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The Euro-Atlantic Security Formula: Stable Deterrence and Its Alternatives

... Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Stefanovich , RIAC expert, Prokhor Tebin , Ph.D. in Political Science, RIAC expert, Andrey Zagorsky , Ph.D. in History, Head of the Department of Disarmament and Confl ict Resolution, Center for International Security, Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO RAS). Defining the Problem Future scholars will probably study today’s relations between Russia and the West as a paradox. They will refer to them as an example of the nonlinearity of world politics, find in them numerous “black swans,” and write up countless dissertations on the unpredictability of relations between the great powers. Indeed, the Euro-Atlantic ...


Celebrating without Russia

... session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly was held in Finland's capital in early July, but the festivities turned pretty sour since Finland banned the entry of several members of the Russian delegation and Moscow refused to attend amidst the Russia-West relationship having become very problematic due the ongoing Ukraine crisis and sanctions. Here RIAC Program Manager Natalia Evtikhevich, PhD in Political Science, shares her opinion on the event, having participated in the Helsinki+40 seminar and ...


Helsinki +40 Seminar Held in Stockholm

On March 11, 2015, RIAC Program Manager Natalia Evtikhevich was in Stockholm to take part in a seminar “ The OSCE’s Role in Consolidating European Security ” held within the Helsinki+40 project by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly , the Swedish Parliament and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs ( UI ). The event was attended by Cochairman of “Helsinki+40” project Joao Soares, OSCE PA Secretary General Spencer Oliver, UI Director Mats Karllson and SIPRI Chairman...


Full-Frontal Attack: It’s Time for the “Pilots” to Think

Shuttle diplomacy exercised by European leaders gives us a phantom of a chance that we must not overlook The first impression from the Munich conference is that relations between Russia and the West are beginning to resemble a game of chicken. It is as if two airplanes are rushing towards each other head-on, and both crews refuse to deviate from their planned route. The only way for one side to win is for his opponent to lose. It is a virtually ...


Russia–West relations on Munich conference agenda

A round table discussion entitled “Russia and the West: the security relationship” was held on 6 February as part of the Munich Security Conference . The event was organised by the European Leadership Network , the Nuclear Threat Initiative ( NTI ) and the Russian International Affairs Council ...


Ukraine Crisis More Dangerous Than Cold War

Instead of a new Cold War, someday we could face a real, large-scale military conflict Since the crisis in Ukraine began, many have claimed that a new Cold War between Russia and the West already exists. This rhetoric, used even by high-profile politicians, in my opinion, is driven mostly by emotions and is meant to justify difficult positions taken by one or the other side. I am convinced that no Cold War of the type we experienced ...


Discussing the ELN Report: Methodology, Comparisons and Perspectives

Interview with Ian Kearns Recently the European Leadership Network issued an intriguing report analyzing military encounters between Russian and West in 2014 after the onset of the Ukrainian crisis. The RIAC team asked Dr. Ian Kearns, ELN Director, to shed some light on the methodology and tools used to create the report. Some questions on the period of the Cold War and the future of Russian-Western ...


From Munich to Sochi

... wide range of issues. Everyone who listened to the speech and the subsequent Q&A session seemed to hear only what they wanted to hear. Some observers concluded that the Russian leader had lost all hope of re-establishing any kind of a dialogue with the West, while others scanned the President’s words for signs that the country’s stance towards the West had softened – “signals” that he was willing to resume dialogue and reach compromises on a broad range of issues. I happened ...


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