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The Referendums for Reunification with Russia the geopolitical stakes of a democratic choice

... Russia represent almost half of the world's population and this episode once again underlines the new multipolar configuration, the disagreements on the interpretation of international law and the impossibility of isolating Russia despite pressure from Western governments. The European Union's proposal to sanction[vi] observers from EU member states who have been monitoring these referendums on the ground is an outrageous attempt at intimidation to prevent them from testifying to the reality on the ...


Global South Shows Resilience over Ukraine Issue

... delegations from Moscow and sign new agreements on cooperation with their business partners from Russia. In sum, the Global South so far has demonstrated a spectacular resilience in its commitment to stay out of the escalating conflict between Russia and the West. Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order This persistent resistance to the continuous pressure from the West calls for explanations. One of such explanations is a wide spread perception in the Global South that the Western approach ...


The New Big Idea: Friend-Shoring

... productivity growth that comes with economic integration.” But is friend-shoring truly a new paradigm in how economic alliances are forged and what kind of implications will it have for the future course of the global economy? Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order Arguably, friend-shoring is nothing new. Indeed, the Cold War period was precisely the pattern that reflected the division of the world economy on the basis of values/geopolitics rather than strictly economic considerations....


Europe “The starry heavens above me…”* A plea for awareness and peace

... border of the former German Empire was once located? Or how far to the northeast the village of Nimmersatt and the nearby coaching inn Immersatt actually lay? Nimmersatt was located at the northern tip of East Prussia, surrounded by the Baltic Sea to the west and Russia to the east and north. Russia – then Russian Lithuania – was our direct neighbor until 1918. The Memel territory was traditionally Prussian borderland, 120 km long and 40 km wide, stretching north along the Memel River. In 1422, the ...


2022: End of the End of History

The conflict between Russia and the West is likely to drag on for decades, regardless of how and along exactly what lines the conflict in Ukraine ends In 1989, the “short 20 th century” ended with the “end of history”—the victory of the Western capitalist world over the Soviet ...


Do We Have a Future?

Since everything is permanently flowing, only history, the past, can exist Before even addressing this question, a particularly relevant one, given the current frightening disorder and madness in most of our so-called ‘western world’, I must stipulate that the future does not exist, except in our minds. This makes the question redundant, unless we think deeply, and simplify. So do please try to read on. Explanation Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World ...


Why International Institutions Survive: An Afterword to the G20 Summit

... informally. Just a few days ago, another G20 summit took place in Indonesia — a meeting of the 20 supposedly most developed powers. These economies first convened 13 years ago to discuss the fight against the global consequences of the financial crisis in Western countries. This association is not a formal international organisation, unlike the UN or the World Trade Organization, and does not have its own secretariat or specialised agencies. However, in its composition, the G20 has turned out to be one ...


American Attempts to Preserve Hegemony Will Only Make the Transition to a New World Order Harder for Washington

... in world affairs, or is the perceived restoration of a unipolar world nothing more than a delusion created by the efforts of skillful illusionists from the White House and the State Department? The return of the unipolar world? Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order Most of the current talk about the resurgence of Pax Americana is in one way or another related to the unfolding conflict between Moscow and the collective West. There is a broad consensus in the expert community today ...


Liz Truss Is But a Symptom of Britain's Political Failures

... that the problem we face here is not only about the bad luck Truss had or the specific mistakes Truss made. Rather, the problem might have much deeper roots in the very foundation of the contemporary liberal political systems. Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order On one hand, universal imperatives of social and economic development call for long-term strategic planning that might almost by default imply that Western leaders should be ready to go for radical, painful and sometimes ...


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