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Shared Territorial Concern, Opposition to US Intervention Prompt Russia’s Support to China on Taiwan Question

... Saakashvili to launch a military operation against South Ossetia including killing some Russian peacekeepers stationed there. But when Russia interfered to stop and to roll back the Georgian offensive, unfortunate Saakashvili was de-facto abandoned by Washington.... ... 2019, President Donald Trump promised his full support to Juan Guaidó, Head of the National Assembly in Venezuela, in his crusade against President Nicolas when the government of Maduro demonstrated its spectacular resilience. Juan Guaido very soon almost ...


Iran in the SCO: a Forced “Look East” Strategy and an Alternative World Order

... Iran’s membership in the SCO had been removed so that Iran’s SCO membership could be finalized. Besides, throughout this year, Russia has repeatedly urged to endorse Iran’s bid for SCO membership. Intrinsic Motivation Endorsing Tehran’s bid for SCO ... ... parties is so low after Donald Trump’s demarche that the prospects for new agreements are increasingly elusive. Ivan Timofeev: USA-Iran: Why Is the Deal Stalled? All the more so since Iran is demanding security guarantees from the U.S. so that the incident ...


Russia’s War on Terror(ism)

... resurgence of Isis-K attacks and the rise of militant factions have emphasized the need for other international actors to fill the void left by the United States and map out a strategy for Central Asian stability. In the words of President Vladimir Putin of Russia , the US withdrawal has opened “a Pandora’s box full of problems related to terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime and, unfortunately, religious extremism”. What if Afghanistan turns out to be a hotbed for international terrorism? Andrey ...


The Complex World Order

... larger ones like the SCO. The diminishing of U.S. power in trade and military leads to interactions between mega-regions, regions, states, provinces, and cities in ways that increasingly bypass the USA. Multiplex A multiplex theatre is a huge building with a plethora of scenes, big and small. Actors from all over the world can join and mix on these many scenes in ever new ways. The world ...


Davis Center Discussion "The Taliban Takeover and Central Asian Security: What Will Russia and China Do?"

... Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University held a public international expert discussion on the topic: "The Taliban Takeover and Central Asian Security: What Will Russia and China Do?" Foreign affairs analysts from Russia, China, the USA, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan took part in the online discussion. Russia’s position on the new government in Kabul was presented by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General. Video


Should Russia Be Worried by the New AUKUS Alliance?

... political alliance consisting of the United States, Australia, and the UK (AUKUS) and the corollary rupture of France’s “contract of the century” to build a new generation of diesel-powered submarines for Australia elicited mixed reactions in Russia. Some were pleased to see a conflict arise between the United States and France, while some expressed concern that the alliance targets Moscow just as much as it does Beijing. Others were worried about the implications of the U.S. decision to share ...


Are Rules of the Game Possible in the Era of Nuclear Weapons?

... necessary to search and establish relatively stable rules, at least at the highest level, regulating the inevitable competition. The question is, to what extent are such rules really necessary for the survival of those who can create them? The official Russian doctrine is based on an unquestionably positive answer to this question and regards the UN Charter as a set of general “laws” for the world of sovereign states. China and most countries in the world follow the same approach. The United States ...


The Kortunov Global Affairs Debates: Economic Inequality and the Rise of Populism Worldwide

ep 28, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), and the Center for the Support and Development of Public Initiatives Creative Diplomacy (PICREADI) welcome you to The Kortunov Global Affairs Debates . The Debates are conducted in the format of a rhetorical ...


Interpreting the Biden Doctrine: The View From Moscow

... involvement. It is focusing even more on strengthening the home base. Overseas, the United States is moving from a global crusade in the name of democracy to an active defense of liberal values at home and Western positions abroad. Afghanistan has been ... ... ideological, and strategic focus of U.S. foreign policy has shifted. China is the main—some say, existential—challenger, and Russia the principal disrupter. Iran, North Korea, and an assortment of radical or extremist groups complete the list of adversaries....


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