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Advancing Strategic Stability in the Euro-Atlantic Region, 2021 and Beyond

... the means to reduce the risks of accident or miscalculation leading to conflict, especially conflict escalating to the use of nuclear weapons. Today, however, clashing national interests, insufficient dialogue, eroding arms control agreements, advanced ... ... and address them. The unresolved conflict in Ukraine remains a potential flashpoint for catastrophic miscalculation between Russia and the West, and this tension threatens security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region more broadly. A political resolution remains ...


Support for Cooperation among Governments to Address Cyber Threats to Nuclear Weapons Systems

... have crossed over to a new nuclear era in which cyber capabilities transform the nuclear risks. A successful cyberattack on nuclear weapons or related systems—including nuclear planning systems, early warning systems, communication systems, and delivery ... ... Nunn, and their respective organizations—the European Leadership Network ( ELN ), the Munich Security Conference ( MSC ), the Russian International Affairs Council ( RIAC ), and the Nuclear Threat Initiative ( NTI )—have been working with former and ...


Rising Nuclear Dangers: Steps to Reduce Risks in the Euro-Atlantic Region

NTI Report Russia and the West are at a dangerous crossroads. During the past several years, we have been in a state of escalating tension, trapped in a downward spiral of antagonism and distrust. With our militaries moving closer—in the skies over the Baltic Sea, in the depths ...


Premonition of Nuclear Threat

....Topychkanov ] and the Russian Federation should take to reduce the nuclear dangers described throughout this paper.” Together with the next report, the text by Berls and Ratz will be very helpful to public, political, academic and journalistic circles in Russia and the West, which seek to make the use of nuclear weapons in the Euro-Atlantic region less likely.


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  1. In your opinion, what are the US long-term goals for Russia?
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