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Russia-West: Is It Possible to Lift the Sanctions?

The inclusion of sanctions in the formula for a compromise on Ukraine is quite possible. Total pessimism is hardly desirable here Diplomatic manoeuvring by Russia and Ukraine on the issue of a peace agreement, or at least a ceasefire, naturally raise the question of ...


End of Diplomacy? Or a Toast for the Swedish Masters

... explode to 150 or even 200 dollars. The EU also depends on Russia for supply of 41% of the EU’s gas. The EU has no alternatives to Russian gas. Germany and its industry even depends more than 50% on Russian gas. This also puts some break on “financial sanctions”. Andrey Kortunov: The end of diplomacy? Seven Glimpses of the New Normal If Russia cannot get paid for gas, and enjoy the proceeds from gas sales stored by the Bank of Russia, then gas supplies to Germany—and with that German industry—can ...


Why Experts Believed an Armed Conflict with Ukraine Would Never Happen

... Such countries are either isolated themselves or remain critically dependent on Russia. Global public opinion, as well as the media, are on Kiev’s side. And we are not talking exclusively about Western countries here. Implication 4. Unprecedented sanctions against Russia. All the bravado concerning the sanctions and statements claiming that that they are barely affecting the country belie the reality. The economic blow has been swift and devastating—unlike, for example, the case of Iran, where ...


The End of Diplomacy? Seven Glimpses of the New Normal

... programs of import substitution, accumulating foreign exchange reserves, expanding trade with China and deepening political and military-technical cooperation with its partners across the CSTO. The West has established various formats and mechanisms of sanctions pressure, boosting NATO’s eastern flank and increasing policy coordination both within the Alliance and within the European Union as well as military-technical assistance to Ukraine, while consistently attacking Russia in a variety of international ...


A New Sino-Russian Entente? Limits of Cooperation on Ukraine and Beyond

... future Sino-Russian cooperation has run rampant . Much of this has to do with the current crisis over Ukraine, with commentaries warning that Chinese backing could embolden Russia into military action by shielding it from the consequences of Western sanctions, thus removing a powerful deterrent. Others have warned against a further spillover, arguing that a U.S.-Russian confrontation over Ukraine might even encourage China to pursue military reunification with Taiwan. Such extreme scenarios are ...


Sanctions and Diplomacy: In the Wake of Liz Truss's Visit to Russia

The introduction of amendments to the United Kingdom's sanctions legislation on Russia on the day of the visit was unlikely to achieve any results other than prompting cold restraint from Moscow The visit to Moscow by British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss can be considered a textbook example of a combination ...


Ukraine: Three Scenarios After the Answer From Washington

... Ukraine) remains in the Russian orbit, and the other (Western Ukraine) — respectively, in the western one. Another option is a forceful regime change in Ukraine, with the expectation that there will be no massive resistance from the population. Western sanctions will be a painful blow to Russia, but they won’t be fatal. The benefits to military security are greater than the economic damage. Economic damage will not translate into public protest in Russia; it can be kept under control. The prestige ...


How concerned is the Kremlin about possible Western sanctions on Nord Stream 2?

Andrey Kurtunov from the Russian International Affairs Council discusses Russia-Ukraine tensions and how concerned the Kremlin might be about possible Western sanctions, which have been threatened in case of an attack on Ukraine Andrey Kurtunov from the Russian International Affairs Council discusses Russia-Ukraine tensions and how concerned the Kremlin might be about possible Western sanctions, which have ...


Results of 2021: Sanctions Policy

The key intrigue of the coming year is the situation around Ukraine The past year has been marked by a number of interesting trends in sanctions policy. In part, they were influenced by last year's victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the US elections. Washington is still the largest instigator of sanctions, and the restrictive measures taken by the Americans are the most dangerous for business....


Platform Modernisation: What the US Treasury Sanctions Review Is All About

No signs of an easing are foreseen for the key targets of US sanctions The US Treasury has released an overview of its sanctions policy. It outlines key principles for making the restrictive US measures more effective. The revision of the sanctions policy was announced at the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidential ...


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