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Restoration, Reformation, Revolution? Blueprints for the World Order after the Russia-Ukraine conflict

... . 51 . Anatol Lieven. The Meaning of Ukraine’s Coming Neutrality. Foreign Policy, April 4, 2022 – . 52 . lagyiszlav Makszimov. EU promises to ‘seriously’ look into Ukraine’s membership appeal. Euractiv, March 1, 2022 – ...


Russia's Position on the Baltic States: Why We Need Each Other

... much to intensify tensions between Russia and the EU, particularly the Baltic States. While the Baltic States are institutionally dependent on the EU and NATO, the nature of relations in this specific case are more complex than the relations between Western Europe and Russia. The irony is that Moscow, technically, is capable of establishing good ties with Portugal, Greece, Italy, Germany, and any other Western European country, but it wouldn't solve the problems or change the nature of Russian relations with the West ...


Standing for Everything Evil against Everything Good: Russia’s Hostile Measures in Europe

... individual European countries in order to create a crisis and a subsequent window of opportunities to boost its own influence. At the same time, several groups of countries are within Moscow’s orbit: the Baltic states and the states of Southeast and Western Europe. In each region, Russia has its interests and leverage that it can use to achieve its above-state foreign political objectives. Europe in Russia’s Cross-Hairs RAND Corporation researchers believe Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are most vulnerable to Russia’s negative ...


Unbalanced Europe and the New Order in the OSCE Space

... growing number of terrorist attacks in the EU and Russia, and the influence of the radical Islamist ideology and its broad appeal, from representatives of the demographic youth boom in the Middle East to quite prosperous descendants of Islamic migrants in Western Europe. Igor Ivanov: RussiaEurope: the Need for a Common Vision NATO was not prepared for the new challenges. The member countries are tasked with increasing their defence spending and purchasing new weapons and equipment. The Ukraine crisis triggered the legitimization ...


Managing the Cold Peace between Russia and the West

... Position Paper Released A group of prominent Members and Supporters of the Pan-European Task Force on Cooperation in Greater Europe , including former foreign and defence ministers and senior officials from Russia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Italy and Finland has joined forces to appeal to the leadership of the countries in the Euro-Atlantic area to halt the downward spiral in West-Russia relations and manage its risks better through developing a more stable and sustainable security relationship . Noting ...


Seminar “European Security: Challenges at the Societal Level”

... Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung ) held a seminar “European Security: Challenges at the Societal Level.” The participants of the seminar discussed the draft report prepared by the OSCE Network and addressed the following issues: the future of the European order; Russian and Western interests in the military-political and economic spheres; challenges and threats to security, as well as tools to ensure the latter; compliance with the principles and norms of international law. The seminar was attended by the authors of the ...


Russia’s Pivot to the East: To Asia or From Europe?

Russia’s relations with the West painfully severed by the Ukraine crisis, Moscow has been bolstering the Eastern dimension of its foreign policy. It is building ... ... closer partnership with China and demonstrating deeper interest in Asian affairs overall. This has spurred genuine concern in Europe as politicians and observers are wondering how permanent, decisive and final this pivot is and what should European leaders ...


Competing Western and Russian narratives on the European order: Is there common ground?

Conference Report The ongoing confrontation between Russia and the west has been characterised by competing narratives concerning the origins and development of events. These differing interpretations make coming to any kind of consensus on the future of the European security order extremely difficult. Prominent European and Russian experts were brought together by the European Leadership ...


German-Russian International Affairs Dialogue (GRID). Conference Reports

... punished for its actions. One Russian participant stated that assisting Ukraine to become a secure state as well as a number of small deals in support of the Minsk agreements could be a good start for restoring EU-Russia relations. However in his opinion Western countries should take a more balanced view on these issues and not blame Russia exclusively for the current crisis. European Security The majority of Russian participants agreed that the OSCE was largely ineffective in addressing the modern security challenges and crises in Europe. They claimed that it is vital to start thinking about a new security architecture, which ...


Why the West, especially Europe, needs Russia

... and encourage its efforts to use them to provide a counterbalance to the West. What all this shows is that on a number of critical issues in international governance, whether we like it or not, cooperation with Russia is essential. Within the wider West, Russia’s importance to Europe is even clearer. With over 80% of Russians living in Europe, accounting for around 16% of the continent’s total population, Russia is a major European player by virtue of geography and demography alone. Russia’s role in the region’s ...


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