United States to confidently control the situation on its periphery and in Europe,...


RIAC and SIIS experts compared notes on the Middle East

On March 23, 2023, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Shanghai Institute of International Studies (SIIS) held an online joint round table on “Russia-China Cooperation in the Middle East: New Dynamics and New Opportunities” On March 23, 2023, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Shanghai Institute of International Studies (SIIS) held an online joint round table on “Russia-China ...


Common Challenges Require Fundamental Change in International System

... speech at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in Moscow, where he outlined the vision of “a community of common destiny in which everyone has in himself a little bit of others.” Andrey Kortunov: After the Summit: Next Steps in China-Russia Cooperation This vision reflected a deep conviction that no nation in the world can prosper and thrive when others suffer and stagnate, that no country should use its economic, political, or military power to dominate the international system,...


Russian and Chinese Economies Complement Each Other Perfectly

Today, leaders from China and Russia are looking at the medium-term perspective, and cooperation plans already cover the entire current decade On March 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The meeting was anticipated to be ...


After the Summit: Next Steps in China-Russia Cooperation

... Some of the pending tasks to be addressed after the summit look quite challenging. For instance, the two sides have to proceed with the ongoing transition to national currencies in bilateral trade. Currently, about half of the trade between Russia and China is carried out in rubles and renminbi. However, if one excludes energy, the share of national currencies in the bilateral trade appears to be much less impressive. The reliance on the U.S. dollar as the prime means of payments makes many Chinese ...


More dialogue, less domination

... Partnership of Coordination for the New Era, which publicly mentioned the U.S. seven times. For example, the two sides pointed out that the U.S., was clinging to the Cold War mentality, and destabilizing the world for its unilateral gain. How do we make of China and Russia's frequent mention of the U.S.? Sergey Sanakoev: Russia and China have no illusion about what is happening right now in the world. We declared that after the World War II, only the United States of America opened more than 70 military ...


A lot from China-Russia cooperation can be used by other international actors across the world

... interest. When Global Times reporter Bai Yunyi (GT) traveled to Moscow this week to cover Xi's visit, she interviewed Andrey Kortunov (Kortunov), academic director of the Russian International Affairs Council, who shared his views on issues surrounding China-Russia relations, the Ukraine crisis, and challenges that the world is facing today. GT: What do you expect from the Chinese President's visit to Russia? How will this visit affect China-Russia relations? Kortunov: This trip will be very important ...


Much to Expect from Chinese President's State Visit to Russia

The state visit vividly demonstrates the importance of China-Russia strategic partnership and how strong their partnership is, which also sends a particular message to the U.S. and their allies Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to Russia will largely have symbolic meaning, confirming Russia's priority ...


China-Russia summit: What economic goals ahead?

The meeting between the leaders of China and Russia will present an opportunity to build on the strong momentum in boosting bilateral economic cooperation The visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Russia to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to feature a wide range of ...


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