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Do Generations Matter?

Problems in relations between Russia and the West, as well as their solutions, are hardly worth looking for through the lens of generational transitions The European Council on Foreign Relations has published an interesting article on generational change in the Russian foreign policy community....


OSCE SG Thomas Greminger: We Need to Invest in Cooperative Approaches to Solve Security Problems

... the sidelines of the 2019 Paris Peace Forum. An exclusive interview with OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger for the Russian International Affairs Council on the sidelines of the 2019 Paris Peace Forum. Interviewed by Nikita Lipunov, RIAC Expert.... ... Intent Is Critical for De-escalation We are probably the only remaining platform for inclusive dialogue between the East and the West, so we want to promote it to contribute to overcoming those divisions that have opened up over recent years between the East ...


Is Russia over its Resentment?

... Hungary is “touchier” than Italy. Of course, Russia is one of the more thin-skinned (or resentful?) countries, at least with regard to Moscow’s relations with western countries. We all remember the broken (real or otherwise) promises that the West has given Russia. We keep a scrupulous record of any instances of double standards and political hypocrisy in the West’s relations with Moscow and are quick to point out when western countries act in a disrespectful, arrogant or even indifferent way towards our ...


Protracted Asymmetric Geopolitical Conflict

... Vassily Kashin: Russia and China: Union or Strategic Uncertainty? A contemporary Realist would immediately grasp the opportunity which has opened up in post-Cold War history, namely of compensating at least partially for the loss of those territories and Russia’s Western buffer, the rollback of Yalta and Potsdam and the USSR’s wartime gains and the advance of the NATO borders up to Russia, by the geostrategic gains on the Eastern front through the renewal of partnership with China. Obviously, this has been recognized ...


Meeting with Sberbank Institutional Investors from the USA and Great Britain

..., Lombard Odier (Switzarland),Prudential Investment Management (USA), Route One Investment Company (USA), Wellington Management International (USA) The following issues were discussed during the meeting: the state and prospects for relations between Russia and the West, the possibilities of progress in resolving the Ukrainian crisis, and the prospects for Russia-China interaction. Particular attention was paid to the analysis of the possible evolution of the anti-Russian sanctions policy of the United States and ...


Russia’s Way of Being in the World, from Yesterday to Tomorrow

... therefore always be perceived as a threat and an enemy. Dayan Jayatilleka: Hybrid Power and the Real Russian Realists The global game is objectively zero-sum, and that zero-sum character seems to reflect itself more accurately at the subjective level in the West than in Russia or China. Why do many nations follow the US, even though it may not approve of US behavior? The common answer is hard power supplemented by soft power, or as Gramsci termed it about the more general phenomenon of capitalism, “hegemony armored ...


Russian Revisionism or Restoring Justice?

... “not rattling its saber and not intent on waging war against anyone.” However, the second part of his statement – “at the same time, we would not recommend anyone to test our defensive capacity” – sends a totally different message to the West: Russia is not intent on living with the old world power and will act based on its own national interests. The Russian dossier, again Andrey Kortunov: A Letter to John: Where Are U.S.–Russia Relations Headed? “They are doing it as we sit here,” former ...


Russia's Position on the Baltic States: Why We Need Each Other

... interests. Therefore, alternative strategies must be developed. So where we can start? Russia’s behavior in Ukraine has brought more distrust and increased tensions in relations than any other conflict. As Ukraine remains a highly sensitive topic between Russian and the West, progress in that sphere could be a significant step forward towards stabilizing Russia-EU relations. However, we should not be looking for a solution outside of the region at hand. It should not be Ukraine, Syria, or anywhere else. Regarding the ...


Endgame of the Long Cold War

... Why the World is Not Becoming Multipolar How is one to interpret this; how to make sense of this? The discourse matches the action in the material sphere: the great military arc around the Eurasian heartland, ranging from the extension of NATO to the western borders of Russia, through the Persian Gulf deployment right to the Indo-Pacific maritime encirclement; the exit from multilateral arms control agreements; the trade wars and escalation of sanctions; and of course the aggressive and explicit character of official ...


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