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Russian Cyber Sovereignty: One Step Ahead

... eavesdropping operations on Soviet undersea communication cables. Today, both the U.S. , Russia , China , and other capable powers conduct underwater espionage operations.... ... information can be manipulated and adapted as needed for cyber operations. Pavel Karasev: Cybersecurity and NATO’s Nuclear Capability The final layer consists of the users... ... is promoting an intelligent and data-driven campaign against its global adversaries. Cyber Warfare: A Tool of International Security Since Westphalia , states longed to...


What Сan Britain Do in Response to Russian Nerve Attack?

What Britain's options really are, and how Russia might respond. By Andrey Kortunov, Director General at the Russian International Affairs Council, and Jack Maidment,... ... what Britain's options really are, and how Russia might respond. Andrey Kortunov: How do We Get Out of the Chelyabinsk Disco? Cyber warfare British action : The Prime Minister said on Monday that what happened was either a “direct act by the Russian ...


International Security and «Turbid Waters» of Cyberspace

... security. Today world's leading states view the challenges and security threats related to cybersecurity as one of the most dangerous and unpredictable. Actually, the main danger... ... with the objectives of potential attacks, with the possible tactics and strategy of cyber warfare, and with possible consequences of the latter. Modern civilization is... ... containing norms of behavior of states on the Internet. Experts from 20 countries, including Russia, the United States, and China had been working on the document. Unfortunately...


The U.S. Building up its Cyber Power

Doctrinal and Financial Basis for the U.S. Policy in Cyberspace Cyber Warfare — Reality or Fiction? The opportunity to use information and communication ... ... conjuncture. There are many examples of the kind, including recent charges against Russia on hacking the U.S. Democratic Party servers, no substantial evidence having... ... been produced. RIAC and EWI Policy Brief “Suggestions on Russia-U.S. Cooperation in Cybersecurity” The U.S. Cyber Weapons – History and Modernity The funding for activity...


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