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The Future of the Middle East: Horizons of Challenges and Opportunities

... the MENA horizon. For example, Russia and the MENA hydrocarbon exporters face the common challenge of the global energy revolution. Joint preparation for this inevitability in the future may turn out to be no less important than reaching agreements on oil extraction quotas in the OPEC+ format. The report describes the problems of asymmetry in relations between the countries of the MENA and China. Russia could turn out to be quite a good actor, offering its partners in the region a connection to multilateral structures (for example, to the SCO or BRICS+), where Beijing's inevitable dominance would be mitigated by the specifics of decision-making ...


Africa: the Pearl of the U.S. Energy Strategy

... that foreign technology and expertise reach 23 African countries in order to provide them with 30 gigawatts of clean power generation. “Fake it till you make it” REUTERS/Stringer Dmitry Borisov: The Dragon in Djibouti: the Shifting Tides of China’s Strategy The current plummeted oil price presents a window of opportunity for the USA to build an extensive National Energy Strategy previously elaborated by the Bush administration and engage African producers in governance reforms in order to help them avoid reliance on lending from ...


Does the World Need More Oil?

... become panic-stricken too. This may provoke a sharp outflow of investment, which took so much effort to attract in the first place, and deliver an even greater economic slowdown. Against this background, expecting any significant increase in demand for oil from China seems rather unreasonable. We can hardly expect a significant increase in imports by the second main oil consumer – Europe. The economies of most EU countries are facing a gradual slowdown: in the second quarter their GDP growth fell to 0....


Energy Outlook 2035 - BP

... they will not be able to export as much due to domestic needs, etc. As a result, Russia’s net exports will meet 4.2% of world’s energy demand in 2035, which will be sent to Europe (still world’s largest importer of natural gas) and China (world’s largest oil importer). Oil production will be dominated by USA, Saudi Arabia and Russia, with well over a third of global liquids coming from these three powers. At a rate of 11 Mb/d by 2035 Russia will only trail Saudi Arabia and the US. BP anticipates that ...


Russia’s Energy Pivot to Asia

... Russia’s energy pivot to Asia is a very timely and well-planned strategy. 1 . W.K. Lászlo Varró, A.S. Corbeau Developing a Natural Gas Trading Hubin Asia Obstacles and Opportunities, IEA Publications, 2012 p.24 2 . D.Dyomkin Russia grabs China oil and gas export deals, Financial Post, October 22, 2013 3 . Rosneft President and Chairman of the Management Board Address to The World Energy ...


A Hazardous Game – The Strait of Malacca

... investments have occurred. So, if China continues to alter its pose it may well engage Russia as it is the most appealing long-term supplier. Russia holds huge oil/gas reserves, which are geographically close as it takes just 3-5 days for East Siberian oil to flow to China, in contrast to two/three weeks from the Middle East (Voice of Russia, 2012), and also as an added bonus US or NATO cannot defy Russian and Indian airspace to target future pipes. The prior paragraph hints about a possible alignment among China ...


Oil and Gas Markets to 2025 - LUKoil

... sulphur & nitrogen compounds than other fossil fuels) was quickly appraised. In fact, gas consumption will grow faster than oil utilization in the coming decade at an average annual consumption growth of 2.2%, with much of this growth being driven by China. LUKoil sees that for Russia this is not good news as it is yet to complete any big gas deals with China, while its traditional European market is forecasted to persist in being difficult. Although European production will actually decline and imported gas ...


Wary Bear and Shrewd Dragon

... their principles. This is why, distribution of economic capabilities in the near future will be vital as unless asymmetry is lessened, this relationship may not get very far, as asymmetry breeds conflict. Counter-Agent Dilemma & Subsidized Gas/Oil to China: The publicised and agreed energy deals with China are currently at the break-even point or just above it, which comparatively puts them on par with expensive Australian projects. If the market conditions do not worsen, these projects will recuperate ...


European Energy Woes

... litigation, energy security, shale revolution and domestic challenges will be discussed. In this post I am joined by the Head of Oil and Gas at the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Tatiana Mitrova. This is the first of two ... ... question and answer session is outlined with Dr. Tatiana Mitrova, whereas in the subsequent second post, coming later, we look at China-Russia. Europe-Russia ‘Special Deal Severed’: In normal day-to-day life Europe has a stable and diversified ...


Wild World – Dr. Adrian Pabst Interview

... anti-Russian, so too Moscow has become disillusioned with Brussels and shifted attention to its Eurasian backyard and beyond. Oil prices are part of the equation but by no means the main reason. Alternative projects such as the proposed Nabucco pipeline ... ... Middle East, so too Moscow is trying to diversify its sources of demand away from Europe towards Asia-Pacific (in particular China). While diversification makes both geo-political and geo-economic sense, there is no getting away from the mutual strategic ...


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