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Key change on the back of China’s initiatives is the emergence of a credible alternative

What should we expect from G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia? The 2022 G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, started on Tuesday under the main theme of "Recover ... ... scenarios and the possible policy responses coming though G20 policy coordination. GT: How do you feel about the changes in China's role and influence in the G20 over the past few years? What has China's vision of global governance, as well as the initiatives ...


G20 Will Not Become an Enlarged G7

Diversity is one of the main sources of G20 legitimacy that G7 or NATO clearly lacks The G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting (FMM) is being held in Bali on Thursday and ... ... Lavrov can count on a chain of bilateral consultations with his counterparts from several non-Western G20 countries including China, Mexico, South Africa and Brazil, as well as with the invited leaders of some international organizations. However, the ...


The Year 2021: A Series of Macro Records

... growth. This was most clearly observed in 2020, when Russia’s fiscal stimulus proved to be more moderate than in most of the G20 economies. This was replicated in 2021 as well, with further waves of the pandemic eliciting a relatively moderate fiscal ... ... green/environmental agenda was embraced across the world economy, most notably in all of the main global centres – Europe, the US and China. This was the case in Russia as well, with most of major companies adopting ESG strategies and the authorities committing ...


Russia-India: From Rethink to Adjust to Upgrade

... stalling, however, and mutual suspicions have recently been creeping in over India’s relations with America, and Russia’s with China. To make the good relationship truly great, Moscow must rethink, adjust, and upgrade its approach to India. Vladimir Putin’s ... ... he has made this year, the other one being his June meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden in Geneva. Putin skipped both the G20 and COP26; an expected trip to China was rescheduled due to COVID; yet the Russian leader has decided to travel to New Delhi....


G20 Summit: Looking for Compromise

... In addition, a meeting was also held between the heads of state of Russia, India and China (in the RIC format). Objectively, this format could be the most efficient, since... ... only had time to exchange opinions on the “Kerch Strait incident.” Trump’s refusal to meet with the President of the Russian Federation means a further loss of confidence... ... State and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. G20: The International Agenda The so-called Iran nuclear deal has become one of the...


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