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Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

... hounding out of a further sixty thousand Turkish citizens of Greek stock and of the Christian Orthodox Church. Less than two thousand remain today. And all this, just so the plucky British could hang on to Cyprus for a little longer, just as they are so ... ... best example is that UK Special Forces are about to concentrate on some ‘new covert counter-state tasks’ with a focus on Russia and China, according to Royal Marines Brigadier Mark Totten. This is designed to appeal to the more nationalistic and uneducated ...


The Ten Aporias of Our Time. The Theory and Practice of Nuclear Deterrence

... sanction to launch a nuclear strike [ 18 ]. In the case of the two superpowers, this is not only the decision on the life or death of their nations, but also on the survival of humanity. A massive nuclear strike exchange between the United States and Russia would wipe out hundreds of millions of people in the northern hemisphere in a matter of several hours. It would destroy everything that had ever been built there during the last thousand years and plunge the rest of the world into the Neanderthal state. That is the kind of power that the Egyptian pharaohs, Chinese emperors and European kings of the past could not even dream about. However, every person has their weaknesses and can ...


Syria: Rules-Based International Order Creates Humanitarian Rule, Not Law?

... northwestern Syria – Idlib province. Control over the province is held by various anti-government and terrorist groups, principally Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, otherwise known as HTS (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, associated with al-Qaeda, banned in the Russian Federation). Humanitarian aid vs. sanctions Igor Matveev: Syrian Idlib: What’s Next? According to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, more than 70% of the population of northwestern Syria is in need of humanitarian assistance. These include ...


The IX Moscow Conference on International Security

On 22–24 June, 2021, the IX Moscow Conference on International Security was held in Moscow, Russia. High-level delegations from more than eighty countries attended it. The agenda of the conference included the most urgent problems and trends in the field on international military policy, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact, security cooperation,...


Pakistan’s New Geo-Economic Grand Strategy is Multi-Alignment at Its Finest

... Beijing and Moscow’s incipient ties with the Taliban. Upon these multipolar great powers establishing pragmatic political relations with the group, they were then able to seriously countenance the viability of trans-Afghan connectivity corridors. Russia is interested in reaching the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) through PAKAFUZ (which can also unofficially be conceptualized as N-CPEC+), while China is pioneering the so-called “Persian Corridor” to Iran via Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The U.S.,...


These are Russia’s Three Strategic Goals in Afghanistan

... Air Base, the largest in Afghanistan, shows how committed it is to abiding by President Joe Biden’s pledge to leave the country by September 11th. It also prompted questions about the interests of regional nations in a post-withdrawal Afghanistan. Russia has recently emerged as a diplomatic force in the conflict after pragmatically hosting the Taliban (banned by Moscow as a terrorist group) on a couple of occasions in order to facilitate the peace process. It also has security interests in Central ...


Quo Vadis

Russia and the United States have demonstrated that they are capable of reducing the risk of military confrontation and the threat of nuclear war even in times of tension The Geneva Summit between President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Joe ...


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