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Istanbul Terrorist Attack: What Awaits Turkey and its Neighbors?

... 80. The tragedy took place on the busy pedestrian İstiklal Avenue, about 200 meters from the diplomatic quarter, where the Russian Consulate General and Trade Mission, as well as the Russian school, are located. Turkish police detained a Syrian woman ... ... about 25 others. No one has taken responsibility for the attack, but Ankara blamed the YPG for the explosion. Neither Turkey’s NATO allies nor most EU countries, which included the PKK in their terrorist lists, had any doubts about its terrorist component....


Russia-NATO International Expert Dialog Meeting on the Role of the United States in the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

On October 18, 2022, a regular online international expert dialog on Russia-NATO relations was held, bringing together experts, former diplomats and military, public leaders from Russia, the USA, and European NATO member-states On October 18, 2022, a regular online international expert dialog on Russia-NATO relations was held, bringing together experts, former diplomats and military, public leaders from Russia, the USA, and European NATO member-states. The ...


G20: Does Multilateralism Have a Chance?

..., in particular, in a radical change in the number of countries that supported anti-Russian resolutions six months ago and now (141 votes in March against 54 votes in August... ... Yugoslavia. This pushed that country to form separate, much weaker associations, and NATO ensured its further disaggregation by force. The reflections of that fire are still... ... long as its decisions brought benefits primarily to the developed countries like the USA and Europe. Similar stories can be told about almost any of the multilateral institutions...


Putin has proclaimed a new national idea for Russia as it abandons the dream of a Greater Europe

The Russian president’s most recent address proclaimed an updated vision for the country During his four terms at the helm of ... ... own travails in trying to forge a Greater Europe from Lisbon to Vlapostok, and his efforts to find a way for Russia to join NATO. A Greater Europe didn’t happen; a Greater Asia that includes Russia is de facto emerging. As to a Greater Russia, this ...


The Erosion and Undermining of the Transatlantic Relationship

From the point of view of Russia, everything that is happening is rather sad and telling What is telling about what is happening now in transatlantic relations is that a great power, in relations with its weak allies, inevitably faces the challenge of its own egoism, writes ...


Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 Over Ukraine?

... see eye-to-eye with me that we must not allow the explosive situation of the 1960s to repeat. It is important that not only Russia and the United States, but also other nuclear states, confirmed in a common statement that a nuclear war cannot be won ... ... confronting Russia. It is in a constant search for opportunities to achieve global military dominance. Over previous decades, the NATO military machine has approached Russia’s borders in several “waves”—where a powerful striking fist was raised over ...


25 trends in contemporary international relations and world development

... survival of the state. The EWS in Ukraine shows that the use of force is induced by the refusal to fulfill obligations under signed international agreements, such as Minsk-2.... ... Cold War. For example, the US withdrew from ABM, INF treaties and Open Skies, while NATO countries buried the CFE Treaty by refusing to ratify an agreement to adapt it... ... Treaty and the collapse of the USSR, as well as the expansion of the Alliance towards Russia's western border. 20. Power confrontation between states acquires the character...


Factors Influencing the World Order's Structure

The future international order from a Russian perspective The world order is changing after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The geopolitical competition and its ... ... instance, nuclear powers formally agreed that the only reason to strike is because of a direct threat to other's territory, NATO would lose much of its rationale. Great powers, inevitably, could potentially be drawn by their junior allies into an escalation ...


Six months into the conflict, what exactly does Russia hope to achieve in Ukraine?

... Economics and a Lead Research Fellow at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations. He is also a member of the Russian International Affairs Council. Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to Ukraine as an “ anti-Russian ... ... which amounted to a list of security guarantees for Russia. These included Ukraine’s formal neutrality between Russia and NATO (“ no Ukraine in NATO ”); and no deployment of US and other NATO weapons and military bases in Ukraine, as well as a ...


Why Russia Believes It Cannot Lose In The Armed Conflict in Ukraine

For Russia this conflict is about preservation not only of its elites, but the country itself.... ... think tank, Mr. Karaganov warned for years about a potential conflict in Ukraine over NATO expansion. Since the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February, he has... ... itself. Such a fight could not be won without losses. And I regret that tens of thousands of I.T. specialists have decided to leave for a better life. Though I know, as...


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