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The Erosion and Undermining of the Transatlantic Relationship

From the point of view of Russia, everything that is happening is rather sad and telling What is telling about what is happening now in transatlantic relations is that a great power, in relations with its weak allies, inevitably faces the challenge of its own egoism, writes ...


Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 Over Ukraine?

... Let me elaborate on my point. Washington withdrew from the treaties in order to gain security advantages, especially in confronting Russia. It is in a constant search for opportunities to achieve global military dominance. Over previous decades, the NATO military machine has approached Russia’s borders in several “waves”—where a powerful striking fist was raised over my Motherland. How should we have reacted? We warned our colleagues that such steps were counterproductive, increased the risk of an arms race, and we could not ...


A New Western Cohesion and World Order

... prevent a Russian military victory. Further differences between the United States and its allies on the optimal military posturing of the West cannot be ruled out either. While some American policymakers may consider a limited nuclear conflict between Russia and NATO acceptable, they are unlikely to find likeminded partners on the continent, where the probability of nuclear exchange would be the highest. Even more challenging is the task of economically and technologically containing China. Attempts to isolate ...


25 trends in contemporary international relations and world development

... understood under the term “indirect aggression.” On the surface, the hybrid war serves as a substitute for the "big war", say, in Europe, but, as this year's events show, it still balances on the verge of a direct armed conflict between Russia and NATO with the prospect of nuclear escalation. 21. There is no doubt that the West's willingness to use military force arbitrarily, bypassing the UN Security Council, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria, reduces the incentives for states to comply ...


Military Aspects of Russia’s Stance in the Arctic

... of “denying Russia’s claims,” we see the redoubling of efforts to transfer the agenda of multilateral cooperation in the Arctic to exclusive platforms like Nordic Plus , where Moscow is not even invited. The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO apparently threatens Russia’s interests in the Arctic, given that the Alliance may one day deploy military assets in their territory, including strike capabilities. The mounting potential for conflict in the Arctic, due to a predictably higher intensity of air-force and ...


Constructing Security: Why Agreement on the Zaporozhye NPP Is So Necessary?

... movement on the conflict in the West either. The latest confirmation of the impasse is the recommendations on security guarantees for Ukraine , recently presented by Andriy Yermak, head of Ukraine’s presidential office, and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former NATO Secretary General. Whereas earlier drafts of prospective guarantees allowed for Russian participation, this is no longer an option. While security guarantees were previously seen as an alternative to Ukraine’s accession to NATO, these are now perceived as a temporary measure only, to be in place until Kiev finally emerges as a ...


Andrey Kortunov Speaks at Riga Dialogue 2022

... Initiative, European Leadership Network, and the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Russian International Affairs Council has been participating in Riga Dialogue summit since 2015. This conference addressed the issues of the future of relations between Russia and NATO, the fate of the OSCE and other pan-European institutions, EU anti-Russian sanctions, and possible scenarios for the end of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, spoke at the meeting.


Factors Influencing the World Order's Structure

... This is the main paradox of international politics with which we will have to deal in the years to come as great powers will have to balance their political ambitions with the possibility of fulfilling them without the risk of mutual destruction. The Russia-NATO clash over Ukraine is one of many including this choice. The Global South’s interests will be a weighing geopolitical factor in the years to come In all other aspects, our world's future looks less daunting than the various concerns so prominent ...


Six months into the conflict, what exactly does Russia hope to achieve in Ukraine?

... Putin’s game plan, but it laid out his basic thinking on Ukraine. Last December, Moscow passed on to Washington a package of proposals, which amounted to a list of security guarantees for Russia. These included Ukraine’s formal neutrality between Russia and NATO (“ no Ukraine in NATO ”); and no deployment of US and other NATO weapons and military bases in Ukraine, as well as a ban on military exercises on Ukrainian territory (“ no NATO in Ukraine” ). While the US agreed to discuss some military technical ...


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