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G20 Will Not Become an Enlarged G7

Diversity is one of the main sources of G20 legitimacy that G7 or NATO clearly lacks The G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting (FMM) is being held in Bali on Thursday and Friday. It is one of the most important events on the way to the G20 summit that the island will host on November 15–16. The ...


The Success of Small Countries or What’s Wrong With Being XXL in the World Economy?

... involvement of smaller economies in global economic decision-making and raise the legitimacy of the existing global organizations and networks. These platforms could be created on the basis of existing arrangements and economic blocs — in the case of G20 there could be a case for creating a regional R20 composed of the regional integration blocs where G20 countries are members. Similarly, for the BRICS, a BRICS+ format that brings together regional integration arrangements where BRICS economies are ...


The Year 2021: A Series of Macro Records

... reigning paradigm was that of prioritising reserve accumulation and macroeconomic stability at the expense of boosting economic growth. This was most clearly observed in 2020, when Russia’s fiscal stimulus proved to be more moderate than in most of the G20 economies. This was replicated in 2021 as well, with further waves of the pandemic eliciting a relatively moderate fiscal response from Russia. Furthermore, in the face of geopolitical and economic headwinds, Russia’s authorities decided to increase ...


Russia-India: From Rethink to Adjust to Upgrade

... could be a starting point. When Russian President Vladimir Putin visits India next week, it will be one of just two foreign trips he has made this year, the other one being his June meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden in Geneva. Putin skipped both the G20 and COP26; an expected trip to China was rescheduled due to COVID; yet the Russian leader has decided to travel to New Delhi. This step is hopefully more than mere symbolism in the traditionally warm Russo-Indian relations and not simply a signal ...


A “Synchronized Downturn” Calls for a “Synchronized Response”

... economic architecture through the incorporation of a regional layer of global governance. This in turn may be pursued via the creation of a platform for regional integration arrangements and regional institutions with a coordinating role performed by the G20. Such a platform that may be denoted R20 (regional 20) would bring together regional integration arrangements and institutions where G20 countries are leading members. Such a platform may promote horizontal coordination across regional institutions ...


Like a Suspended Gym Teacher: Why We Should Not Expect Russia to be Welcomed Back into the G7

... a protracted play. When President Yeltsin first submitted an application for Russia’s membership in the G7 back in 1992, there were simply no other alternative associations in the world where Moscow could try to squeeze in. Structures such as the G20, BRICS or SCO did not exist at the time, and Russia’s membership in NATO and the European Union seemed unrealistic even then. Therefore, joining the “Group of Seven” not only pursued situational tasks (access to financial and technical assistance ...


G20 Summit: Looking for Compromise

... between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, who only had time to exchange opinions on the “Kerch Strait incident.” Trump’s refusal to meet with the President of the Russian Federation means a further loss of confidence between the two countries. On the ... ... foreign affairs, the U.S. Secretary of State and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. G20: The International Agenda The so-called Iran nuclear deal has become one of the most crucial problems in international relations....


The Kerch Strait Gambit

A Kiev-provoked Ukraine/Russia naval clash near the Kerch Strait, Crimea, threatens to derail the Argentina G20 Summit and to worsen US-Russia bilateral relations First, a little essential geography. The Kerch Strait, joining the Black Sea and the smaller Sea of Azov, is a narrow shallow passage, less than 24 NM wide at its narrowest point. So it all falls ...


What Does the Future Hold? Reflections Regarding the Hamburg Meeting

... Anton Mardasov, Kirill Semenov: The “Southern Deal” Between Moscow and Washington: A Duel of Diplomacies The beginning of July was marked by the first personal meeting between Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, and Donald Trump, President of the USA, in Hamburg. The event had been awaited not only in our countries, but all around the world, drawing in a wide international response. Thus far, passions have been running high. The first response regarding the Hamburg meeting in the USA, where the ...


Fyodor Lukyanov and Andrey Kortunov Summarize the Outcomes of G20 Summit in Hamburg

On July 10 Valdai International Discussion Club organized an expert discussion on the outcomes of G20 Summit. On July 10 Valdai International Discussion Club organized an expert discussion on the outcomes of G20 Summit. Fyodor Lukyanov, Member of RIAC, Academic Director of the Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club,...


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