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Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

... Edward Heath, the last of the British Gaullist Mohicans, are long gone. The EU has expanded into an unmanageable plethora of states, with the Franco-German axis under permanent threat from Britain, Poland, and the Baltic states, who are America’s anti-Russian fifth column cheerleaders in the EU. Their main objective has been to prevent any serious form of EU supranational military co-operation, in order to keep NATO going, and to continue the Cold War. Fifteen years ago, I visited the British ambassador to Greece, former colleague Simon Gass. When I mentioned an idea for a solution to the Cyprus problem his immediate reaction, almost automatically spastic, was: ...


What Does NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan Mean for Regional Actors?

... Asian presence and appeases NATO allies. For Iran, collaboration with the Taliban allows for a greater influence in a territory previously occupied by adversaries while the flow of migrants may mitigate some of its own internal struggles. China and Russia, relieved that the NATO presence on their borders has been significantly diminished, still have a vested interest in the stability of Afghanistan. For China, the overwhelming majority of its concerns are economic. Stability will allow for greater investment in the region ...


These are Russia’s Three Strategic Goals in Afghanistan

... Kabulov made important statements. Mr. Lavrov warned against ISIS (banned by Moscow as a terrorist group) build-up in Northern Afghanistan, which he blamed on “the irresponsible behavior of some officials in Kabul and amid the hasty withdrawal of NATO”. Russia’s top diplomat went on to say that the “extended troika” of his country, China, Pakistan, and the U.S. will “seek to persuade political circles about the need to stop dragging out the negotiation process, and that agreements on a transitional ...


Russia’s National Security Strategy: A Manifesto for a New Era

... country, instead focusing single-mindedly on making themselves rich on the job. Money—or rather Big Money—has become that group’s top value, and the most corrosive element in today’s Russia. Therein lies perhaps the biggest vulnerability of modern Russia. On foreign policy, the strategy is fairly elliptic, but it gives a hint of what the upcoming Foreign Policy Concept might include. The United States and some of its NATO allies are now officially branded unfriendly states. Relations with the West are de-prioritized and those countries ranked last in terms of closeness, behind former Soviet countries; the strategic partners China and India; non-Western institutions ...


Sailing Into Troubled Waters. Russia Counters Britain in the Black Sea

... the ground, in the air, or at sea—would push Moscow to defend what it cannot give up without losing its self-respect. This would almost inevitably lead to clashes and casualties, which would carry the risk of further escalation. Should this happen, Russia-NATO confrontation would deteriorate literally to the point of brinkmanship, a truly bleak scenario. Red lines, of course, are not there to be accepted, merely acknowledged. No one in Moscow expects the West to accept Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea ...


“I’ll Be Fire”: Who Will Throw a Boot on the Remote Control?

... any other ship with a similar mission returns to the Black Sea and performs a similar manoeuvre. Russian planes take off again, ships leave. The foreign visitor is in the sights of coastal anti-ship weapons arrays. Suppose that a Briton or any other NATO representative behaves even more assertively, remembering all the mockery about the Russian warning fire, which allegedly did not exist. The parties are likely to make some noise and disperse again. But there are also direr, less likely ‘what if’ scenarios. For example, the pilot of an attack aircraft, tasked with dropping bombs ...


What Is Holding Back the Northern Sea Route?

... economic development and as a means to establish the state as a great power. The NSR and Russia’s Arctic borders are also essential to its military doctrine, maintaining second-strike nuclear capabilities on the Kola Peninsula and deterring enlarged NATO presence in the region. The Russian government has reiterated in consecutive strategic policy documents that the NSR will play a key role in the country’s future economic plans.Source: TASS Development of the NSR has received high-level support for many years but the returns on ...


The Law, the Rights and the Rules

... the same yardstick to everybody, so that everyone falls into a single file. While reflecting on linguistics, worldview, sentiment, and the way they vary from one nation or culture to another, it is worth recollecting how the West has been justifying NATO’s unreserved eastward expansion towards the Russian border. When we point to the assurances provided to the Soviet Union that this would not happen, we hear that these were merely spoken promises, and there were no documents signed to this effect. There is a centuries-old tradition in Russia of ...


NATO’s Cypriot Trick

... personal conversations in which Gorbachev and other Soviet leaders were assured that the West would not take advantage of the Soviet Union’s weakness and willingness to withdraw militarily from Central and Eastern Europe.” Whatever the polemics about Russia’s claim that NATO broke its promises, the facts of what happened following the fall of the Berlin wall and the negotiations about German re-unification strongly demonstrate that Moscow felt cheated and that the NATO business and military machine, driven by a jingoistic ...


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