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Consequences of Europe's Strategic Failure

Whether many of us in Russia are ready to admit it or not, the position of Europe in international politics will inevitably become an important issue of theoretical and practical significance Whether many of us in Russia are ready to admit it or not, the position of Europe ...


Baltic Sea Region: New Realities and New Problems

... opposite – a mighty cold wind is raging over the Baltic Sea and the countries adjacent to it. First of all, there was consolidation of the positions of the West – after Finland joined NATO and Sweden applied to join, all countries in the region, except Russia, became members of the two most influential Western associations – NATO and the EU. Russia does not have such acute contradictions with Sweden and Finland as it does with Ukraine, but the positive potential of their non-aligned policy has now ...


Total Revisionism of World Politics

... place in the world will be rapid and dramatic - revisionism by its nature does not imply sudden movements. We see how cautious Russia and the United States are about the likelihood of an escalation of their differences in Eastern Europe. China and the United ... ... showing serious restraint and skilfully resolve their differences without bringing them into direct conflict. The fact that thousands of human lives become the price for general revisionism is a huge tragedy. But in conditions when a major conflict is impossible ...


The US could have ruled the world, but this one element ruined it all

... of respect and goodwill that many other countries initially had for them. In Ukraine, the geopolitically and geo-economically sound idea of a militarily neutral country enjoying the trade, investment, and logistical benefits of its position between Russia and the European Union was dismissed by Washington as “giving the Kremlin a veto right” over its neighbor’s security status. Instead, NATO’s unrestrained expansion was upheld as almost a sacred principle. This led to an outcome that many ...


Spokes versus Axes: Modalities of Regional Security in Northeast Asia

... topic of alleged military-technological cooperation between Russia and the DPRK or China and the DPRK, in order to build anti-Russian and anti-Chinese sentiments in the Republic of Korea and Japan In foreign media and academic articles, they increasingly ... ... should close their ranks even more. Such reasoning is constructed for some alternative reality as it suffers from a lack of causality. More so, it is absolutely unclear why the formats of cooperation between “liberal democracies” are so much better ...


U.S. War Hawks Use Israel’s Gaza War to Restore Funds for Ukraine Proxy War

... bolstered Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and met with Israel’s war cabinet to demonstrate U.S. support for Netanyahu’s goal of “exterminating Hamas.” Biden made the case for linking aid to Israel to providing more funds for the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, which has come under fire in Congress. The ouster of Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on October 3 has plunged the House into chaos. The issue identified by those behind his ouster was made by Rep. Matt Gaetz, who criticized ...


US trying to maintain hegemony but its advantages are fading

... political advantages The US has always been seeking Roman empire-style global hegemony, but in fact it has been losing its financial, economic, and political advantages, said Kirill Babaev, director of the Institute of China and Modern Asia at the Russian Academy of Sciences, at an academic forum on Thursday gathering scholars from China, Russia and the US at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China. Babaev told the Global Times that the balance of the world is ...


Beyond the Vanishing Poles: The Pitfalls of Traditional Approaches to Understanding in International Politics

... 1980s none of the parties to the global conflict had the ability to conduct active offensive operations and, in fact, both the USA and Europe, as well as the USSR became powers with a permanent status, concerned with maintaining their position in the world ... ... association in order to rank among the leading participants in international life, equal in strength to the United States, China or Russia. In fact, it was Europe, its politicians and observers, that made the greatest contribution to the expansion of interpretations ...


From the Middle East to Ukraine. A Milestone

The cost of a conflict with Russia for the United States will be measured not only and not so much by support for Ukraine, but also by the enormous cost of containing the Russian-Chinese tandem The aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is an indicator of the growing ...


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