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Restoration, Reformation, Revolution? Blueprints for the World Order after the Russia-Ukraine conflict

... major economic support to the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic and similar entities within the former Soviet Union will be extremely limited as well, which will predetermine these territories’ gradual drift away from Russia. The leading non-Western states (China, India, Iran) will cautiously continue to seek for ways of expanding their interactions with Russia but they will not be challenging U.S. leadership in the open. Russia’s full-fledged re-integration into the international political and economic systems ...


End of Diplomacy? Or a Toast for the Swedish Masters

... the West will fight for the narratives to influence the minds and hearts of the rest of the world. But we must recognize the deep skepticism, with which the rest of the World receives the constructed and often obviously hypocritical narratives of the West. As noted earlier, Russia has very good and warm relations with both China and India—together nearly 3 billion people. We also must look at China’s enormous goodwill in Africa and trade relations with South America. Africa’s experience with colonialism and neo-colonialism (continuing until today) have given Africa a profound ...


BRICS and the Western-Centric Global Film Industry: Possibilities of the Digital Era

... cultural resources to step in and participate in this process. But nowadays, the situation has different — there are powerful non-Western states that can partake in the creation of the new, digital film industry and make it more equal and culturally diverse,... ... Digitalization of the Global Film Industry: Possibility for BRICS Chandra Rekha: The 2000 Declaration on Strategic Partnership between India and Russia It would be a very promising endeavor to launch a joint BRICS project drawing on the experience of Netflix — not simply ...


Putin’s Brave New World

... abroad is key to improving the situation at home. If Vladimir Putin wins in the Russian elections in March, few will be surprised in Russia or abroad. The incumbent... ... technological spheres. All of the major international players, including the US, EU, China and India, currently have domestic development as their ultimate priority, and Russia is... ... from a consistent pursuit and defence of its national interests. Relations with the West will remain one of the most important dimensions of Russian foreign policy. Here...


Where Is BRICS Headed? On the Results of the Goa Summit

... discussed, including dropping economic growth rates (it should be noted that India is the only state that demonstrates a relatively stable growth). The opponents of BRICS also focus on the fact that the member states have different relations with the US and Western Europe. Russia is a rogue state (let’s not comment on that statement). China is an unwelcome competitor which threatens the US hegemony and must therefore be weakened. India is a new power that strives to establish contacts with the West. The West, in its turn, is also flirting with India. After the change of government Brazil seems to have taken “the right path,” but it remains economically troubled. As ...


How Russia Sees the World

Russian public and political discussions have recently been revolving around two important ... ... wonderful country. I have visited many places from Washington to provincial towns in the Midwest. I can say that I generally like it. However, America’s collective unconscious... ... critical obstacle to building a new world order in the foreseeable future. China and India: Facets of Self-Limitation The world’s second most powerful and influential...


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