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Wary Bear and Shrewd Dragon

... monde tremblera" Napoleon Bonaparte The awakening of this old sleeping giant, or more accurately its re-awakening, has led much ink to be spilled and many keys to be worn-down. For many, this phenomenon was of great interest naturally due to China’s huge size and its equally large potential; especially, in contrast to the economically and politically stagnating West. However, for Russia, this re-emergence plays an exceptional role which stirs much uncertainty and mistrust, as once this ...

01.07.2013 13:01:00

European Energy Woes

... hope to share some of the findings and research conducted. In this first post of two-part special, a Europe-Russia focused question and answer session is outlined with Dr. Tatiana Mitrova, whereas in the subsequent second post, coming later, we look at China-Russia. Europe-Russia ‘Special Deal Severed’: In normal day-to-day life Europe has a stable and diversified supply structure. It is currently doing enough to diversify its supplies so it does not undermine its energy security,...

14.06.2013 00:32:00

Tetsuya Toyoda: Comfortable Confrontation between China and Japan

The collision of a Chinese ‘fishing’ boat into vessels of the Japanese Coast Guard in September 2010 near the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands triggered the rise of tension between China and Japan. After the arrest of the captain and crew of the boat, there was an uproar of violent protests all over China, demanding the return of their heroes as well as the ‘stolen’ islands. There was another round of violent protests ...

07.06.2013 12:20:00

Keun-Wook Paik: Sino-Russian gas cooperation: the reality and implications

... enough to spur Gazprom to pursue a 30 billion cubic metres/year (bcm/y) long-distance pipeline development. Even though Kovykta is under Gazprom’s control, Russia’s current priority is to develop Chayandagas and to export to Asia first. China’s demand for gas has increased significantly during the 2000s, and the development of the West–East Pipeline (WEP I) across the country during the first half of the decade laid solid ground for China’s natural gas expansion. This ...

07.06.2013 12:15:00

Tetsuya Toyoda: Does China help Japanese Conservatives in the Upcoming Election?

... promise of the LDP's different from the DPJ's. This is not the first time that international politics plays into Japanese domestic politics. During the Cold War, the Soviet threat helped the LDP's long reign. Now with the rise of China we are entering the age of New Cold War. How does it play out in Japanese domestic politics? In 1955, the LDP was established, three years after the end of the US occupation. It united the conservative political groups to compete with the rise ...

19.05.2013 07:51:00

Wild World – Dr. Adrian Pabst Interview

... diversity, Russia will never have a monolithic identity or single outlook. As the global centre of gravity shifts from the European Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, Moscow is likely to stop looking West and instead go East – as soaring trade levels with China already foreshadow. However, Russia remains a European power – part of Europe’s non-West alongside Turkey and Ukraine. Indeed, the country is anchored culturally and politically in the wider Europe, not in Asia. The problem is that ...

01.05.2013 17:46:00


... Masaryk University. Their recent article evaluates the difference between policy ambitions shown by Russia and the official “Energy Strategy to 2030” (ES-2030) publication; released in 2009. M. Mareš and M. Laryš argue that China’s rise is creating a great opportunity for Russia as an extra energy market, but at the same time, current conditions could quickly alter into economic as well as political risks. Both countries want to make sure that their interests prevail,...

12.04.2013 00:27:00

Oil and Gas Digest

... affairs"; this could be just rhetoric, but it still aids to dispel some peoples worry that Russia's Chinese neighbour could be a threat, while also calling for the final end of USA's hegemony (See: SCMP). Albeit, it is hard to see China not taking the lead regionally and globally in the future as it clearly dominates, particularly in the BRICs (economically and politically). The days of it being the young brother of Russia, are unfortunately gone (See: TheDiplomat). With the recent ...

02.04.2013 20:07:00

Shale Revolution – Full Steam Ahead!

... politically as well as economically, for energy independence, albeit some questions remain about the possibility of exporting shale - as many in the US argue it should be aimed predominantly at the home market. Non-US Shale Progress (Europe and Asia): China is eager to jump on the Shale Revolution and aims to produce 100 billion cubic meters by 2015. Firms like Shell, Chevron, Chesapeake Energy and Devon already participate in Asia through joint partnerships – as China’s command economy ...

15.03.2013 18:00:00

“New Great Game” players: Russia and China

In previous article we pointed out that players of a “New Great Game” are usually divided into two groups - US, UK and NATO, and Russia, China and SCO. As we described principles that form US strategy, it’s necessary to do the same thing with those who play on the “other side”of the game. Russia’s and China’s strategies are different, thus we can not call ...

18.02.2013 21:25:00

Central Asia: Energy Meadow – Dr. Rico Isaacs Interview

... some years in Central Asia, in particularly in Tajikistan, due to the civil war there and the fact that Russia was acting as a peacekeeping force. So its overall military interest is to continuously have a foothold in the region. However, the role of China in the region, the American war in Afghanistan since 2001 and the European Union which has been gaining an interest there since 2006-2007 in an attempt to exploit Central Asia’s need to diversify its energy exports – have impacted upon ...

18.02.2013 14:58:00

«Global & Russian Energy Outlook 2035» ERIRAS

... cars are a lot more powerful today than ever, but due to new efficiency designs, they only require an equivalent to the notably less powerful cars of the 1960’s to 1980’s. Moreover, albeit global energy intensity has fallen globally (even China and Russia has improved) due to technological innovation within efficiency, nonetheless it is unlikely to fall further as the opportunity cost for the next stage of efficiency is too high. Lastly, in regards to developing economies the demand is ...

18.02.2013 12:29:00

«Oil & Gas Dialogue» IMEMO RAN

As the world continues to scuffle against the most severe economic crisis, optimism remains thin in the air, conceivably as uncertainty is easier to sell. The IMEMO RAN forum was no different, as industry specialists pleaded for more assistance whilst the government officials naturally attempted to ignite market confidence. At the end, one could not ignore the sense that the both sides were exaggerating for their own vested interests. There will be no immediate Mayan apocalypse as some may have felt...

14.02.2013 17:17:00

«Eastern Siberia Oil & Gas Conference»

... do not breakeven; Krutikhin quotes Alexey Miller, Gazprom’s CEO, that by 2018 this sum could be a huge $127 billion for the whole sector. Krutikhin says the Eastern Expansion Project needs particular attention; for instance in respect to gas, China opposes paying over $290 per 1000 cubic meters, which is $110 cheaper per measure in contrast to the European consumers, whilst gas is also only really needed in Manchuria. So, not to exacerbate, resources must be price competitive to make alternatives ...

05.02.2013 15:42:00


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